Cinderella Party Ideas

Cinderella Party Ideas

This Cinderella Party Ideas page is packed to the palace roof with fairytale princess birthday ideas and FREE Cinderella birthday printables that'll help make all your princess's birthday wishes come true...

Once upon a time a lovely young Princess wished to have her own magical Cinderella birthday party.

Fortunately for the young princess, 'The Queen' (mom) and 'The Grand Duke' (dad) knew of her wish and had already asked their bravest knights to scour the Kingdom and bring back the most amazing Cinderella party ideas and treats...

Free Cinderella Party Ideas & Treats

To everyone's great delight the brave knights returned to the Queen's Royal Party Palace carrying lots of wondrous Cinderella party ideas and treasured Cinderella birthday printables...

Cinderella Party Ideas

The young princess's 'Fairy Godmother' suggested that the Queen also pay a royal visit to the main Princess Party page, because it too was packed with enchanting princess party ideas and free princess birthday printables, which the Fairy Godmother believed could also help the Queen and the Grand Duke with their fairytale Cinderella party ideas and preparations.

Cinderella's Story...the short version!

"If you think Cinderella turned into a pumpkin or battled with a fearsome sea-monster, then this story recap is definitely for you!..."

There was once a widower who remarried a vain and proud woman who had two equally vain daughters. By his first wife, he had a beautiful young daughter who was very kind and sweet-natured.

Unfortunately, her new stepmother and stepsisters forced her to do all the housework. When she had finished her work, she returns to her room in the basement and sit in the cinders (which is why she became known as "Cinderella"). Poor Cinderella put up with how she was treated and dared not tell her father because would have scolded her (his new wife was very dominating and ruled the house!).

One day a Prince invited all the young ladies in the land to a Royal Ball so he could choose a wife. As the two stepsisters were invited, they gleefully planned what gowns to wear. Although Cinderella helped them and dreamed of going to the ball, they teased her by saying that a dirty, lowly maid could never attend a royal ball.

After her stepsisters had left for the ball, Cinderella's Fairy Godmother magically appeared and vowed to help Cinderella get to the ball. She turned a pumpkin into a golden coach, turned mice into white horses, a rat into a coachman, and lizards into footmen. She then turned Cinderella's rags into a beautiful gown, complete with a delicate pair of glass slippers. The Godmother wished her well at the Royal Ball, but told her that she must return before midnight otherwise the spell would be broken.

Everyone at the Royal Ball was entranced by Cinderella's beauty and charm, especially the Prince who never left her side. Unrecognized by her mean stepsisters, Cinderella remembered to leave before midnight as her fairy godmother had told her. When she returned home, her stepsisters talked of nothing but the mysterious beautiful girl at the ball.

When another Royal Ball was held the next evening, Cinderella's stepmother locked her in the house but with the help of her animal friends and her fairy godmother, Cinderella again attended and the Prince became even more entranced with her. Unfortunately, Cinderella was having such a good time that she lost track of time and left only at the final stroke of midnight, dropping one of her glass slippers on the steps of the palace in her haste.

The Prince chased after her but outside the palace the guards had not seen a beautiful young princess, only a simple country wench!  The Prince kept the glass slipper and vowed to find and marry the girl to whom it belonged. Cinderella kept the other slipper as it had not disappeared when the spell had broken at midnight.

The Prince tried the slipper on all the women in the kingdom. When the Prince arrived with the Grand Duke at Cinderella's home her stepsisters tried to make it fit their large feet. When Cinderella asked if she could try it on her mean stepsisters teased her. The slipper fit perfectly when she tried it on and Cinderella produced the other slipper for good measure. Her stepsisters were shocked and begged for her forgiveness and Cinderella forgave them for their meanness and cruelty to her (she really was very, very kind! ;-)

Cinderella returned to the palace where she married the Prince.

The End

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The Main Cinderella Characters

"Here's a little guide in case you don't remember your carriages from your pumpkins or your 'bibbidee's' from your 'bobbidee's'..."

