Cowboy Party

Cowboy Party

"These Cowboy Party ideas and FREE Wild West party printables will have your Wild West party posse "yippee-yaying" down the party trail..."

Giddy-up, ride 'em in, ride 'em out, yee-haw!

Kids love the excitement and adventure of playing cowboy's - chasing down outlaw's, roundin' up the herd and riding free on the open range ;-)

Cowboy parties are always great fun and there's a huge range of things you can do to create an unforgettable cowboy birthday.

To help get your wagon's rolling, we've rounded up a whole herd of cowboy birthday ideas, cowboy games and FREE cowboy party 'nuggets' on the page below.

You'll also find a goldmine of great Wild West party supplies to make it easier for you to get things ready down on the ranch before your posse of party cowboy's turns up.

So 'saddle-up', grab the reigns and giddy-up on down the cowboy party trail, because you're in for "Wild" West Party adventure ;-) ...

FREE Cowboy Party 'Nuggets'

Here's a list of the Cowboy & Cowgirl birthday party 'nuggets' we've created to help your kids Wild West birthday party go off with a big 'bang!´...

Wild West Birthday Party Ideas

Cowboy Birthday Party Invitations

If you need some cool cowboy party invitations to help round-up your young cowgirl and cowboy birthday party guests, then take a shot at the cowboy invitations on the links to see all the FREE Cowboy party invitations you can use for your Western-style kids birthday party...

FREE Kids 'Wild West' Party Invitations

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Homemade Cowboy Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Making your own personalized cowboy party invites is great fun and very rewarding. There's lots of different styles and ways to do it too and with just a little imagination and dedication you can create some really amazing cowboy party invites. Here are a few simple ideas to help get you started...

Cowboy Toy Invite

  1. Pick up some small, inexpensive cowboy or Western themed toys from a toy store (small figures are always good) to use as invitation gifts. Write your invitation message on a small piece of card or gift tag (you can always print off and use some of our free cowboy gift tags) and lassoo them to your cowboy toys with natural twine (it looks like a cowboy's lasso rope ;-) or string.

  2. Your "Posse" guests will be thrilled with their little cowboy gift invites and will want to bring them to your cowboy´s party so they can all play together!

Cowboy Boot (cowboy hat, sheriff badge, cactus etc.) Invitation Idea

  1. Cut out the shape of a cowboy boot together with some cool-looking spurs from brown card or premium paper and decorate them with your own cowboy design or pattern.

  2. Write your birthday invitation message on the back in colored pen or print your message on a separate piece of paper and glue it to the back of the 'cowboy boot' - you could even double-up the card/paper when you're making the boot, then tape or glue the edges of the boot together so that it can be 'opened up' like a real cowboy boot! - that way, you can print your invitation wording on a seperate piece of paper, fold it then slip it inside the cowboy boot before giving it out.

  3. Remember to write the name of your guest on the side of each cowboy boot and make sure you give them cool sounding cowboy name's like "Ben 'Two Pistols' Smith" or "Marshall Jake Brown" etc.

  4. Don't forget, there's lots of different cowboy-inspired shapes you can use for your invitations, like the cowboy hat, the sheriff's badge , a cactus, a canteen, saloon doors, a cowboy's horse or saddle, a wagon or wagon wheel... and so on.

Wild West "Coloring Sheet" Invitation

  1. Print out a posse of our free cowboy coloring sheets then on the reverse side of each coloring page, print or write your invitation message.

  2. Fold each of the invitations and drop them inside an envelope together with a couple of small coloring crayons.

  3. Seal the envelopes, write the name of your Wild West party guest on the front of the envelope (using a cool cowboy name), then secure the envelope with a fun cowboy sticker. Your invites will be ready to hit the cowboy birthday party trail!

Buried Loot (Treasure Map) Invitation

If you're really feeling creative, then this is a cowboy invitation idea the kids will just love...

  1. Draw a fun Cowboy & Western-style map of your house and yard on a large sheet of brown or off-white paper (a roll of plain packing paper or wallpaper is good for this). Write the names of your house and all the features on the map and give them really cool sounding cowboy name like "Danstown" (if the birthday boy is called Dan ;-), "Smokey's Saloon" (dad's shed), "The Jailhouse" (the garage), "Deadman's Canyon (the path in your backyard)...and so on.

