Bugs Party

Bugs Party

"This cute little Bugs Party theme will have your little party bugs wriggling and giggling with excitement"

Young children love cute little bugs and a "Bugs Ball" birthday party will be a big hit for 2-6 year olds. There are so many colorful, fluffy, stripey, spotty and wriggly little bugs to chose from - caterpillars, butterflies, ladybugs and bees for example, not to mention ants, slugs, worms and spiders!

Your little one may already have a favourite bug, such as The Hungry Caterpillar from their early learning books, or perhaps they have seen some of the wonderful Disney or Pixar animated films like "Bugs Life" or "Antz".

Whatever your childs favorite, the Bugs Ball party theme lets you ´mix it up´ so that all the children can have fun dressing up and coming to the party as whatever bug they like!

Bugs Ball Birthday Party Ideas for Kids

Bug´s Birthday Invitations

If a naughty little caterpillar has chewed the corners of your party invitations, don´t worry!...here is one of our free Bugs Party invitation sets you can print and use. The set includeas all you´ll need - a Bugs Party invite with invitation wording, a matching Bug themed envelope and Bug stickers!...

Free Bug Party Invitations

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Bug Party Decoration Ideas

Astroturf, if you can get hold of some, would make a fun table covering. Add a few toy bugs sprinkled around or even glued on.

Flower pots are cheap and fun for decorating. You could plant some fake sunflowers in them.

Balloons in yellow with black card stripes and painted eyes for bees. Green balloons in a row stuck to the wall to make a caterpillar with a red one for the head as in the Hungry Caterpillar, or red balloons with black spots for ladybirds.

Bug napkin rings - use a strip of card and stick into a ring shape then glue a bug onto it, or buy some bug rings.

Buy some packs of colourful butterfly clips to hang on the curtains or onto plants. These would make a nice favour to give out at the end of the party.

Free Printable Bugs Ball Party Decorations

Why not add a splash of color to your bug birthday decorations with some of our free printable bug party flags...

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Bugs Birthday Craft Activities

Butterfly Pegs – Use wooden pegs and squares of tissue paper. The children can paint the tissue paper and decorate the pegs for the bodies with pipe cleaners for the antennae. When the papers are dry they can be scrunched in the middle and clipped into the pegs.

Fruit printing – Apples and pears for example. Cut fruit in half, dip into child-friendly paint then press onto paper.

Colouring books are a great source for pictures to cut up and colour. Photocopy and provide with big colorful crayons for the toddlers.

Other Activities...

If the children are really young then they’d probably love a story. Check out the library for large books so that they can all see the pictures.
Check out if there’s a butterfly park nearby. Maybe they do group discounts, or even birthday parties.

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Bug Party Games

Spot on the Ladybird – Make a large card ladybird and draw circles where the spots should be. Spots could either be black card or Oreos which they separate and lick the cream then stick to the ladybird. The littlest ones don’t need to be blindfolded.

Plant Pot Toss – Use bean bags shaped as ladybirds or other bugs and each child takes turn throwing one into the pots. They win the prize which is in the bottom of the pot.

Bowling Bees – Part fill some water bottles with water so they don’t fall down on their own. Glue some wings on them and decorate with foam or stickers. They could be decorated as bees with yellow water and black paper stripes.

Cocoon Race – buy some cheap pillowcases and use them for a sack race.

Bug catching – give the children a bug kit, these can be be found in most dollar or pound stores, or make your own with plastic tweezers, a box, a small net and a magnifying glass. Hide plastic bugs around the yard for the children to find.

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Bug Themed Party Food Ideas

Give the food catchy names such as:

  • Caterpillars in cocoons for hotdogs.
  • Hungry Caterpillar salad, or lots of fruit that the Hungry Caterpillar eats such as apples, pears, oranges or watermelon – depending on what’s in season.
  • Butterfly pasta – use bow shaped pasta.
  • Candy floss cocoons – if you haven’t got a candy floss machine maybe a neighbor has one you could borrow.
  • Worm ice – Make some ice with a jelly worm frozen inside to liven up the drinks.

Free Bugs Birthday Party Decorations

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´Bugs Ball´ Birthday Cake Ideas

  • Ant Hill cake - Cook a cake in a bowl to make a hill shape, cover in buttercream then sprinkle with broken- up Oreos to look like mud. Add some edible jelly worms or other bugs.

  • Bee Hive Cake - As above, cook a sponge in a bowl shape then cover in yellow fondant icing and add fondant bees.

  • Ladybird Cake - Buy or make a round sponge and cover with red fondant icing. Pipe a black icing line down the middle and add black fondant circles or mini Oreos for the spots and eyes.

  • Butterfly cupcakes - Slice the tops off the plain cupcakes and then cut this piece in half to make the 2 wings. Top the cupkcake with buttercream and then place the 2 pieces on top to look like wings. Decorate with sprinkles or piped icing in various colours.

  • Caterpillar cupcakes - Cover the cupcakes with green icing and put onto a platter in a long S shape. Use M&Ms for eyes and liquorish strings for legs. For a 2 year old use the 2 candles for antennae.

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Bugs Party Costume Ideas & Accessories

  • Buy or make some cute little bug wings for the children to wear during the party and then take home after. You could use netting for bee wings or foam sheets in different colours for butterfly wings.

  • Antennae - make some simple ones with hairbands, pipe cleaners and pompoms (or foam balls), or buy a pack in a discount store.

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Bug Party ´Prizes´and Favors

For Bug party prizes and favors, choose some of the many bug related items available in stores such as: bug rings (butterfly, ladybird, bee etc.), bug stickers, bug stamps, bug picture and colouring books, etc. You can often find multipacks in discount stores.

Other fun bug themed party favors could include the wings, antennae and bug kits. Don’t forget the clip-on Butterflies that you’ve used for decoration! You could let the children take one each.

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Bugs Birthday Send-Off

For a really special finale you could buy some live ladybirds over the internet and release them in the garden. Tell the children that they’re lucky ladybirds and let them catch a few, with their bug kits, to take home.

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