Knowing who all the main Cinderella characters are can really help with finding fun party names for everyone and with role-playing during the party - including the roles played by the grown-up's (who usually get stuck being the 'servants', the 'bad guys' or the monster!.

Here's a few Cinderella party ideas for who can be who - Mom can be 'The Queen', Dad 'The Grand Duke', boys could be Prince's at 'the ball' or Knights sent out on a Cinderella 'treasure hunt' or footmen and carriage drivers to drive the birthday princesses to the ball, the girls could be 'good fairies' or visiting princesses from around the Kingdom, grandma or aunty could be Cinderelli's Fairy Godmother...and so on. Who will play the evil stepmother or the ugly stepsisters?...are there any uncle's around? ;-)

It's also great source of inspiration when it comes to tailoring your party to perhaps combine it with another theme - e.g. a "Cinderella Fairy" party theme, where all the boys are pixies and the girls are fairies, except for the birthday girl who is Cinderella.

So who's who?...

  • Cinderella (Cinders or Cinderelli) - Incredibly kind and the star of the show!
  • The Prince  - Oh so very charming.
  • The Grand Duke - The Prince's dad.
  • Fairy Godmother - She's a sweet old lady with a little magic up her sleeve!
  • Cinderella's father - Cinder's 'downtrodden' dad.
  • The Stepmother - Boo hiss!...she's a meany.
  • The Stepsisters - Just downright mean and ugly.
  • Jaq - Cinderella's super-furry mouse-friend.
  • Gus - Cinderella's cute super-furry mouse-friend.
  • Coachmen - Changed from the 'rat'
  • Six white carriage horses  -  Changed from the 'six white mice'
  • Gold carriage - Formerly known as a large pumpkin
  • Footmen - Changed from the 'Lizards'
  • Glass slippers - Guess who this belongs to...?
  • Cinderella's ball gown - Paris 'couture' created by Cinder's lovely Fairy Godmother'!
  • "Bibbidee bobbidee boo"- A magical spell used by Cinderella's Fairy Godmother to change the pumpkin, mice, rat and lizards into her special coach, horses, coachmen and footmen.
  • The Palace - A beautiful, fun place where all the dancing takes place.

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Cinderella Party Invitation Ideas

"Here, ye! here ye!  Her Majesty The Queen and The Grand Duke request the pleasure of your attendance at the Fairytale Cinderella Birthday Ball..."

FREE Cinderella Birthday Invitations

"Bibbidee...Bobbidee...Boo...'POOOF!' " - by pure magic, Cinder's Fairy Godmother has just created these free Cinderella party invitations specially for Cinderella's birthday party...

...If you´d like to use them too, just go ahead, click on a card then print as many invites as you´d like for your Cinderella party...

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Making Your Own Cinderella Party Invitations

If you're looking to make your own Cinderella birthday invitations for your party, here are a few fun Cinderella party ideas for invitations that might help get you started...just remember to wave your magic wand over them and say the 'magic words' when you're finished ;-)...

Cinderella's Glass Slipper Invitation

Cut out the shape of a Cinderella's glass slipper from silver, pink or lavender cardstock and lightly decorate with sparkly glitter. Print or write out your invitation message on premium white or matching colored paper and glue it carefully to the back of each "Slipper" - make sure to use a pretty princess font or handwriting style and a pink, purple or pretty colored ink pen. Finish your slipper invitations with a pretty piece of matching colored ribbon.

Another of the Cinderella party ideas for a slipper invitation is to cut the slipper shape from silver card and write your invitation wording on the front (or on a separate piece of paper and glue carefully to the front of the slipper as above), then cut the same slipper shape from a clear plastic sheet (like an overhead projector sheet overlay) and place it on top of the card. Line both slipper pieces up together, then punch a small hole at one end through both pieces (using a paper hole punch), thread a piece of silver, pink, lavender or pale blue ribbon through, and tie the pieces together and Voila! - You'll have your very own unique Cinderella glass slipper invites!

