baby bumble 1st birthday party theme

1st Birthday Party Theme

Is there anything cuter than a little fuzzy buzzy bee wearing yellow and black-striped pyjamas and going about his or her business collecting honey for the hive? ;-)

This Baby bee 1st birthday party theme page is for all those bee lovers amoungst you who'd love to create a really 'honey-sweet' baby bee 1st birthday party for their little bee's very special "first" birthday.

To help get your baby bumble bee's 1st birthday party theme off the ground and make it a "buzzing" success, we've collected a hive full of great baby bumble party theme ideas. We've also had our little worker-bees buzzing away in the birthday beehive, creating a swarm of cute free printable baby bumble first birthday cards, decorations, designs and more, for you to enjoy and use to make your bee birthday party truly memorable.

Free Bumble 1st Birthday Party Theme Printables and Ideas...

infant's Bee 1st Birthday Party Theme

Baby Bumble 1st Birthday Theme Greeting Cards

If you've been stuck working in the hive and haven't had a chance to fly to the shops to collect a sweet little birthday card for your speciall baby bee, then here's some 'free-bee' bumble 1st birthday party theme greeting cards we've created that you can use - go ahead and print the set and send your special "Happy-Bee 1st Birthday" wishes to your first birthday girl or birthday boy...

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Baby Bee 1st Birthday Party Theme Invitations

You'll find some fun ideas below for making your own special baby bee party invitations, but if you're a 'bizzy bee' and a little short on time (or just like the look of our bee 1st birthday party designs ;-), here are some free printable bee 1st birthday theme invitations that we've designed for the baby bee 1st birthday party theme for you to use - just go ahead and print as many cards as you need...

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Little Bumble First Birthday Party Theme Decorations

Finding just the 'right' baby bumble party decorations, getting them all together and setting them up, is not always a quick and easy job. So, as our way of 'helping out'  we've created some free 1st birthday decorations for you to use  that will hopefully also help to add that special 'finishing' touch' to your bumble bee 1st birthday party theme...

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Baby Bumble 1st Birthday Party Food & Drink Ideas

Your little bumble party guests probably won't eat much during the party so there's no need to go too 'wild' with the catering. Just aim at providing a selection of simple, fun bee party nibbles, drinks and treats. You'll find lots of fun bee birthday party theme food over on our main bee party page, so make sure you buzz on over and cast a beady eye over them ;-)

Make sure you take a look at our 1st birthday party planning page for lots of helpful 1st birthday party food ideas, tips and suggestions.

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Baby Bee 1st Birthday Party Theme Favor Ideas

For your little bumble party favor bags, pick up some small yellow paper bags from a stationary or craft shop (some candy shops have the too) and decorate them with black 'bee stripes' - just color the stripes using a black pen, craft paint or simply by winding a few loops of black tape arond the bags (which is easier!).

Alternatively, attach a cute little bee sticker or print and glue one of our free bee 1st birthday party theme designs to plain yellow or white party bags.

Print and attach one of our free printable bee gift tags to the handle of your favor bags or to the bag itself by punching a hole in the top of the bag (use a paper hole-punch it's the easiest way) and threading a piece of yellow or brown/black ribbon through the hole and attaching it to the card.

Write each party guest's name and your 'thank you' message inside each of the cards and your baby bee party favor bags will be ready to go :-)

If you're wondering what treats to put into your party gift bags, here are some baby bee party favor ideas to get you started:

  • Yellow teethers or pacifiers
  • Yellow brushes or combs
  • Bee or honey pot stickers
  • Small soft, cuddly bee toy
  • Buzzy bee coloring sheets
  • Bee or flower-shaped biscuits
  • Bumble bee 1st birthday party photo (taken in the party "bee hive" during the party)
  • Yellow or white baby sized T-shirt with a cute bee printed on it
  • Yellow bib
  • Yellow photo frame (with a photo of the ´baby bumble´ taken at the party)
  • Bee, flower-shaped or yellow and black candies (make sure they´re safe for infants)
  • Small pot of bubble liquid for the infants (with the help of mum or dad) to create their own swarm of bubbles - wow!
  • Crayons, coloring pens etc. to use with their bummble bee coloring sheets
  • Yellow hat or cap
  • Fun infant socks with a bee print on

and anything else you can think of that's infant-friendly, bee colored or that's fun and would look great with a bee sticker on it  :-)

Free Bumble Theme 1st Birthday Party Favor Bags

If you can't find any paper bags that you like, why not put together some of our sweet little free bumble 1st birthday party favor bags below. They make great little 1st birthday gift bags for all those take home treats - all you'll need is a pair of scissors, some premium or heavier quality paper, a little craft glue and a nice cup of coffee or tea to enjoy while the glue dries ;-)

Sweet Bee 468 x 60

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Baby Bumble's First Birthday Party Thank You Cards

After all the fun in the birthday beehive is over and the party has come to an end, it's time to say a big 'Thank You' to your best baby bumble-bee buddies for "buzzing" along and making your 1st birthday such a sweet success!

With that in mind, here are some of our free 1st birthday party theme thank you cards you can use...

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