  2. Divide (tear) the map into the same number of pieces as the number of invitations you want to send out, roughen up and lightly stain the edges (a damp teabag is good for this), then put a 'X' on each of the pieces of the map to highlight the location of some buried loot, gold or a treasure hunt clue.

  3. Make a copy of the map (in case somebody can't make it to the party or forgets to bring their piece), then place a different piece of the 'buried loot map' into each invitation card that you send out, or simply write your invitation on the back of each piece of the map and pop it inside an envelope sealed with a cowboy sticker with a reminder for them to bring their piece of map along to the party so that they can help find the buried loot!

  4. The kids will be really excited to recieve a piece of buried loot map and when they arrive at the party they can work together completing the map and starting to hunt for the buried loot. As well as creating a unique and really great looking cowboy birthday invitation, hunting for the buried loot makes a great kids icebreaker activity and a great start to the party.

Birthday Invitation Wording

If you're a little stuck for what to write inside your blank cowboy party invites, here are a couple of cowboy birthday wording ideas to help get you started...

  • "Yee-Haw! Were roundin' up all you deputies, cowpokes and crazy gun-slingers, to come celebrate Sheriff Johnny's (birthday child's name) rowdy 5th birthday party!"

  • "Mosey on down to J's Ranch at ......... (address and time). Don't forget to throw on your best cowboy duds. They'll be lots of horsin' around and wagon-loads of trail grubTell your maw or paw to "holler" with a YEE HAW!"

  • "Calling all cowboys and cowgirls....Saddle on up and give a big "Yee-Haw!" 'cos our 'Sheriff Davey' (child's name) is turning four!"...

Whatever 'cool' cowboy message you come up with, just make sure your cowboy invitations include:

  • The cowboy birthday party address.
  • The party date, what time your cowboy party guests should arrive and when it's time to be collected by Ma and Pa.
  • Your telephone number so parent's can R.S.V.P or call you with any questions.
  • Ask for R.S.V.P so you can confirm who's coming.
  • A cowboy style map with directions showing how to get to the cowboy party ranch.
  • Any costume requirements (like "best cowboy duds", "outlaw casual", etc.).

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Wild West Party Decorations & Ideas

Creating and setting up your cowboy birthday party decorations is not only a fun activity for the whole family, but your decorations will totally transform your child's Western theme party into a truly special and memorable occassion.

Great Cowboy decorations will create just the right setting for your Wild West party guests to really get into character and enjoy themselves.

They'll also bring your whole cowboy birthday party together - the costumes,  the party games, the activities, the food and so on - making the kids and grown-ups feel like they really are cowboys!

A good place to start with your cowboy party decorations is to decide on your color scheme - favorite colors for children´s cowboy parties are browns and black with red and green highlights, although you can also use just about any colors you like (such as your child's favorite colors).Try and stick to two or three main colors so they work well together and it's easier for you to choose decorations, costumes, candles, etc. to match.

Great Cowboy Decorations

Here's some ideas for things that make great cowboy party decorations that'll add an authentic Wild West feel to your party...

Wild West-Style Signs

You can have wagon-loads of fun making and setting up cool Cowboy or Western type names for the different areas around the party "The Shotgun Shack" (the WC), "Big Momma's Saloon" (Kitchen), "The Badlands" (Backyard), "The Jailhouse" (dad's garden shed) and so on...and make up some "Danger: KEEP OUT!" signs for areas of the house that the kids need to keep out of.

You can make these signs easily from card (old brown cardboard boxes are great), cut to size and your message roughly painted on in capitals using brown craft paint or a colored marker. You can always add a few 'bullet holes' to each of the signs too for a bit of extra authenticity!

Cowboy Flags

Cowboy party flags hung in a line along string or twine like bunting or streamers or individually taped to bamboo or dowel sticks and stuck in the ground (or waved about) around the party area, will look great.

Sheriff, Deputy and Marshall Badges

These can be great for decorating objects around the party area or even the birthday gifts or party favor bags.

Another idea is to print the badges for the kids and grown-ups to wear onto white paper which has a sticky reverse side (like paper for labels) or onto white paper which you can glue to a piece of card (for extra strength), then cut around each card badge and tape a safety-pin to the back so that your party cowboys can pin the badge to their clothing.

You can even print the cowboy badges onto 'iron-on transfer' paper using your home printer, then cut each badge out carefully and iron each onto a light-colored or plain white T-shirt which your guests to wear during the party or take home as a party favor. Here are some of our free prinable cowboy badges you can go ahead and use if you like...