Here´s a free Cinderella Glass Slipper invitation template you can print and use to make your own Cinderella birthday invitations...

The Magical Pumpkin Invitation

Draw and cut out a pumpkin from silver, pink or orange card and lightly decorate it with 'magic dust' (glitter) and a pretty piece of ribbon tied around the top stalk. Print or write out your Cinderella invitation message onto matching colored paper and glue it carefully onto the back of each pumpkin card invite.

Here are some free Cinderella invitation card templates you could use for your birthday card invitations or as Cinderella party ideas for drawing your own unique magical pumpkin invitations...

The Grand Duke's Royal Invitation

Here are a couple of Cinderella party ideas for making a 'royal scroll' invitation...

To make a simple but very regal-looking scroll invite, print or write your invitation message onto a piece of silver paper then carefully roll the invitation up and tie it in the middle with pretty red ribbon.

To make a more elaborate royal scroll invitation, you'll need a few more items - a piece of gold, silver or colored paper to match your party color scheme, a piece of white or cream premium or heavyweight quality writing paper (which should be a bit smaller than the colored paper), a wax candle (to melt a royal 'seal onto the paper), a gift tag and a pretty ribbon matching the color of your paper.

  • Start by either writing your invitation message onto the white writing paper using calligraphy or a 'sweeping' handwriting style or by printing your invitation message. Next, melt a few drops of the candle wax onto the bottom of the message and get the birthday princess to place her thumbprint into the wax before it sets (her royal seal of approval!) - you can always use some red craft paint or a Cinderella sticker instead.
  • Place the white message paper inside the piece of gold paper (or your chosen color) and carefully glue them together, then when the glue had dried roll them up into a scroll so that it is all one color - gold!
  • Next, carefully write the name of the Cinderella party guest on the inside of gift tags printed in a calligraphy font and give them their princess name, like "Princess Laura", "Princess Sofia", etc, then slip a pretty pale blue, lilac or pink satin ribbon through the gift tags and tie around the middle of the scroll.

Cinderella Party Ideas for Invitation Wording

Here are a few Cinderella party ideas for words to write inside your Cinderella princess invitations...

  • "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Princesses (Princes, Knights, and Jesters?) of the Kingdom, Her Royal Highness "Princess Laura" (name), requests the pleasure of your attendance at her "Fairytale Cinderella Birthday Party Ball" to celebrate the 5th (age) year of her birth.

    The Cinderella Party Ball will be held at the Royal Palace of 'Wilmot' (your house name and address), on ....... (party date) and commence at ........ (time). Horse and carriage should arrive to collect the young princesses from the Royal Party Palace at ........ (party finish time).

    R.S.V.P to "Her Majesty, Queen Gena" (your name) on ........ (your phone #). Dress code to be ........... (fill in with "Cinderella 'Casual' " or "Cinderella 'Ball Gown" etc.)".

  • "Hear Ye! Hear Ye! A decree for all fair maidens in the land...

    Your presence is requested at the Royal 4th Birthday Party of "Princess Kayla". The festivities will commence when all the carriages arrive at 11am and will last until the stroke of 2pm.  R.S.V.P to "Queen Sue" or "Grand Duke Jesse".

Whatever fun Cinderella birthday invitation wording you use, make sure your fairytale invitations contain the following information:

  • A fairytale Princess name for each of the party guests. You can use the child's own name for inspiration, like "Her Royal Highness Princess Laura of Wilmot" (e.g. your house or town) or use the character names from the Cinderella story for inspiration
  • Cinderella's birthday party address.
  • An RSVP contact telephone number for 'The Queen' (you!).
  • Cinder's Party date, start and finish time (time for parents to collect their young princesses before the clock strikes midnight!)
  • Directions to the Party Palace or a map – you can mark the location with a sticker of a Fairytale Castle or a Cinderella sticker.
  • What the costume requirements are - Cinderella 'casual' or Cinderella 'Ball Gown'!

