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Welcome to our Airplane Theme Party Decorations page where you'll find lots of supersonic party decoration ideas and FREE Kid's Airplane Party Decorations to help make your airplane party really take-off!

First off, here's our 'navigators map' to save you flying around the page and using up all your fuel trying to find what you're looking for... just take-off from one of the links below to touch down safely again in the airplane party section you want...

Airplane Party Decorations 'Checklist'

Here's a pre-flight party 'checklist' to make sure you don't take off on your birthday party adventure without the essential airplane party decorations...

Airplane Theme Party Music

Music adds a special atmosphere to any children's party, particularly when the kids are playing organized party games and activities or are sitting down to eat their party food - see if you can track down some fun music that fits your airplane theme. You might also want to line up some of your child's favorite music too.

There's lots of movie music to choose from depending on how you tailor you airplane party... movies like 'Top Gun', 'Star Wars' (6 movies), the 'Damn Busters', 'The Aviator', 'Star Trek', and so on, are all good sources for party theme music.

There's also a ton of popular songs involving 'flying' too which could also be fun to like "Fly me to the moon" (Frank Sinatra), "Learn to Fly" (Foo Fighters), "Fly (Rihanna), "Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz), "I Believe I Can Fly" (R.Kelly) and so on.

Model Aircraft, Helicopters or Spacecraft

Model airplanes, helicopters, rockets and spacescraft make great theme party decorations to have placed around the airplane party area or hanging from the ceiling like they're flying.

They're really versatile too - in addition to making great aircraft theme party decorations,  they can be also be used as toys for the kids to have fun with during the party!

Airplane Party Flags

Colored party flags are a lot like balloons and really set of a party. They make great theme party decorations either attached to a line of string (stapled or taped) and hung up around the party area like bunting. They can also be attached to bamboo or dowel sticks and either stuck in the ground around the party area, along paths around the yard (like runway markers) or waved about as the party guests start 'landing' at the party!

Give your pilots and crew a special 'send-off" with flag-waving and party bunting.

FREE Printable Airline & Pilot Party Flags

FREE Printable Airline & Pilot Party Flags

Uniformed Officials

See if you can get some of the parents to dress up as uniformed officials (ticket officer, airport security, baggage check, steward or stewardess (serving the kids) and so on.

You could also create your own 'cut-out figures' from card, cardboard or styrofoam and by drawing and decorating them with uniforms and happy faces. These can then be set up around different parts of the party area as other airplane theme party decorations or could be used as part of an organized party game to hide clues, like an airplane scavenger or treasure hunt.

Jet 'Streamers' and Weather Balloons

Have lots of colorful party streamers and balloons to hang up and 'stream' around the party area.

Blue and white balloons can represent the colors of the sky and clouds and will look great when they're floating around the party area. You can also choose colors to match your theme party decorations color scheme - green or camouflage for a military theme; Light grey or blue for an Air Force theme; Grey, white and black for spacecraft etc.

Balloons also make for great entertainment and can be used in a number of aircraft party games and organized party activities.

Cabin Windows

Cut out 'cabin windows' from white card or paper, color and stick a row of them along the walls of the party area or on a blue sheet or blue background (the sky).

'Essential' Gear

Pilots sunglasses, crew hats, stewardess gloves, serving trays, in-flight meal packs, crew name badges, pilots gloves, fighter pilot helmet, and so on are all essential airplane theme party decorations.

Airline Theme Party Decorations Pictures And Signs

Every airport has runways, control towers, hangers, terminal buildings, airplanes, security checkpoints etc. and having pictures of them and signs designating various areas around the party area will make the kids really feel like they're at an airport or onboard a plane.

Make some fun airport signs designating the 'special areas' around the the "Airport Lounge", "Staff Restaurant", "Pilots Briefing Room", "Cockpit", "Baggage Reclaim" (Where the party favor bags can be claimed!) and so on.

Flight Plans (Maps)

Setting up maps around the party area with 'flight paths' drawn with red dotted lines between destinations, will add a sense of adventure and travel. The maps can also be used for some of the organized party games (for finding treasure or scavenger hunt clues for example).

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Airplane Theme Party Decorations

Here are a few fun ideas for airplane theme party decorations to help create a great 'first impression' and get your party guests into the airplane party mood as they begin "landing" by your front door...

Welcoming Your 'Top Gun' Party Guests

"Welcome to (Tom's) Air Force Base"

Using strong card or cardboard cut out and decorate a large "Welcome" sign and attach it above your front gate or front door for all the guest to walk under on their 'arrival'. You could also set up a sign saying "Arrivals" on one side and on the other side (going outside or leaving) one saying "Departures".

Decorate your sign with colored streamers, balloons and pictures of aircraft matching your color scheme and write something like "Welcome to ....... (child's name) Air Force Base!" or something similar to match your theme. This will make your party guests feel welcome and sure they've arrived at the right place!

"Welcome Runway"

Create a 'runway' up your front path and driveway by using white or yellow chalk or water based craft paint and painting a line up the middle from your front gate to the front door. You could also carry the runway inside the house by sticking white or yellow tape to the carpet or flooring and leading to the party area inside. Painters tape is good for this as it's easy to find at any local DIY store, is inexpensive and will be easy to remove after the party!