Free Sheriff, Deputy and Marshall Badges

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Colored Cushions and Rugs

Yellow, brown or sand-colored cushions ('tumbleweed') are great props to have scatted around the seating area. Green ones are great too (for shrubs and bushes) and grey or black ones can be rocks for the kids to 'hide' behind when they're playing.

Rugs are great for protecting areas of your home that could otherwise be damaged by spilt food or drinks and are they're great for creating a focal point where the kids can sit and play.

A blue colored rug can be added to the party area to create a "watering hole for the cowboy's horses". Similarly, a green or sand colored rug can be a rest or camp area along the cowboy's trail - an area where your party cowboys can sit and eat their party food...

Party Balloons, Blow-Outs & Streamers

Party 'blow-outs' are very festive and fun for the kids to play with. Colored streamers and party balloons are a 'must have' for every kids birthday party and the cowboy party is no exception. Streamers look great hung from the ceiling around the party area as well as wrapped around chairs, bannisters and posts.

Party balloons can be hung up in bunches in your front yard to welcome your guests as they arrive and around the party area and backyard to add color and that special 'party atmosphere' - Just make sure you have a mix of colored balloons to match you chosen party color scheme. You can also have loose balloons bobbing around the party area which the kids can play with and use to draw funny or "Wanted" faces on.

Have some fun too and see if you can make your own 'ballon cactus' to use as a party decoration...

Cowboy Cactus...having fun with green party balloons!
Cowboy Cactus...having fun with green party balloons!

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Cowboy & Western Themed Pictures and Stand-ups

Sticking and hanging up Cowboy & Western pictures around the party venue - cowboy hats, pistols, cactii, horses, wagon wheels, sheriff's badges and so on - will create the right 'Wild West' atmosphere and give your young birthday outlaw's and bandits the feeling that they're on their own cowboy ranch, hanging out at the OK Corrall or blazing a trail across the open range.

Make sure you take a look at our Cowboy Theme Coloring Pages where you'll find lots more free Wild West coloring pictures...

Robbing the Stagecoach & 'Gold-Rush Fever'

Setting out bowls or small linen bags of gold and silver chocolate coins make for great looking stagecoach or bank robber loot.

You could also use marbles, plastic coins, costume jewelry or gold spray-painted styrofoam or card shapes to make decorations that look like gold nuggets dug up or panned for by prospectors.

Wagons & Wagon Wheels

Stagecoaches, wagons and wagon wheels are all reminiscent of the Wild West, so pictures, cut-outs and standees of these will fit right in with the other cowboy party decorations and look great.

Here's a couple of commercial cowboy standees to help give you some ideas...

Cactus and Tumbleweed

These can be pictures, cut-out shapes or models made out of paper, styrofoam (balloons!) or card and painted. Styrofoam and card 'standee's' (stand ups) make great cowboy party decoration props as well as being safe objects to have around the party area.

Cowboy Pinata

Cowboy pinata's add another fun element to the party and look great hanging up in the birthday party area - cowboy boot pinata's and cowboy hat pinata's are the most commonly avalable and are very popular.

Alternatively, why not make your own Cowboy pinata from craft card and decorating it with colored craft foil, crepe or tissue paper, streamers, pompoms and so on.. to match your party color scheme. You can then fill it with your child's favorite candies!

Turning Your Party Area Into The Wild West...

'Welcoming Your Young Party Gungslingers To The Ranch'

  • Cut out and decorate a large rectangular sign from natural or colored cardboard or brown card to resemble a wooden sign and hang with string above your gate or front door.

  • Write a 'welcome' message on the sign together with the name of your "town" or "building".. for example you could write "Welcome to Tombstone, please hand in all your guns with the sheriff" or "Welcome to Jim's (child's name) Saloon", "The Double C Ranch" or whatever name and message you chose that ties in with your chosen cowboy theme.

  • Decorate around your front gate, front door and party area with bales of straw and pictures and standees of cactus, horses, horse shoes, ranch fencing, wagon wheels, cowboy hats and so on. All of these can be cut out from card and decorated with coloring pens or paint.

  • Ask the parents to bring a cowboy hat to wear or hand one out to each of them and the kids when then they arrive, along with bandana's and a "Marshall" or "Deputy" badge so they can feel part of the party posse and get into the 'cowboy party' mood!