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Cinderella Party Ideas - Free Birthday Cards

If you've been locked in the attic by a couple of ugly stepsisters and haven't been able to get to the shops to buy a special Cinderella birthday card for your young Cinderella birthday princess, then here are some free Cinderella birthday greeting cards to come to your 'rescue' ;-)...

FREE Cinderella Birthday Greeting Cards

There are lots more free princess birthday greeting cards 'locked in the tower' over on our Princess Party Printables page too. Why not take a peek and see if you can rescue them from the 'tower'! ;-)

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Cinderella Party Ideas for Gift Tags

Having wrapped your Cinderella birthday gifts and party favors so beautifully, why not finish them off in fairytale princess style with some free royal Cinderella birthday gifts tags.

Just punch a hole in the corner of each gift tag or gift card with a paper hole punch (or pair of scissors) and secure them to your princess gifts with a pretty blue, silver, gold, lavender or pink ribbon...

If you like the idea of making your own Cinderella gift tags, a simple Cinderella gift tag idea is to use colored card or heavyweight paper cut into the shape of a character, item or person from the Disney Cinderella story. You'll find lots of Cinderella party ideas for pictures and designs on this page which you can use to generate your own ideas, or print and use as gift tag templates.

Here are some Cinderella party ideas for shapes you could use:

  • Pumpkin 
  • White Mice, Horses, Lizards, Rat! (all turned into footmen etc. by Cinder's Fairy Godmother)
  • Brown Mice (Like Cinder's best animal friends Jaq and Gus)
  • Cinderella's Slipper
  • Crown or Tiara
  • Fairy (Fairy Godmother)
  • Horse & Carriage (that took Cinders to the ball)
  • Wand
  • Wedding Cake (Cinder's Wedding to the Prince)
  • Palace
  • Broomstick (Cinders used to sweep the fireplace).

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Cinderella Party Decorations & Ideas

"Why Cinderella, you have such stylish shoes such amazing dress-sense and your pumpkin and flower arrangements are simply magical!"

Cinderella's iconic ball dress is a good starting point for choosing your Cinderella birthday color scheme - blue, pale blue and white, together with yellow/gold for her blond hair, but your birthday princess can of course choose any color scheme she likes!

Favorite Cinderella party colors are mid blue/baby blue, purple/lilac/lavender & baby pink/strong pink, yellow (gold) and white (silver). When it comes to choosing your colors, try and stick to no more than three main colors to make it easier for you to plan and coordinate all the decorations.

Ideas for Cinderella Party Decorations

Here's a brief 'checklist' of decorations that´ll help with your Cinderella party preparations...

Pictures, Cut-Outs, Posters and Standees

Cinderella images, posters and even large Cinderella standee's will really help to set the scene and help both the kids and adults get into character right from the start. Here are some Cinderella party ideas for pictures and images to decorate the party area with:

  • Cinderella in her ball dress and Cinderella at home sweeping the fireplace
  • Cinder's glass slippers
  • Cinder's Fairy Godmother with her magic wand
  • The horrible stepmother and ugly stepsisters
  • The handsome Prince
  • The Palace and the ball room with dancing princes and princesses
  • The Queen and Grand Duke
  • The white horse and carriage (that took Cinder's to the Ball)
  • Pumpkins, white mice, lizards (the footmen and carriage)
  • The fireplace (where Cinder's would sweep up before she married the Prince)
  • Cinder's animal friends - the brown mice (Jag and Gus) and little song birds.

Fun Cinderella Party Ideas for 'Props'

Here are a few ideas for props to use as decorations and items for the kids to have fun with during the party - lots of these Cinderella decoration items make great Cinderella favors and could be given to the young party princesses at the end of the party...

