Little Duckling´s 1st Birthday Party

1st Birthday Party

The Duckling 1st birthday is a very cute party theme for infants and a fun party to hold outdoors if you are fortunate enough to have warm weather.

You can have lots of fun setting up the party decorations and activities too and you'll find tons of fun baby duckling party ideas and FREE little duckie party 'treats' below to help get your party started.

To take a look at all the fun baby ducky first birthday ideas we've put together, you can either 'paddle down the page' or make a selection from the Little Ducklings sections below...

Little Duckling's 1st Birthday Party 'Treats'...

Little Duckling 1st Birthday party ideas

Little Ducky 1st Birthday Cards

Here are some unique free rubber ducky birthday cards we've created for the little first birthday duckling birthday theme - simply click on the picture or link below to select a card, then save and print:

Duckie 1st Birthday Greeting Card Messages

If you're in need of some rubber ducky 1st birthday card wording ideas, here's a simple happy birthday messages to help:

  • "To our very special little duckling on your special day, wishing you a very "Quacky" 1st Birthday!"

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Baby Duckling's 1st Birthday Party Invitations

If you need some cute baby duck 1st birthday party invitations to send to your little duckling party guests then here are a few free duckie invites we've created for you to use - just go ahead and click on the images below, save and print as many invites as you need...

Make Your Own Ducky 1st Birthday Party Invites

If you're thinking about making your own cute little duckling's party invites, here are a few homemade party invitation ideas to help you get started...

Lil´ Rubber Duckie Gift Invite
  1. Cut out a rubber duckie or luggage-tag shape from yellow construction card or heavy weight yellow paper.
  2. Write your invite on the tag then tie it to a small toy rubber duck with a pretty yellow, orange , blue (boy) or pink (girl) ribbon - as an alternative, why not use one of our free printable baby duckling birthday gift tags.

Each of your baby party guests will be overjoyed with their little rubber ducky gift invites and will definitely want to bring them along to your party to paddle and splash along with the other little duckling's ducky toys :-)

Birthday Duckling's Picture Invitation

Take a photo of your birthday duckling dressed in their cute baby duckling party costume or splashing around in the bathtub with tons of bubbles and little rubber duckies.

Print your favorite photo onto some photo print paper and stick it to the front of a plain yellow card, then write or print your message onto a seperate piece of white, pale blue or pale pink paper and glue it to the inside of the card with craft glue (or onto the back of the card if you're not folding the card).

1st Birthday Party Invitation Wording Ideas

If you're like me and often get stuck for ideas on what to write inside your cards ;-), then here's a couple of baby duck 1st birthday invitation wording ideas to help get you started:

  • "Our Little Duckling ...... (birthday child's name) is having a 'quacking' special 1st birthday party 'splish-splash' at ......... (address) on ........ (date and time). Please come along with your favorite rubber ducky and join our little ducky's 1st birthday party paddle".

  • "Our 'quacky' special duckling ........... (birthday child's name) is turning 1, so please come join us for some 1st birthday paddling fun!"

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Duckie Party Games and Activity Ideas

Although the little ducklings may be a little young for most organized birthday party games, it can still be a good idea to plan a few party activities just in case! You´ll find lots of "quack-tastic" ducky party games and activities on our toddler ducky party games and activities page, including:

  • Bubble Fun-Time
  • Catch the Ducky!
  • Ducky Hunt
  • Ducky Fishing
  • Pass the Ducky Egg
  • ...and many more!

You´ll also find lots of our free duckie coloring sheets which you can print and use as one of your duckie 1st birthday party activities.

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Little Duckling´s 1st Birthday Party Food

You'll find lots of helpful first birthday party food suggestions and tips on our first birthday party planning page.

The baby 'party ducks' probably won't eat too much during the birthday party, so there's no need to go too 'wild' on the catering - just aim to provide a selection of simple, fun duck party nibbles, snacks and drinks and remember to put out a few plates of 'duck feed' for the adults too ;-)

For a bit of ´food fun´, use a duckie-shaped cookie cutter to shape your party food (or you can use a small sharp knife) - finger sandwiches, burgers, veggies for dipping etc. You could also color your duckie 1st birthday party food and drinks simply by adding a few drops of natural yellow or orange food coloring (or any other duckie colors you like). Food coloring works best on clear (no color) or light colored drinks such a Sprite, 7-Up, Iced-Tea etc.

If you want to color your finger sandwiches, burgers etc. then you´ll need to make your own bread and burger buns (you can get simple and low cost bread and bun mixes from most super markets which are quick to make and bake in the oven) and add a few drops of coloring (yellow, orange or whatever colors you want) to your bread and bun mix before baking in the oven...your baby duckie sandwiches and burgers will look fantastic and the kids will love them! ;-)

Please make sure you waddle on over and take a look at all the great duckie party food and drink ideas on our main Rubber Duckie Party page

Free Duckie 1st Birthday Party Table Decorations

If you need of some cute little duckie table decorations to brighten your 1st birthday place settings, here are some free baby boy and baby girl duckie place mats to keep the little duckling's plates in check - just go ahead and print as many as you need...

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Little Duckie Party Favor Ideas

Why not pop those ducky 1st birthday party favors into one of our cute and free baby duckling party favor bags - just download, print, cut and glue the flaps and you'll have made the most perfect baby duck favor bags:

Alternatively  you could use some small yellow toy pales, small brown, yellow, baby blue or baby pink paper 'duck feed' bags instead - simply punch a hole in the top of the paper bags to thread a pretty piece of yellow, orange , blue or pink ribbon through and attach one of our free printable rubber ducky gift tags to it.

Use the gift tags to write each baby duck's name inside...

Duckie Birthday Party Gift Ideas

Here's some fun ideas for duckie 1st birthday party favors to pop inside each of your little duckling's gift bags:

  • Little Toy Rubber Duckies
  • Blowing bubbles solution
  • Yellow bath sponge
  • Yellow pacifiers or teethers
  • Yellow rattles
  • Yellow hat or baseball cap
  • Fun yellow or duck print socks
  • Yellow T-shirt or one with a duck print on

and anything that's baby-friendly, duck colored or has a rubber duck on it!

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Baby Duckie 1st Birthday Party Thank You Cards

After all the fun of the party is over it's time to say a big 'thank you' to your little ducky pals  for coming and making your 1st birthday party such a "quacking" success.

Here's some free baby ducks 1st birthday party thank you cards and notes you can print and use for each of your duckling party guests...

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