'Tracking Down The Outlaws'

  • For a bit of fun cut cowboy boot "prints" or horseshoe "prints" from brown paper or card and lead a trail of them up your front path towards your front door.

  • Alternatively, cut out a cowboy boot print or horseshoe print from card and use it as a stencil to lightly shake talc, sand or flour through, or to use kids craft paint to paint through and leave a trail of 'cowboy prints' up to your front door or through to the party area inside the house or into the back yard.

These 'footprints' are a great way to lead the kids and grown-ups to focal points around the party area too.

Picnic at the OK Corral

  • Set up a safe area where the young cowboys and cowgirls can sit and play and eat their cowboy party food and snacks - you could create a simple corral, cowboy campsite or picnic 'scene' by laying a large rug, red checked table cloth, mat or blanket on the floor for the kids to sit on.

  • Why not enclose the 'corral' area with ranch fencing made by cutting and taping or gluing two broad horizontal strips of card ('planks'), across each upright piece of card ('fence post'). Either tape the 'fencing' to the floor, chairs or to the wall around the play area to create your 'corral'.

  • Decorate the party area with fun 'wild west' pictures, props and shapes (horse shoes, sheriff's badges, cowboy hats and so on) made from brown stock card, cardboard or paper.

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Cowboy Birthday Party Activities & Games

Here´s a wagon load of Wild West style cowboy kids birthday games and activities that'll have the kid's "Yee-haw'ing" ´til the sun goes down...

Cowboy Birthday Activities

Prospecting for Gold!

All cowboys's are prospectors at heart and love digging and panning for gold, so if you have a sandbox outside in the yard, why not bury some small prizes or treats in it for your young party prospectors to dig and pan for with a bucket and spade!

To pan for gold indoors, just line some cardboard boxes with a plastic bin liner and fill with foam or card packing pellets and hide some treats in them too.

The kids will have a great time panning for treats and you can always make it part of an organized Treasure Hunt style party game.

Cowboy Coloring Sheets

Coloring sheets are a fantastic thing to have for kids parties as can be used for all sorts birthday party activities, not just for coloring in! - the kids can cut out the drawings and use them to make a large collage or cowboy 'scene' together, or used to make party decorations or 'props' that can be used during some of the cowboy party games (e.g. for treasure hunt clues).

Cowboy coloring pictures are also good to have on-hand if you need the kids to calm down for a while (e.g. after they've just eaten and don't want to be running aroung playing games straight away), or if you have some very young cowboy party guests who are a little too young to join in some of the older kids cowboy party games.

Just set up a table and some chairs in a 'quiet' corner, where the kids can sit and color in and set out your cowboy coloring sheets together with some colored crayons and pens and let them all have fun coloring in their favorite pictures. You can always use our free Wild West coloring sheets - just go ahead and print out as many as you need :-)

Cowboy "Action" Photos

Have one of the grown-ups take 'action photos' of all your cowboy party 'outlaw's' while they are playing party games, while they're engaged in cowboy party activities or while they're tucking into their trail food.

You can also get the kids to strike cowboy 'poses' and look mean and tough in front of the camera. Why not get them to pose for a headshot so that they can each create their 'Wanted' poster from the photos.

If you have a printer at home, print out the pictures before the end of the party and pop them inside a small inexpensive picture frame as a party favor gift or keepsake. Alternatively, print out the headshot photos and let the kids create their 'Wanted' posters from them.

Cowboy's 'Bubble Round-Up'

This is a really simple yet fun cowboy party activity and best suited to young cowboys - give each little cowboy a bottle of bubble solution and get them to create their own a 'herd' of bumbles then to chase after the 'herd' and 'round them up' (by waving their arms around and blowing!).

The kids will have a lot of fun and it'll be a great opportunity for the grown-up's to take some party 'action photos' of the kids.

Cowboy 'Branding'

Get each of your party cowboys and cowgirls to make a set of "branded" hand-prints using craft paint and a piece of colored card. 

Cover each child's hand with a good layer of craft paint, then carefully press their hand onto the piece of card and write their name and age (or the date) below their hand prints.

These hand prints make great keepsakes for the kids to take home, along with their party gift bags.

If you want to go a step further you could make plaster 'prints' of each hand using a plaster craft kit (which you can buy inexpensively online or from a local craft store). These plaster hand prints also make great party favors and keepsakes.