  • 'Glass' slippers (clear plastic).
  • Pumpkins - toy or real ones that you can leave orange and sprinkle with glitter ('magic dust') or paint silver and gold (spray painting them is bar far the easiest way to paint them. These will looking amazing and the kids will love them!
  • Wands - Why not get the kids to create their own as a Cinderella party activity (take a look at our "How to make a Fairy Godmother's Wand" party activity below).
  • Pretty material or sheets to cover tables or chairs and to dress the door and window surrounds ('royal drapes') in the party area. They can also look great draped from the ceiling above the party table.
  • An old-style 'witches' broom - which Cinders used to sweep the house and fireplace with at home.
  • Lots of furry toy mice (like her friends Gus and Jaq), birds, bunnies, squirrels etc.
  • A toy cat -  Cinder's mean stepmother owned a fat, spoiled cat that was always chasing after Cinder's mice friends Gus and Jaq!)

Other Cinderella Decorations Items to Consider...

  • Party Costumes
  • Cinderella party flags, balloons and streamers
  • Party music
  • Cinderella party food and table decorations
  • Cinderella game's prizes, favors and keepsakes

Cinderella Party Ideas for Decorations

The description of these Cinderella party ideas are based on a Cinderella color scheme of blue, lilac & pink, to make the description a little easier - just go ahead and change the colors described to whatever colors you have chosen for your own Cinderella party...

