Frozen Party

Frozen Party

"This Frozen Party is a winter wonderland of sparkling Disney Frozen birthday ideas and free Frozen birthday party printables..."

Most young girls have seen the Disney movie "Frozen" and can relate to this theme. It doesn’t even have to be winter, it can be any time of the year. With a few inexpensive decorations you can create a winter palace atmosphere that all the children will love.

Disney Frozen Party Ideas

Frozen Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

Choose a colour theme based on pale blue, white, purple and silver. This will help when choosing the balloons, tablecloth, plates and cups.

Dig out the Christmas decorations and see if there’s anything you can use before going out to buy decorations - Snowman decorations, icicles and fairylights will suit perfectly, along with baubles in pale blue or silver.

A can of fake snow spray can be used on the windows.

A dead branch sprayed white or silver and then ‘planted’ in a pot would make a pretty focal point. You could attach some fairylights and baubles and then hang some party favors on the smaller twigs.

Free Printable Frozen Decorations

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Frozen Birthday Party Craft Activities

  • Crystal bracelets or necklaces – Materials: elastic string and crystal, silver and blue coloured beads. These could be put into small toile bags and hung on the ‘tree’ as favours , or used as an activity.
  • Snowflake glitter jars – Materials: small jars, water, blue colouring, beads, snowflake shapes or small polystyrene balls and glitter. Each child adds the beads and glitter to their jar then fills with water with a little blue food colour. When they put the lid on and shake it, it’ll look like a magical snowy scene.
  • Snowflakes – Materials – squares of white paper and scissors. Fold the paper in half then half again, then fold along the diagonal. Now cut away triangles from all 3 sides. When you open it up you’ll have a snowflake. These can be stuck to the windows, or taken home.
  • Beauty Parlour - Each princess could have a beauty treatment. Maybe an older sister or another mom could help...
  • Nail bar – If you’ve got some white, glittery or pale blue varnishes the princesses could choose the colour they’d like their nails painted.
  • Hair Dressing – buy a multipack of silver, white or pastel coloured hair clip-ons and the princesses could choose one to clip into their hair. It could even be plaited into their own hair.
  • Tiaras – After they’ve had their hair done, the princesses could finish off with a tiara. Buy a multipack from discount stores and make sure there are enough for one each, with perhaps a spare or two in case of accidents!

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Frozen Party Games

  • Pin the nose on the Frozen Snowman - Cover a snowman shaped card with cotton wool and make a carrot shaped nose. Each takes it in turns to be blindfolded, spun round and then stick the nose where they think it should go on the snowman.
  • Musical Frozen Thrones - Basically musical chairs, but they’re princesses so they should have `thrones’.
  • 'Freeze' Dancing - Musical statues but with a Frozen theme.
  • The Tray Game - Put a variety wintery items onto a tray, such as a candy cane, mitten, picture of a snowflake or snowman, bobble hat, chapstick, etc. Each child has to write down as many items as they can remember when you take the tray away.

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Frozen Birthday Party Food Ideas

Have fun with your Frozen theme party food and drinks - label your party food with snow and ice related names such as ‘liquid snow’ (milk), ‘Snowballs’ (marshmallows), ´Crystal Pizza´, etc. Where possible cut or shape the food into snow and ice shaped - ice crystals, snow balls, snowman etc.

  • Floating Olaf/Snowman – a big glass bowl of blue coloured jelly with some marshmallows on top to look like a snowman floating on top, or decorated with small white marshmallow balls to look like snow and some Frozen figures skating on top.
  • Chocolate fountain – if you haven’t got one of these machines maybe you could borrow one. Use white chocolate to look like melted snow and have bowls of cut fruits such as strawberries and bananas to dip into the chocolate.
  • Hot chocolate and marshmallows if it’s a cold day, or cold slushy drinks if it’s hot.

Free Frozen Birthday Table Decorations

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Disney Frozen Birthday Cakes

  • Snowman Cake (flat) - Make or buy two round cakes, one smaller for the head and the larger for the body. Cover in white frosting and use chocolate raisins for the eyes and mouth. The nose could be a small piece of carrot, and the scarf a strip of red liquorish. Add arms made from chocolate coved biscuit sticks.
  • Snowball cupcakes - Buy or make cupcakes and cover in white frosting. Add some edible snowflake decorations.
  • Olaf Cupcakes These are decorated with a snowman face or Olaf from Frozen. Cover the cupcakes in white frosting and use small chocolate balls for the eyes and mouth with a piece of crystalised orange peel for the nose. You could use chocolate twigs to look like arms sticking up so it looks like the snowman has melted into the cupcake case.

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Frozen Party Costume Ideas

All the girls will want to dress up as princesses, particularly as most will already have a Princess costume already. To add some additional glitz and glamour, make sure you have some ´ accessories´ ready for when they arrive...

  • Tiaras – look out for multipacks of tiaras in dollar or pound stores.
  • Hair extension clips – again you can find packs inexpensively in discount stores.
  • Feather Boas, Satin Shawls, Wands etc. - Choose pastel colours in blues, lilacs, pinks or white.
  • Nail varnishes in glittery colours - these can used together with the hair extensions and tiaras in a ‘beauty parlour’ activity.

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Frozen Birthday Favors

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Thanks for Coming!

Don’t forget the thank you cards - If you’ve got a digital camera make sure to take a few photos of the young Frozen party princesses with their tiaras and made up with their beauty treatments. These can be printed and popped into a simple frame or card for them to take home at the end of the party.

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