Cinderella Party Coloring Pages

"Take a look at these FREE Cinderella Coloring Pages - you'll find a palace full of enchanting Cinderella coloring pictures that'll guarantee your Disney party princesses have a right royal time!..."

Every young 'Disney' party princess loves to draw and color-in fairytale castles, magical unicorns and pretty princess dresses, so if you're planning a Cinderella party 'ball' for your young Disney birthday princess then setting out some charming Cinderella coloring pictures together with coloring pens, crayons, glitter etc. will definitely be popular with the kids!

Cinderella coloring pictures also make a great organized Cinderella party activity and are great as an 'ice-breaker' at the beginning of a party if some of your Cinderella party princesses arrive well before the clock strikes 'midnight' ;-)... let them have fun drawing and coloring-in together until the rest of their Cinderelli friends have arrived.

There's lots of other fun you can have with these free coloring sheets too!

Why not print, color and use them to complement your Cinderella party decorations or use them as 'templates' for making your own magical Cinderella birthday items...

For example, you could use the picture of Cinder's glass slipper to make your Cinderella party invitations, for Cinderella gift tags, as a Slipper-shaped birthday card or for  Cinder's party game items (e.g. for the game "Pin the Slipper on Cinderella") or game 'clues' ("Find Cinders' missing Slipper"...and so on.

Free Cinderella Coloring Pictures

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