  • As your party guests will be entering your daughter's royal party palace, why not create the entrance to a fairytale palace or castle around your front door - you can construct the front of the palace and entrance, by stacking and taping packing boxes together on either side of the door (large appliance boxes are great for this), covering them with thick cardstock if necessary then creating an archway between the boxes where the door is.
  • Paint the palace pink and purple with grey or pale blue 'stone' windows. Drape a blue, pink or lilac gauze curtain at the archway entrance in front of your door and from any cut-out windows.
  • Make some 'torches' to place on the outside of the palace walls either side of the arch from kitchen or toilet roll tubes painted black, with yellow and orange tissue paper scrunched together for the 'fire'. Glue the tissue paper into the end of each torch, then glue or tape the torches to the side of the palace entrance.
  • String some creepers (real or fake) up the castle walls to give it an 'ivy effect' and stick lots of pink and white artificial roses all over them to make it look pretty. Cut out some pictures of small song birds, petty colored butterflies and tiny fairies and place a few of these among the roses and ivy too.
  • To complete your palace, make a 'welcome' sign with the name of your palace and place it above the palace entrance for your party guests to see as they enter - write something like "Welcome to Princess Leila's Cinderella Party Palace".
  • For your outdoor decorations, make sure you tie a cluster of pink, lilac and white balloons to your front gate to make it easier for your guests to find your house, then run a piece of felt carpeting (a runner of sorts) up to the 'palace entrance', up the stairs, through the door and into the house - it can be any color to match your theme but a red carpet always gets the "Wow!" from young princesses! 
  • Place two small clusters of 3 balloons on either side of the stairs or entrance - pink, lilac and white - and weigh them down with small weights (stones) wrapped in iridescent paper. Between each set of balloons drape pink, lilac or white ribbon (and small white Christmas lights wrapped together if you have some).
  • Cut-out some pixie, fairy, butterfly and cute little animal pictures (birds, squirrels, baby bunnies etc.) and place them around the garden, among the flowers (you can tape them to small dowel or bamboo sticks to make this easier) and on the walls and trees. Place small clusters of 3 color balloons around the garden and party area too.
  • Have 'The Queen' or 'The Grand Duke' greet each guest as they arrive and present them with a crown or tiara and a magic wand. They could also formally announce each guest's arrival by ringing a bell and 'presenting' them formally to the birthday girl and the rest of the party guests, saying something like..."Your Royal Highness, may I present 'Princess Keira of Claremont' (child's name and house/town or city name)". You can do the same with the Mum's and Dad's (Queen's and Grand Duke's) and boys too.."Prince......", "His Lordship" and "Sir ......." and so on.
  • Decorate the party area with colored balloons streamers, drapes, fairy lights (Christmas lights), Cinderella and Disney princess pictures and place some Cinderella toys and party props around the area - flowers, cuddly toy animals, princess dolls and so on. If you have a big floor mirror, place it in a corner of the room and drape pink and lilac tulle around the border. Decorate it with butterflies and pretty flowers and a cluster of pink, lilac and white balloons tied to an iridescent balloon weight - none of the little princesses or princes will be able to resist looking at themselves in the mirror!
  • Cover the party table with a colored table cloth to match your color scheme - pink, lilac, pale blue etc. or use a white table cloth covered in a pretty flower print. You could also use a plain paper tablecloth and decorate it with pictures of Cinderella and her animal friends and flowers.
  • Set the table with mixture of pretty colors and materials (lace and satin look particularly 'regal') to make it fun and lively - pink, lilac, blue and white for the napkins, plates, placemats, drinking straws etc.
  • Make sure you set name cards around the table for each of the guests and remember to write their prince and princess party names on them using calligraphy.
  • To make the kids feel really special, set out silver cutlery (plastic!) and royal 'goblets' decorated with gems and jewels (decorating their own 'goblet can be a great Cinderella party activity) for the kids to drink and 'toast the birthday princess' from - remember to pop a pretty pink straw into each goblets (a blue one for the boys!) and decorate the straws with a small Cinderella pictures.
  • Remember to decorate the table with a lovely Cinderella table centerpiece - a multi-tiered Cinderella 'Palace' or 'Castle' birthday cake in white or in pale blue, purple and pink frosting with ice cream cones for towers and surrounded by toy horses and carriage's would look amazing. There are lots of other Cinderella theme birthday cake ideas would look amazing too as the table centerpiece - a "Cinderella's Glass Slipper" cake, "Princess Crown" cake, "Cinderella's Magical Carriage" cake, a "Magic Pumpkin" cake, and so on.
  • Scatter rose petals, iridescent confetti, small iridescent stars, Cinderella princess gems, jewels, chocolate gold coins and princess candies on top of the tablecloth and between the guests plates. Place a small bell on the table too so that the 'royal butler' (one of the parent's!) can ring it to make announcements and to introduce each course - see if you can get one of the parent's to dress up to be the royal butler and introduce each dish. 
  • Cinderella's Throne - Choose a chair that's a tiny bit over-sized for the birthday girl so that you have a little extra room to work with the chair decorations and create a really beautiful throne for her - cover the chair with a pretty piece of fabric to match your Cinderella color scheme or a piece of white fabric with pretty flowers printed or embroidered all over (you can often find just the right thing inexpensively in the remnant section of a fabric store and can buy what you need by the yard).
  • Tape or tie the fabric to the chair so that the fabric pools nicely on the floor and cover the tape/ties with lace, ribbons, vines and flowers. Along the top of the 'Throne' (and on top of the fabric) hot glue a flower vine of pink, lilac and white flowers decorated with satin ribbons. On both sides of the chair use a pretty piece of ribbon to tie a cluster of 3 colored balloons.
  • Place a large velvet or felt pink, lilac or blue cushion for the birthday princess to sit on and to the back of the 'throne' attach a Cinderella Princess's 'coat of arms' shield with the birthday girl's name on...

  • Why not place a shield decoration on each of your Cinderella princess party guest's chairs and write their prince or princess party names on - they'll love them!
  • Have some fun party music playing while the kids are busy eating, playing Cinderella birthday games and having fun with the organized party activities. If you're not sure what music to play, here's a few Cinderella party ideas for music:

    Including the theme music to the Disney Cinderella movie is a 'must', but there's lots of other princess movie theme music to choose from. Music from the movies Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, Beauty and the Beast, Ariel the Mermaid, Mulan etc. are all prefect for the party, as are some popular classical music scores like "Swan Lake" and "The Nutcracker Sweet".
  • Make sure you check out your local library - they're a often a great place to source kid's birthday party music and you can usually loan the music CD's for your party for little or no money.

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Cinderella Party Activities

"Singing, dancing and sweeping there no end to Cinderella's talents?"

