Western 1st Birthday Ideas

Western 1st Birthday Ideas

The baby Western party theme is a really fun 1st birthday theme and one where the kids look especially cute in their baby cowboy hats and wild west party costumes.

There's a huge range of things you can do to create an unforgettable cowboy 1st birthday party and to help get your party wagons rolling, we've rounded up a herd of great cowboy 1st birthday ideas and FREE cowboy party 'goodies' for you on the page below.

We've also included some of our favorite online little cowboy party supplies to make it easier for you to find what you need and get things ready down on the ranch before your little party cowboy's turn up...

FREE Cowboy & Cowgirl 1st Birthday Ideas & 'Nuggets'

Lil' Cowboy 1st Birthday Cards

If you're in need of a special cowboy 1st birthday card to 'fire over' your first birthday wishes to your little 1st birthday Sheriff on his or her "big day", then here's a few free printable cards you might like to use:

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Wild West 1st Birthday Ideas for Invitations

If you're looking to 'lasso' some great baby cowboy 1st birthday invitations, here's a few 'Wild' cowboy invites we've rounded up for you - just click on the links below, save the cards you like then go ahead and print as many as you need:

Cowboy Birthday Invitation Wording

So you've got your baby cowboy party invitations all sorted, but you're not sure what to write inside? - if you often get stuck for ideas of what to write (just like me),  then here are a couple of cowboy 1st birthday ideas to help with you cowboy invitation wording...

  • "Yee-Haw! Were roundin' up all you baby cowpokes to come celebrate our little Outlaw ...... (name) 1st birthday party! Mosey on down to the Double C Ranch at ...... (time). Don't forget to throw on your best Cowboy duds. They'll be lots of horsin' around and wagon-loads of good trail grub to sink your tooth into ;-) Tell your maw or paw to send smoke signals or "holler" with a YEE HAW! to ........ (your RSVP contact details)".

  • "Calling all little cowboys and cowgirls. Saddle up! and come have some fun, our lil' Sheriff ........ (name) is turning One!... "

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Lil´Cowboy 1st Birthday Ideas for Decorations

Setting up a cowboy 1st birthday party "scene" in a snug play area which is fun for your posse of infants to play in and free from hazards, is one of the secrets to a worry-free cowboy 1st birthday. How about ´corralling´ into the play area by creating your a cowboy first birthday decoration theme like..."Lil´ Picnic at the OK Corral"?...

Lil´ Picnic at the OK Corral

  1. Set up your 'cowboy picnic' by creating a simple corral or 'ranch scene' - lay a large rug, red checked table cloth, mat or blanket on the floor in the center of the area for the kids to sit and play on.
  2. Enclose some or all of the 'corral' area with ranch-style fencing made by cutting and taping or gluing two broad horizontal strips of card ('planks'), across each upright piece of card ('fence post'). Either tape the 'fencing' to the floor or to the wall around the play area to create your 'corral'.
  3. Decorate the fencing and the walls around the play area with fun 'wild west' pictures and shapes (horse shoes, sheriff's badges, cowboy hats, wagon wheels, and so on) made from brown stock card, cardboard or paper.
  4. Scatter yellow cushions (straw bales) and some infant-friendly Wild West 'props' and toys inside the corrall for the baby gunslingers to play with (cowboy hats, plastic pales, horses, cattle, etc.).
Wild West Party Decoration Ideas Page

If you ride down the trail to our main Cowboy Party page you´ll run into all kinds of fun Cowboy decoration ideas, free printable decorations...and bandit trouble (of course!)...

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Baby Cowboy's 1st Birthday Ideas for Favors

If you're 'dividing up' the party favor 'loot' amongst your baby cowboy party guests at the end of your party, why not use our free cowboy 1st birthday party favor bags - just save and print the favor bags that you like, cut out the pattern with a pair of scissors and glue the flaps together to make the perfect cowboy party gift bags...

Free Cowboy's Party Gift Bags

Alternatively, you could use small brown paper bags or checked cloth bags, sealed with either a cowboy sticker or tied with a piece of ribbon or string (baby cowboy 'rope').

Here are a few cowboy 1st birthday ideas for gifts you may want to include in your party favor bags (remember, you can always attach a cowboy sticker to your gifts to give them that special cowboy 'feel' ;-) :

  • Cowboy teethers or pacifiers
  • Soft hairbrush
  • Cowboy stickers
  • Small cowboy toy
  • Chew cowboy toy
  • Cowboy coloring sheets
  • Biscuits
  • Cowboy party "action photo"
  • Baby T-shirt with a cowboy printed on it
  • Cowboy bib
  • Crayons, coloring pens etc.
  • Photo frame with photo from the party
  • Cowboy Hat
  • Fun cowboy theme socks

and anything else that's baby-friendly and has a cowboy, cowgirl or Wild West theme on!

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Cowboys 1st Birthday Ideas for Thank You's

When all the baby cowboy's and cowgirl's have reached the end of the Wild West party trail, it's time to say a big "thank you" to them for riding all the way over to your ranch and making your cowboy's1st birthday such a fantastic, "Yee-haw'ing" success :-)

Here's some free Western style 1st birthday ideas for thank you cards and notes you can print and pop inside each of your guest's party favor bags or send to 'maw and paw' once the baby cowboys are back home on their own ranch's :

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