1st Birthday Parties

1st Birthday Parties

"These cute little 1st Birthday Parties and FREE 1st Birthday Printables will have your little party-goers 'rocking' with excitement..."

A 1st birthday party is such a happy and special occasion. Your little munchkin is hitting the "Big One" (yippeee!) and it's their very first birthday party! :-).

To help you organize your 1st birthday party, we've put together some of the most popular infant party themes below. Each of these 1st birthday themes is a great source of inspiration and ideas for your birthday decorations, party food, games, activities and gifts, as well as for free printable 1st birthday cards and decorations.

Throwing a 1st Birthday Party

1st birthday parties are wonderful opportunities for your family and closest friends to get together and make a big fuss of your baby on their special day. It's worth remembering though that at such a young age your baby won't understand the concept of a 1st birthday or have any expectations for their party

If you decide on having a 1st birthday party theme make sure you choose one that you're excited about and one that you know you'll have a lot of fun planning and arranging :-).

Here's a few pointers that should help you with the planning and choice of your 1st birthday theme ...

  • One-year-olds love to play with shapes, colors and textures which stimulate their inquisitive nature (and busy fingers!), so a simple party theme that's based around a color, shape or popular character like a favorite animal, story or something they're particularly attached too (like their teddy bear or bath time rubber ducky ;-) is going to be a winner.

  • It's probably best to invite no more than 2 to 5 little party guests (unless you have extra help) and plan the party to start after your baby's morning nap, so they're rested and ready for all the fun ahead ;-).

  • Plan on the party lasting anywhere from one to two hours (max), after which the little ones will probably be a bit restless and cranky.

  • Your 'little guests' will probably just want to spend the time playing with toys on the floor, so it's a good idea to create a fun, safe play area where they can sit together and have fun without any of the parents getting anxious. Having a dedicated play area will also make it easier to take great photos and video of the kids together and make it easy to keep an eye on all of them!

  • Don't worry too much about entertaining the adults, they'll be happy to chat amongst themselves and nibble on your party food...when they're not busy helping or participating in any parent-child activities ;-)

1st Birthday Themes

Go ahead, take a look at each of our infant birthday themes and have fun!...

If you have a favourite first birthday party theme that you'd like us to add to our collection of 1st birthday parties, why not let us know :-).

If you'd like to share your 1st birthday party experience, stories or photos with us, you can share your party here.

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