Rainbow 1st Birthday Party

Rainbow Colors 1st Birthday

The baby Rainbow Colors 1st birthday party is a wonderfully stimulating party theme for infants with it´s bright and happy colors. It's also one of the easiest party themes to find or make party decorations for as just about anything you have around the house that´s bright and colorful will fit the theme!

Making your own infant rainbow party costumes is a cinch too...and it´s just as easy for the adults and bigger kids if they want to get dressed up too - everyone has something bright and colorful hanging in their wardrobe or lurking in their drawers! Brighly colored accessories like hats, caps, ties, scarves, socks, and so on are also a great way to add extra color.

You'll find a big pot of golden Rainbow party ideas, games and lots more FREE rainbow party goodies "over the rainbow" on our main Rainbow party page, so "make your dreams come true" by taking a peek ,-)

To help with your little 'rainbow chaser´s' birthday planning, here are some of our Free and very colorful 1st birthday cards and decorations you can use. They are free for you personal use, so just go ahead and print as many as you need...

Infant Rainbow Colors 1st Birthday Party

Rainbow 1st Birthday Cards

If you're looking for a cute little rainbow first birthday greeting card to give to your little munchkin on their very special day, here are some free printable baby rainbow 1st birthday cards you could use to send those special birthday wishes...

Free Rainbow Birthday Greeting Cards

Rainbow 1st Birthday Greeting Card Messages

Here's a couple of simple rainbow greeting card wording ideas to help send a special rainbow birthday message...

  • "To a very special little rainbow hunter, wishing you a Very Happy Rainbow 1st Birthday...and pots of "gold" at the end of your rainbow!..."
  • "Follow your dreams to the end of the rainbow and you're sure to find your pot of gold...Happy 1st Rainbow Birthday!..."

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Free Rainbow 1st Birthday Invitations

If you're looking for some cute and colorful rainbow first birthday invitations to send to your little rainbow-chasing party guests, here's some free printable 1st birthday invitations you can use - just go ahead and click on the pictures, save and print-off as many invitations as you like...

Rainbow Party Invitation Wording Ideas

If you're stuck for ideas of what to write inside your party invitations, here's a couple of rainbow 1st birthday invitation wording ideas to help get you started - don't forget to write using different colored ink ;-)...

  • "Somewhere over the rainbow, little ......... (birthday child's name) is having a Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet (ROY G BIV) first birthday party! Please make it an extra special day by joining us in your brightest rainbow colors. You can follow the rainbow to .......... (baby party address) and celebrate with us on .......... (party date) from .......... (start time) to .........(finish time). RSVP etc."
  • " .......... (1st birthday child's name) is inviting his/her most colorful friends to his/her Magical Rainbow 1st Birthday Party on .......... (date and time), so catch a ride on a fluffy white cloud and follow the rainbow to ............. (party address) - There'll be lots of colorful cakes, tasy party food and fun games to play etc."

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Rainbow 1st Birthday Decoration Ideas

Chase the rainbow over to our main Rainbow Party page to discover a full spectrum of wonderful rainbow decoration ideas to use for your Rainbow 1st birthday party, incluing ...
  • How to create a dazzling Welcome for your party guests
  • How to make the Sun shine on your birthday party play area
  • How to set out your Rainbow table decorations

You´ll also discover lots of additional free Rainbow party decoration printables to use for your party, like our free rainbow placemat below, so make sure you pop over and take a look...

Free 1st Birthday Table Decorations

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Free Rainbow 1st Birthday Favor Bags

Babies and toddlers love little treats and candies so if you're planning on handing out party gift bags at the end of your rainbow 1st birthday party, why use our cute little free rainbow 1st party party bags below - you can print off as many as you need, then simply cut and glue to make the perfect little rainbow party bags :-)

Alternatively, small colored paper bags or plain white bags decorated with a colorful rainbow sticker or with one of the designs from our rainbow printables will make very cute rainbow gift bags.

Make sure to finish-off your party favor bags with a pretty colored ribbon and attach one of our free Rainbow birthday gift tags, to make them extra-special...

Rainbow 1st Birthday Gift Ideas

Here are some fun gift ideas for treats to pop inside your rainbow party favor bags:

  • Small pot of bubbles solution
  • Colored teethers/pacifiers
  • Colorful hairbrush
  • Rainbow stickers
  • Small soft, cuddly toy
  • Coloring sheets
  • Multi-colored biscuits
  • Rainbow party photo
  • Baby T-shirt with a rainbow picture printed on it
  • Colorful bib
  • Colorful photo frame with photo from the party
  • Colorful candies
  • Crayons, Coloring pens etc.
  • Colorful hat/baseball cap
  • Colorful socks

and anything else that's baby-friendly and rainbow-colored ;-)

Rainbow 1st Birthday Thank You Card Ideas

Here's some cute little infant Rainbow first birthday thank you cards we've created for you to use at the end of your party if you wish to say a big 'thank you' to your guests for coming and making your Rainbow 1st birthday party so colorful and special :-)

Just print off as many as you need and pop one inside each of your guest's rainbow party gift bags:

Thanks for visiting and we hope you have a dazzling Rainbow 1st Birthday Party! :-)

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