Cinderella Party Coloring Pages

Coloring-in is always a popular birthday party activity especially with young Cinderella party princesses , so make sure you've got plenty of fun Cinderella party coloring pages on hand to keep them happy, otherwise you may have to get your magic wand out during the party and 'magic' some up before they turn you into a mouse!

Set out a table for the children with coloring sheets, colored pens and crayons so that the earlier arrivers can get busy coloring in and chatting while they wait for the late-comers!

Here are some free Cinderella coloring sheets you´ll find on our Cindrella Party Coloring Sheets that you can print for them to use and have fun with...why not ´bibbidee-bob´ your way over there now and check out all our free Cinderella coloring sheets...

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Princess Tiara Decorations

This is one of those Cinderella party activities that all princesses love - Give each of your princess party guests their own princess tiara - you can 'present' these to them on a special velvet cushion as they arrive, together with a wand and any other fun Cinderella party items you can think of.

Set up a table with craft items on - jewels, beads, stickers, feathers, gems, glitter and so on and let the children decorate their tiaras. 'Glue dots' are a great option for sticking the gems and beads on and are less messy than glue pens - place the gems in their own small crystal dish along with a set of glue dots.

You could also place small foam letters (spelling each of the girl's names) onto each girl´s dish so that they can stick their names on their tiara's too - you could place a small piece of paper or namecard with their name printed on it in each dish the girls know which dish is theirs.

Making A Fairy Godmother's Wand

Before the party, cut some thin dowel sticks to about 8 inches (28cm) in length and a attach a star shape cut from thick card stock (packing box card is good for this if you have some around the house) to the top of each wand - if there are any young prince's at the party, cut out frog shapes for the top of their wands (they can decorate them in green!). Paint each of the wands with gold or silver (spray painting them is the quickest and easiest way) and present one to each of the kids on the day of the party as they arrive. The kids can then have lots of fun decorating their wands with glitter (magic dust!), sequins, feathers, ribbons and so on.

As an alternative to making the stars from card you can use Rice Krispy treats cut into the shape of stars. Make these a few days ahead of time so they can get a bit harder and then cover them with cellophane tied closed with pretty pink, curly ribbon.  Attached a tag to each wand and write a message in calligraphy like...

"You don't have to wave this wand to be a princess, you are special just the way you are".

Pop these in a vase by the favor bags until the end of the party - the girls can then grab their favor box and their wands to take home.

There's lots more fun Cinderella party ideas and creative activities like...

  • Building Cookie Castles and Sugar-Cube Palaces.
  • Taking Princess 'Fashion and Beauty' photos.
  • Visiting The 'Princess Beauty Salon'
  • Making Princess Bracelets, Treasure Chests and Snow Globes
  • and many more...

on our Princess Party Activities page, so make sure you pay it a royal visit and take a peek!

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Cinderella Party Ideas For Games

"If You're Cinderella And You Know It Clap Your Hands" (Princess Party Song)

The girls will certainly have fun singing, clapping, curtseying and smiling to this princess party song, which is based on the song "If you're happy and you know it" but changed slightly for the Cinderella birthday theme. The song goes like this...

Verse 1:

"If you're Cinderella and you know it clap your hands (clap, clap),
If you're Cinderella and you know it clap your hands (clap, clap),
If you're Cinderella and you know it and you really want to show it,
If you're Cinderella and you know it clap your hands (clap, clap)."

Verse 2:

"If you're Cinderella and you know it make a curtsey (curtsey),"
...repeat like verse 1...

Verses 3, 4 etc. - have the girls sing the verses with "sweep the floor", "wear a crown", "wiggle your nose", "wave a wand", and so on. Have fun with this by making up whatever actions you think will make the girls laugh.

Pass The Glass Slipper

For the Cinderella game of 'Pass the Glass Slipper' you'll need a 'slipper' - a clear plastic slipper would be ideal - and a CD player to play some Cinderella party music on. Get all the children form a circle and when the music begins, have them pass the slipper to each other around the circle. When the music is stopped have the child who was holding the slipper go and choose one of the prizes - you can set up a little table with party game prizes on (all types of princess, star, heart and pretty colored hair accessories, beaded necklaces and son on (they are out of the game).  Start the music again and continue until there is just one child left - the winner!