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Cowboy Party Food & Drink Ideas

Chasing down outlaws across the Wild West and driving long-horn cattle across the open range is mighty tough and hungry work for young sheriff's, deputies and "the posse", so here are some yummy cowboy party food and drink ideas to ´reward´ them for all their hard work.

To really transform your cowboy party food into something special, cut the sandwiches, meat patties, pizza slices and so on, into ´cowboy shapes´ - cowboy hats, sheriff's badges, catus shapes, wagon wheels, pistols etc. using either a shaped cookie-cutter or your own skills with a knife!

Cover the tables with gingham or checkered tablecloths and serve the cowboy party food and snacks in small straw baskets, tin camp plates, paper checkered plates and serve the drinks in tin camp mugs or plastic shot glasses (all gunslingers like a shot of whiskey in the saloon after a hot day on the trail). Make sure you also have lots of checkered napkins on hand for all those messy fingers!

Cowboy Party Food Ideas

  • Campfire BBQ - BBQ's are great at a kids cowboy party and barbequed food always 'goes down well' with rough and tough cowboys - chicken wings, chicken drumsticks, hot dogs, steaks and burgers with all the fillings are all great. Why not get the young cowpoke's to 'brand' their meat with one of your BBQ forks while it's on the BBQ (under adult supervision) - the kids will love this and will really make them feel like real cowboy's!
  • 'Law Man' Sandwiches - Serve finger-sandwiches cut into a '5 pointed star' shapes like a sheriff's badge, using either a star-shaped cookie cutter or a sharp knife. Fill with kid's favorites like peanut butter and jelly, ham, cheese and so on...
  • Wagon Wheel Burgers - Create simple mini hamburgers and cheeseburger using soft sandwich bread and cut into the round shape of wagon wheels
  • 'Spaghetti Western' - Serve spaghetti hoops (lasso's) or animal shapeed spaghetti with tomato sauce (blood!)
  • Rio Grande Chilli - Delicious bowls of chilli served with rice, guacamole, black beans, sour cream and so on....yummy!
  • Break for the Border - Bite-sized Mexican style snacks to be eaten "on the run" - why not cut some delicious fajitas, burritos etc. into smaller bite-size finger food that your party guests can eat on the run!
  • Bandit Pizza - Make or order a simple, plain pizza, cover with slices of cheese then cut into cowboy shapes - cowboy hat, star-shaped badge, cactus, wigwam, horse... with a cookie cutter or knife. If you're making homemade pizzas, then it's a little easier to cut the dough and cheese slices into the shapes you want first.
  • Outlaw Dip - For cowboys who just love to 'dip their food', serve a variety of tasty dips in tin campi cups or small plastic pales and serve with a colorful selection of dipping "sticks" - celery, carrot, cucumber, pepper and so on. The grown-ups will probably enjoy a few of these healthy dips too ;-)

Cowboy Party Drinks

In addition to serving the usual kid's favorites like Coke, Sprite, Kool-Aid and so on.. (which can all be kept cool at the party by keeping the bottles in tin or wooden pales filled with ice), here's a few fun Wild West style drinks for the cowboy's to quench their thirst on...

  • 'Trail Coffee' - Warmed fresh milk with a 'dash' of chocolate milk.. yummy!
  • Whiskey 'Straight Up' - Apple Juice (cider) or Iced Tea served in clear plastic glasses
  • Whiskey 'Shot-Gun' - Apple Juice (cider) or Iced Tea served in small shot glasses
  • Moo Juice - Cool, creamy milk!...served 'as is' or flavored with chocolate or delicious fruit juices
  • "Cow-berry" Juices - Strawberry, cranberry, blueberry juice and so on.
  • Sheriff Milkshake - Fruit shake made by blending a healthy mix of blueberries, bananas, strawberries, raspberries etc.
  • Ranch Honey Punch - Mix lemonade, pineapple juice and a small amount of honey.. yummy!

Kid's Wild West Party Snack Ideas

  • Panning for 'gold nugget'  Ice Cream - Serve up vanilla or yellow colored ice cream (e.g. banana flavored ice cream) scoops topped off with a wafer or biscuit.
  • Golden Cupcakes - Cupcakes covered with a 'creamy' yellow (gold) topping or yellow frosting.
  • "Rancher's Harvest" - Serve slices of strawberry, banana, melon, apple and pear
  • Cowpoke Nuggets - Yummy Marshmallows!
  • Cowboy Trail Mix - Mixed nuts and raisins
  • 'Cow Tongues' - Colored fruit flavor lollipops
  • Goldrush Nuggets - Cheese balls

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Cowboy Birthday Party Favor Ideas

If you're thinking of sharing the party favor 'loot'  between your outlaw party guests at the end of party why not use some small, inexpensive brown paper bags as your cowboy favor bags, sealed with either a cowboy sticker or tied with a piece string (cowboy rope!).