Make sure you line the 'runway' outside with pictures of aircraft and airplane party flags (which you can tape to small bamboo or dowel sticks and stick them in the ground along the path).

Make sure you attach lots of cut-out pictures or silhouettes of aircraft along the fence or wall in your yard and if you have some Christmas lights handy, why not run a line of them along the 'runway' path or around your front door to guide your party guests in to the party.

An "Official" Welcome

If any of the adults are happy to help, why not have one of them dressed up in an airplane party costume and welcome the party guests as they arrive.

They could greet the guests with a 'special party name' or phrase like:

"Welcome Lieutenant ..... (guest's name) to ....., (birthday child's name) Air Force Base, please proceed to the Secret Mission briefing room, where you'll receive your party mission instructions".

They could also present each party guest with a costume accessory to use during the party, like toy aviator sunglasses, a captain's hat, ray-gun etc.

The Pilot's Party Area

You can have a ton of fun decorating the party area creating a special "scene" to match your kid party theme.

Using lots of props from the 'checklist' above and with the help of some fun lighting (Christmas tree lights make great runway lights), cardboard boxes, craft card, coloring pens and craft paints together with streamers and balloons, you can create just about any "scene" you like...

  • An aircraft hanger
  • Airport terminal 'arrivals'
  • An Airport Control Tower
  • A scene from a relevant movie, such as "Airplane", "Star Trek", etc.
  • The flight deck or cockpit of an old biplane, commercial airplane, fighter jet, spaceship etc.

and so on.

Make sure you decorate the walls and ceilings with lots of colorful streamers, balloons and pictures or aircraft and scatter lots of toy airplanes and props around the party area to match the party theme and color scheme.

Don't forget you'll have a bunch of excited kids running around and airplanes flying around the place, so make sure you put away anything that could get damaged and make the area safe for the kids.

Airplane party 'mobiles' are fun theme party decorations to hang from the ceiling around the party and making them is a great activity to get the kids involved in either as an organized party activity or with your own kids before the party.

To make them, simply cut out airplane shapes from pieces of card or from heavyweight paper (you can use the designs on airplane party pages to help), color and decorate them then hang them from fishing line, sewing thread or string from the ceiling around the party area.

You could also have some fun creating cloud mobiles from cotton wool or white card, to hang in between the aircraft.

Airplane Theme Party Table Decorations

There's lots you can do to dress up the party table and create a ' First Class' in-flight dinner service.

Why not get a couple of willing helpers (parents!) to dress up as cabin crew and help serve the kids party airline meals just like in the 'First Class' section on an airplane! The kids will love it and have lots of fun being waited on.

Airplane Party Table Cover

Create a 'runway' table cloth by using a white or light grey paper table cloth or butcher paper and drawing a large yellow runway line down the middle (you could also use yellow painters tape). If you have any white Christmas tree lights in the house, run a line down either side of the 'runway' too and have little model aircraft taxiing to take off between the plates and cups!

The kids will have lots of fun drawing airplanes, baggage cars, people and so on onto the table cloth while they're eating their party food.

Alternatively, you could use a light blue tablecloth (to represent the sky) which you could decorate by sticking fluffy white cotton wool clouds onto or the shapes of clouds cut from white paper of card. You could then get the kids to draw their favorite airplanes on :-)

Another tablecloth idea is to cover the table with maps of the world, which you could draw holiday or 'Secret Mission' flight routes' and destinations! The kids can have fun moving their toy airplanes across the map to the various destinations while they're eating their in-flight party food ;-)

If you have a military or spacecraft theme, you could use a camouflage-patterned tablecloth or a plain white or black paper tablecloth (outer space), that the kids could decorate with pictures of space ships, planets and so on.

Pilots, Passenger or Crew Seats

If possible, using card or old cardboard boxes and craft paint, decorate the backs and sides of the chairs to make them look like a pilot or passenger seat. You can create seat-belts for each of the seats by using strips of spare material, duct tape or colored packing tape and cutting out the shapes of seat buckles from card.

Party Table Centerpiece

There are lots of fun things you can use as a table centerpiece - everything from a mylar air balloon, large model aircraft or spaceship, to a Control Tower which you can make from cardboard boxes and card.

The airplane theme birthday cake also makes a great table centerpiece particularly if it's in the shape of an airplane, airport control tower, airport runway scene and so on.

Airplane Party Plates, Cutlery, Placemats etc.

There's a big choice of airplane party theme plates and cups available at online party supply stores, but you can also have a lot of fun creating your own 'in-flight meal trays' using low cost plastic trays and plastic cutlery to match your color scheme.

You'll be able to pick up a lot of these things at a discount store or kids toy store and you can always use our free printable airplane theme party decorations - placemats, drink coasters, napkin holders and so on, which you'll find below...

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FREE Printable Airplane Theme Birthday Decorations

Airplane Theme  Party Flags

Horizontal Airplane Birthday Flags

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Vertical Airplane Birthday Flags

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Airplane Theme Table Decorations

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Airplane Birthday Napkin Holders

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Airplane Party Table Place Cards

Airplane Birthday Table Placecards

Airplane Birthday Table Placecards

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Airplane Party Drink Mats

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Children's Pilot Party Drink Coasters

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