Cinderella Bingo

Before the party, make bingo cards with small pictures of Cinderella, other Disney princesses, fairies and so on. Give each of the children a bingo card with nine pictures on each card (each card is 3 x 3). When the game begins and each picture is shown they have to strike the picture out if they have it on their cards - have fun prizes for a complete first row, second row, third row, first five and full house.

You'll find lots of exciting Cinderella Party ideas for games on our special princess party games page to keep the young party Cinderella's having fun and giggling for hours...

  • The Princess Walk.
  • The Royal Dress-Up Relay Race.
  • The Princess and the Dragon Eggs!
  • Pin the crown on the princess.
  • The queen's missing treasure.
  • and many, many more...

So take a peek and have some fairytale fun!

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Cinderella Party Ideas for Food, Drinks & Treats

The Fairy Godmother has been busy waiving her wand around in the royal kitchens and has conjured up a feast of fairytale treats for the young princes and princesses...

  • Princess Pizza
  • Cinderella Pumpkin Dip
  • "Never Never Land" Jewels
  • Dragonheart Sandwiches
  • Princess Punch
  • Magic Pumpkin Juice
  • Sleeping Potion
  • Unicorn's Kisses

and many more... You'll find this feast of fairytale Cinderella party ideas for food, drinks and treats on our princess party food page.

Cinderella Table Decorations

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Cinderella Party Party Favor Ideas

Here's some fun Cinderella party ideas for treats to include in your party favor bags or to give out during the party as Cinderella party 'prizes'...

Cinderella Favors and Party 'Prizes'

  • Princess goblet
  • Tiara.
  • Rice Krispy wand.
  • Pink, purple or a blue watch set at midnight.
  • Cinderella story book.
  • Cinderella coloring pages
  • Small Cinderella activities book - Cinderella maze, crosswords etc.
  • Pink or blue stick balloon
  • Disney Princess pencil, marker, crayons, stickers
  • Ring candies
  • Candy necklaces
  • Butterfly rings
  • Hair accessories
  • Hand mirror
  • Bracelets and trinkets
  • Princess comb or hair brush
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Gummy gems
  • Photo frame with a photo of each princess from the party

FREE Cinderella Favor Bags

If you're in need of some Cinderella birthday favor bags to pop the little princess's  favors and treats into then why not use our free Cinderelli birthday favor bags - just go ahead and print as many as you need, glue the flaps down then attach one of our free Cinderella princess gift tags to each bag with a pretty ribbon and write each of the party princess's names inside with a message like..."Cinderella thanks you for making her day so magical".

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Cinderella Party Ideas for Thank You Cards

"Thank you for being a special part of my Royal 5th Birthday."

You'll find lots of free Cinderella princess party thank you cards below that you can use to thank your best princess party friends for coming to your birthday and making it such a magical occasion.

Why not pop a Cinderella 'Thank You' inside each of the favor bags and tie a Cinderella gift tag to each of the bags with a pretty ribbon. You can write each princess's party name on the card so they'll know which favor bag belongs to them...

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Your Cinderella Party Ideas

Sharing your Cinderella party ideas is a great way to help other parents with their own Cinderella birthday party's. It's also a great way to encourage them to share their birthday party ideas...which may in turn help you with your next birthday party ;-)

Maybe you've got a great idea for an enchanting Cinderella party invitation or birthday greeting card? Or an exciting Cinderella party game or activity? Perhaps you have whipped up a delicious Cinderella birthday cake or created some dazzling Cinderella party decorations or divine birthday costumes that'll help inspire others?

If so, we'd All love to hear from you :-)

Take a moment to add your Cinderella birthday ideas here

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Thanks for coming to our 'Royal Cinderella Party Ideas Ball', we hope you had fun and that our party ideas and free Cinderella printables help you to create your own fairytale Cinderella Birthday Party :-)

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