Teddy Bear First Birthday Party

First Birthday Party Ideas

"If you go down to the woods today these Teddy First Birthday Party Ideas and FREE Baby Bear Birthday Printables will guarantee you'll be in for a BIG surprise!..."

The Teddy 1st birthday party is one of the "beary" cutest birthday party themes. Every baby bear-cub loves playing with their teddy and having a fun with their best bear-cub buddies at a 'teddy bear's picnic'...

To help with all the fun and make your teddy bear party planning and decorating a little easier, you'll find lots of cute and cuddly baby bear birthday party ideas, birthday games and FREE printable party 'treats' below for you to use. There's also lots of fun printables for your little bear cub party guests to have fun with during the party too.

FREE Baby 'Bear Necessities'...

Go ahead and take a look at all the free "furry-amazing bear necessities" that we've created especially for the Baby Bear birthday theme, to help make your little bear cub's 1st birthday party a "beary" special and memorable occasion...

Infant Teddy First Birthday Party

Teddy First Birthday Party Invitations

If you need some cute baby bear first birthday invitations to send to your little bear cub party guests, then here are some free baby bear first birthday invitations that might help - just click on a card below, then save and print as many bear invites as you need...

FREE Little Bear Cub's First Birthday Invitations

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Creating Your Own Teddy Party Invitations

If you like being creative and are thinking about making your own baby bear party invitations, then here are a few simple first birthday party ideas for invitations that you might like to try making:

Baby Bear Gift Invite

Cut out a gift tag from white, pale pink or blue card (or heavyweight paper). Write your baby bear cub invitation wording on the back of the gift tag, then cut a small hole in a corner of the tag and attach it to a small teddy bear toy with a pretty brown, blue or pink ribbon.

Alternatively, you could use our free teddy bear card template to create your own gift tags.

Each little party guest will be delighted to receive their little bear gift invite and will definitely want to bring it to the bear party to play with all the other baby bear's toys!

Teddy Bear Shape Invitation Card

Cut out a teddy bear shape from brown, pink (girl) or pale blue (boy) card and decorate with a pretty pink or blue ribbon - you can use our free bear shape birthday card template below.

Write your first birthday party invitation messages on the back in colored pen or print your invitation message onto a separate piece of paper and glue it to one side of your teddy bear invite.

Little Bear Party Invitation Message Ideas

If you've got your invites but you're stuck for what to write inside, here's a couple of teddy bear first birthday party ideas for invitation wording to help out:

  • "A "beary" special little bear cub ...... (birthday child's name) is turning ´ONE´so please come join us for some little bear cubs birthday fun!"

  • "Please come down to the 'woods' on ......... (time and date) at ............ (address) to help celebrate ...........(name) Little Bear Cub´s 1st Birthday Party. They'll be a "beary-tasty" teddy bear´s picnic and lots of big surprises to be had by all the little bear-cubs......R.S.V.P Mummy Bear at (Contact details)."

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Baby Bear First Party Decoration Ideas

Creating a birthday party "scene" in a safe, snug play area which is free from hazards, is the secret to a successful (and stress-free) teddy bear first birthday party. It'll make it easier to 'keep an eye' on all the children and will help the parents (and you) to be more relaxed and enjoy yourselves.

A very popular decoration 'setting' for the for the teddy bear party is the "teddy bear's picnic" and two great party scene ideas are "picnic in the woods" and the "picnic in the bear cave".

  • For the teddy bear's picnic place a checkered or gingham tablecloth on the floor for the children to sit on with their little party plates, or set out a picnic table with the same tablecloth so that the little bear cubs can sit safely at the table and eat their party picnic food.
  • Hang bunches of party balloons and streamers from the ceiling above the party area and if you're feeling creative, cut out some teddy bear and honey bee shapes from card and create some teddy bear and honey bee  'mobiles' to hang from the ceiling with string.

FREE Baby Teddy Party Decorations

Here are some furry-cute free teddy bear first birthday party ideas and decorations you could use to help "bearify" your baby bear party area...

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Teddy Bear Birthday Coloring Pages

First Birthday Party Ideas for Food

Your little party guests probably won't eat too much at the 'baby bear's picnic', so there's no need to go too crazy with the party food - Just some simple party food and nibbles should do the trick. Don't forget to put out some teddy bear nibbles for the grown-ups too and for any older brothers of sisters who may come along.

You'll find lots of helpful first birthday food suggestions and tips on our 1st birthday party planning page, so go ahead and take a peek if you're feeling a little inquisitive :-)

The little party bear cubs are likely to be pretty messy eaters, so it's a good idea to have a dedicated eating area (away from your best furniture!) and lots of baby wipes and paper towels on hand to wipe those sticky little paws (and wipe up any food and drink spills).

If you've got good weather and it's warm and dry, it can be fun to set up the 'bear cubs picnic' or the 'bear cave' outside on the grass. If the weather keeps you indoors, set up a picnic area in a safe and cozy part of your house by throwing a picnic rug on the floor to protect your flooring and enable the kids to move about on the floor more easily and safely.

Baby Bear Party Food Ideas

Collecting honey and playing with your furry friends at a teddy bears picnic is hungry work, so here's a few fun party food first birthday party ideas to help keep their energy levels up...

Baby Bear Party Food Tip: Serve the bear cubs party food and snacks in small wicker or straw picnic baskets, on checker-patterned picnic plates or teddy bear patterned plates and make sure there are lots of matching napkins to hand for all the messy little paws!