You could also attach one of our free cowboy birthday gift tags to each of the gift bags and write the party guest's names inside the gift tag with a small 'Thank You' message on.

Alternatively, you could make some of our free cowboy birthday party favor bags below to hold all that party 'loot' - just click on one of the images below to see all the free Cowboy & Western birthday gift bags available then go ahead and print as many gift bags as you like, cut out the pattern with a pair of scissors and glue the flaps together to make the perfect cowboy party favor gift bags...

FREE Cowboy Party Gift Bags

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Here's a few fun Cowboy gift ideas to use for cowboy party prizes or treats to pop inside your cowboy party favor bags:

(remember you can always attach a Cowboy or Western style sticker or picture to any suitable gifts to transform them into special cowboy gifts ;-) :

and anything else that has a cowboy, cowgirl or Wild West theme or sticker on!

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FREE Cowboy Birthday Greeting Cards

If you're looking to 'lassoo' a special cowboy birthday card with which to 'reward' your birthday Sheriff on his or her special day, then here are some of our free printable cowboy birthday greeting cards you can print and use - just click on the cards below to take a look at the free birthday cards we've created for you to use...

Homemade Cowboy Birthday Cards

If you fancy making your own unique cowboy or 'Wild West' birthday card, make sure you take a look at the creative homemade card ideas above in the Cowboy Party Invitation Ideas section. You'll find lots of fun ideas that can be easily adapted to help you create a really amazing cowboy or cowgirl birthday card.

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FREE Cowboy Party Gift Tags

'Wild West' theme gift tags are a great way to add that finishing touch to your cowboy birthday gifts and help turn them into unique gifts to match your child's birthday theme.

Here are some free 'Wild West' theme birthday gift tags you can use to help dress-up your cowboy birthday gifts - Just click on the giftags below to select your favorite then save and print as many of them as you need. Once they're printed, cut out the individual cowboy gift tags and cut a small hole in the top corner of each (a hole punch is great for this), then 'lassoo' them to your cowboy birthday gifts with a nice piece of natural string or twine (which looks like a lassoo rope).

Your cowboy gifts will then be ready to be handed over to the birthday sheriff ;-)

FREE Cowboy Birthday Gift Tags

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Home Made Gift Tag Ideas

Making your own cowboy gift tags is fairly simple and fun too - just use some good quality paper or card and decorate it with drawn or cut-out cowboy patterns and shapes using paper, card and colors that match your cowboy birthday color scheme.

Here's a few ideas for some great Cowboy& Western theme shapes:

  • Cowboy Hat
  • Cowboy Boot
  • Horse
  • Cactus
  • Wagons or Wagon Wheel
  • Sheriff's Badge
  • Saloon Doors
  • Colt 45 Revolver

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Cowboy Party Thank You Cards

When all your 'Billy the Kid's' and Wyatt Earp's have come to the end of their Wild West birthday trail, it's time to say a big 'Thank You' to them for joining your birthday party 'posse' and making it such a wild success!

With that in mind, here's a few of our free cowboy birthday party thank you cards you can print and pop inside each of their cowboy gift bags or use to send them a 'thank you' after the party is over...

FREE 'Wild West' Thank You Cards

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Your Cowboy Party Ideas

Sharing your own party ideas is a great way to help other parents make their kids Cowboy birthday parties even more special and memorable. It's also a great way to encourage them to share their own ideas...which in turn, may help you with your next birthday party! ;-)

Maybe you've got a great idea for a Cowboy birthday cake or party invitation? Or a fun Cowboy party activity or game idea? Maybe you've created some special Wild West party costumes or Cowboy decorations that'll help inspire others?

If so, we'd ALL love to hear from you!

Please take a moment to share your own Cowboy & Western birthday party ideas.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

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Thanks for riding on down our Wild West Cowboy Party page - We hope you had fun and hope our Cowboy party ideas and free Cowboy printables help you create your own amazing Cowboy birthday 'ho-down' :-)

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