Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

"Here´s some Superhero birthday party ideas and free Superhero printables that will ∫help ´save the day´!"

"POW!"..."BAAM!..."ZAP!"... Children (and "grown-ups") love Superheroes and most of us have a favorite - whether it’s Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Star Lord, Ironman - or one of the many other Marvel or DC Comics superheroes.

If your child has a favourite Superhero or Superhero group like "The Avengers", "X-Men" or "Fantastic Four", why not go with that theme for their birthday party, or mix their favorite heroes and villians together to create a Superhero theme with Superhero ´goodies´ vs. Supervillain ´baddies´.

We've unleashed some 'ingeniousl´ Superhero birthday ideas below to help make your Superhero party go off with a “BAM” and a “POW”, including some special Superhero party games to test your young party super heroes special Superhero Powers! swoop down and take a look...

Kids Superhero Birthday Party Ideas

Our Superhero birthday theme is designed with children from 4 to 8 in mind, but can easily be adapted for children of any age.

Free Superhero Birthday Card Set

To help 'save the day' why not swoop down and grab yourself our free Superhero Birthday Card Set to put a winning smile on your young birthday Superhero's face...

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Superhero Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

  • Choose the main colours for your superhero party decorations and base them on your superhero costume colours eg: Red and black with a hint of yellow for "The Incredibles"; Red and blue for "Spiderman"; Red, blue and yellow for Superman, etc.
  • Pin up balloons, streamers and coordinate the tablecloth, cups and serviettes in the same colour themes. Supermarkets and discount stores can be relied on for a vast range of throwaway tableware designed with many of the most popular superhero and supervillain characters.
  • Cut out some large, spiky speech bubbles from white or brightly colored card and write “POW”, “BAM”, “ZAP”, “BANG” etc. and stick them up around the party area.
  • Check out superhero posters and toys that you already have and place these around as well. You could even use some spiderweb Halloween decorations if you have them for a Spiderman theme.

Free Superhero Birthday Decorations

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Superhero Birthday Party Ideas for Craft Activities

  • For little ones print out some colouring sheets of superheroes and villains and provide plenty of crayons for colouring in.
  • Buy some sticky stars and letters to decorate their superhero capes.
  • Get the kids to invent their own superhero or baddie then cut out masks for their creations from plain white card and decorate.  Provide them each with a piece of elastic so they can wear their new creations and take photos of them wearing them when finished.

Free Superhero Coloring Pages

Here are a couple of our superhero coloring page birthday party ideas...go ahead and print them off they´re free!

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Superhero Birthday Party Ideas for Games

  • Superpower Tests – The children can test their taste, smell and touch superpowers with this game. Either take in turns blindfolded, or set up some “sensory boxes” (cardboard boxes with a hole). For touch they put their hand in a box which has cooked spaghetti, grapes or a walnut for example. The smell test could be any fruits such as banana, apple or strawberry. For taste you could use small pieces of fruit to try (they’ll need to be blindfolded for this). Give small prizes such as badges to all the participants.
  • Which Superhero am I? Write the names of different superheroes on pieces of card, or post-it notes, and place one on each child’s forehead. They then take it in turns to ask yes or no questions until they guess who they are, eg. Can I fly?, Do I wear a cape?.
  • Chocolate Bar Game – You’ll need a large bar of chocolate, preferably foil and paper wrapped; a plate, knife and fork; dice and superhero mask, gloves and cape. The children sit in a circle with the chocolate and accessories in the middle. Each takes it in turn to throw the dice until one throws a six, when this happens they shout “six” and quickly put on the gloves, mask and cape. Then, using only the knife and fork, they attempt to open and eat some of the chocolate. Meanwhile the other children carry on throwing the dice until another one throws a six and takes over. This carries on until all the chocolate is gone.
  • Superhero Dash – Here you’ll need the capes, gloves and masks. Place a pile of accessories for each child halfway between the start -line and the finishing- line. When you say “go” they race to their pile, get dressed and then run to the finishing- line. You could give a prize to the winner or all the participants.

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Superhero Party Food & Drink Ideas

  • Use your Superhero theme colours for inspiration and add natural food coloring to give your party food special "super powers"; e.g. for Superman use red, blue and yellow coloured foods such as tomato, strawberries, ice cream, red peppers, cheese, blueberries, sweetcorn, chips, etc. and add a few drops of natural coloring to drinks, dips, jelly and ice cubes to match.
  • Give your Superhero party food names such as : "Superpower pizza" or "Superhero sandwiches". Use a knife or a cookie cutter to create mini pizzas or sandwiches such cut into superhero shapes - e.g bat-shaped food for a Batman party theme, or decorate the food with your superhero logo or emblem - e.g. cut out the Superman "S" emblem from cheese slices and pop each on top of each sandwich, pizza, etc.
  • Make some popcorn and coat with coloured icing according to the the colours of your theme. Just mix icing sugar with water and add a couple of drops of food colouring. Pour over the popcorn and mix well to coat it. You could make two different coloured batches so you have the blue and red for Spiderman.

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Superhero Birthday Cake Ideas

Most supermarkets carry a range of the most popular superhero cakes, but if you want to make your own here are some ideas:

  • Spiderman Cake – layer up some cakes and cut to a tower shape. Cover in grey fondant icing and pipe windows to make a city scene. A Spiderman figure can be placed on top or swinging from the side attached with a liquorish lace.
  • Superman Cake – Cover a cake with white frosting. Roll out some blue fondant icing and cut into plenty of long shard shapes. When they harden, poke them into the top of the cake surrounding a Superman figure.
  • Superhero Cake – Make a stack of cakes each smaller than the one below and decorate the sides with a Batman logo (black bat on yellow background), Superman logo (yellow S) and Spiderman (red with black).
  • Superhero Cupcakes – Look for paper cupcake wraps, or decorate the cakes with spiky speech bubbles cut from rolled out fondant icing in bright colours. Write on them with a black icing pen “BAM” , “POW”, “ZAP” etc. You could let the children decorate their own, depending on their age.

Look out for silicon moulds of their favourite superhero to make a really professional looking cake.

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Superhero Birthday Party Costume Ideas

  • Hire an adult Superhero costume for mom/dad to greet the kids when they arrive, that’ll really impress them!
  • Simple cotton gloves, black or coloured eye masks and capes (or bright fabric to make some) all provide a near instant superhero or super villain costume. These can also be used during some of the superhero party games in the games section below.
  • Stars, letters and superhero symbols cut from spare material or card to stick on to costumes and capes if you want the children to decorate their own.
  • ‘Baddie’ masks made from material - hoods, stocking, socks, colorful balaclavas etc. or cut from card and decorated with craft paint, materials, etc. are great for Good Vs Evil games and for parents to wear if the children want them to be "the bad guys".

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Superhero Birthday Party Ideas for Prizes & Favors

Make sure to check your local dollar or poundstores, they are a goldmine for popular and inexpensive superhero merchandise. You should be able to find lots of great items to use as party gifts such as small cloth bags, activity books, invisible ink, pens, badges/pins, candy etc.

Make up a superhero favor bag of treats for each child and make sure to buy some extra packs for superhero party game prizes and rewards.

Here´s one of our free Superhero party bags you can print and use too...

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Superhero Party Thank You & Send-Off

For a special superhero party send- off take a photo of each child Superhero in their crime-fighting party costumes next to mum or dad (or another adult) dressed as a superhero - the little ones will be really impressed and won’t forget this party in a long time...“Mom/Dad, I met the real Spiderman / Batman / Superman / Wonder Woman!!….”

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