For some extra first birthday fun, create 'bear-shaped' food by using a bear-shaped cookie cutter (or your own skills with a knife! ;-)

  • Baby Bear's Porridge - Serve small bowls of declicious warm porridge with chocolate, honey or jello topping...yummy!
  • Teddy Bear Sandwiches - Serve teeny finger sandwiches (baby paw-sized ;-) cut into bear shapes with a bear shaped cookie cutter or knife with a selection of fillings - Peanut "bear" and jelly, honey (of course!), ham, cheese and so on.
  • Baby "Bear" Burgers - Create mini hamburgers using soft crustless sandwich bread and cut with a bear-shaped cookie cutter into bear-shaped mini hamburgers.
  • "Bear-Sticks" - Cheese Straws and breadsticks.
  • Honey Pot Dip - For those little bears that love to dip their 'paws' into their food, serve a variety of delicious dips in small plastic  jars or toy pots, mark each one "Honey" with a black marker pen or paint and serve with  a colorful selection of dipping "sticks" - celery, carrot, cucumber, pepper and so on.
  • Teddy Bear Pizza - Make or buy a plain pizza, cover with slices of cheese then cut into lots of small teddy bear shapes with a cookie cutter - if the pizza is frozen, wait until it has defrosted before trying to cut it!. If you're making your own homemade pizza's then you'll find it easier to cut the dough and cheese slices into teddy shapes before cooking.

Teddy Bear Party Drink Ideas

Here's some simple but fun baby bear first birthday party ideas for drinks...

  • Honey Punch - A delicious mix of lemonade, pineapple juice and a small amount of honey..yummy!
  • Nectar Cubes - Pour some of your homemade honey punch (above) into some ice cube trays and pop in the freezer to freeze before the party - the little party bear cubs will love sucking on these fun ice cubes, particularly if they have a sore gums ;-)As an alternative to Honey Punch, just add a drop of honey to water and freeze.
  • "Beary" Berry Juices - Fresh fruit juices are always great to have at kids parties - serve a selection of chilled juices: orange, apple, cranberry, pineapple and so on.
  • Beehive Ice Cream Floaters - Float a "beehive" on top of the little bear cubs drinks by serving milk or a flavored milk-shake topped off with a round scoop of ice vanilla cream....yummy :-)
  • Berry Bear-Shake - Fruit shake made by blending a healthy mix of blueberries, bananas, strawberries, raspberries and so on.

Teddy Bear's Party Snack Ideas

Baby Bears love to snack on honey and all things sweet and yummy. Here's some first birthday party ideas for party snacks that'll tempt any little bear cub...

  • Beehive Ice Cream - Serve up honey or vanilla flavored ice cream scoops, stacked to look like a beehive then topped off with small yellow (baby safe) candies (buzzy bees!).
  • Honey Cupcakes - Yummy mini-cupcakes topped off with yellow (honey) frosting or decorated w
  • ith bee-shaped frosting, bee candies or bear shaped candies.
  • Bear-berries - Serve a selection of fresh and sliced straw'bear'ies, blue'bear'ies, raspberries and so on. Sliced Pears, bananas, apples and pineapple are also popular with little bear cubs.
  • Baby Bear 'Beehives' - Large soft, fluffy marshmallows - every bear loves them...and they look like beehives!
  • Teddy Bear Lollipops - Fill a plastic pale, jar ('honey' pot) or straw basket with a selection of fruit flavored lollipops.

Free Baby Bear Party Table Decorations

Here's some free teddy bear first birthday party drinks coasters, table placemats, napkin holders and namecards, to help make the teddy bear's picnic extra special...

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Bear Party Favor Ideas

If you're going to hand out teddy bear party favors at the end of your baby bear's party, why not use some of our free printable baby bear treat bags - just print out as many as you need then cut and glue the flaps to make the perfect teddy party favor gift.

You could also use small brown, baby pink or baby blue paper bags which you should be able to pick up inexpensively from a local supermarket, craft or gift store (or online). Decorate each of them with a bear's paw print, teddy bear sticker or print out any of our free printable designs and glue them to your bags to 'bearify' them.

You can then finish-off your party favor bags with a pretty pale pink or pale blue ribbon and attach one of our free birthday gift tags, which you can use to write each of the party guest's names on...

Baby Bear Favor Gift Ideas

Here are a few fun first birthday party ideas for gifts that you may want to pop into the little munchin´s party bags...

  • Teddy bear teethers/pacifiers
  • Teddy bear combs
  • Teddy bear stickers
  • Small soft, cuddly teddy bear toy
  • Chew teddy toy
  • Teddy bear coloring sheets
  • Teddy bear shaped biscuits
  • Teddy party "action photo"
  • Baby T-shirt with a teddy bear printed on it
  • Teddy bear bib
  • Crayons, coloring pens etc.
  • Photo frame with a photo from the party
  • Teddy bear hat or baseball caps
  • Fun teddy bear socks

and anything else that's baby-friendly and has a teddy bear or little bear sticker on!

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Teddy Bear "Happy Birthday" Greeting Card Messages

Here are some first birthday party ideas for "Happy Birthday" messages you could use in your teddy bear birthday greeting card...

  • "To our beary special little "Teddy Bear", Wishing you the beary best 1st Birthday".
  • "To our "Teddy Beary" special little bear cub, Wishing you a "Beary" Happy 1st Birthday".
  • "To our cute and cuddly little bear cub, Wishing you a beary special First Birthday.."

Little Bear Party Thank You Cards & Notes

After all the fun of the party is over, it's time to say a big 'thank you' to the little teddy bear party guests for coming and making your little bear cubs birthday so "beary" special.

With that in mind, here are some free first birthday party ideas for thank you cards you can print and use for each of your little teddy bear party guests...

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