Barnyard Kid Birthday Party

Barnyard Kid Birthday

"This Barnyard kid birthday party page is packed with acres of fun barnyard party ideas and Free Barnyard Birthday Printables"

No matter whether you decide to hold your Barnyard party at a local farm, petting zoo or even at home, there's acres of fun things you can do to make your Barnyard party a really "moo-tastic" one.

You'll find fields of home-grown free printable Barnyard birthday party produce right here to help get your party season underway, together with wagon-loads of great barnyard party games and activities for the kids to dig into and have fun with.

You´ll also find lots of FREE printable Bee party cards and decorations all of which are free for your own personal use and have been created especially by us to help make your party planning easier, fun and a little less expensive ;-). Please feel free to print as many of our free Bee printables as you need...

Barnyard Birthday Party 'Goodies'

Go ahead and start harvesting the fun ideas and free Barnyard birthday printables we've put together for you on this page...

Barnyard Party Ideas

Barnyard Kid Birthday Party Invitations

If you've been busy working and looking after the 'little animals' all day and simply haven't had time to jump on your John Deer tractor and harvest any Barnyard party invitations from the local store, then here are some free Barnyard invitation cards you can use to 'round up' your party guests - go ahead and print as many Barnyard invites as you need...

´Free-Range´ Farmyard Kids Party Invitations

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Homemade Barnyard Party Invitation Cards

If you're thinking of creating your own unique barnyard animals party invitations, here are some invitation ideas to help get you started...

Barnyard Toy Invitation

Cut out a small gift card or tag from colored card or paper, decorate the front of it with a cute picture of a farm animal or a farm animal sticker then write your kid birthday invitation wording inside or on the back and attach it to a small, inexpensive toy farm animal with a piece of twine or colored ribbon.

Alternatively, you could print and use one of our free Barnyard Birthday gift tags for your toy invite.

Your little farmer party guests will love their little farmyard toy gift and will definitely want to bring them to the barnyard party to play with the other toy farmyard animals!

Farmer's Photo Invitation

Get your kid birthday farmer to dress up in their best farmers costume and take some fun photos of them digging in the garden amongst some fruit or vegetables, or in some other "farmyard" setting - If you have any pictures or posters of animals, these are always good as a backdrop to the photo.

Once you've got your photo, create a card from colored cardstock, glue the photo to the front of the card and write your invitation wording on the inside. Alternatively, print off a picture of some barnyard animals and stick a photo of your child amongst them and use this as the front cover to your card :-)

Animal-Shape Card

Cut out the shape of a farm animal (pig, cow, sheep etc.) from colored card and decorate with a pretty ribbon. Using a colored pen, write your Barnyard kid´s birthday invitation message on the back of the card (or inside if you have decided to make a folding card by folding the card before cutting the shape) or print your message on a separate piece of paper and carfully glue it to your card.

Here are some fun free Barnyard animal shapes you can print and use as templates, or use for ideas on creating your own farm yard animal-shaped cards...

Map of the Farm Invite

Have fun together with your kids by creating a map of your garden, house or backyard on a sheet of paper. Give areas of the map with fun names like " The Barn" (house), "The Pig Sty" (the garage), "Sheep-Pen Shed" (the garden shed ), "Farmer Jenny's Crop" (Flower beds or vegetable plot) and so on. Write your invitation on the back of the map in colored ink (or slip the map inside your card invitation).

Farm Animals Coloring Sheet Invite

Write or print your barnyard kid birthday invitation wording onto plain  paper or light colored card. Turn the page over, place it back inside your  printer and print out one of our free Barnyard animals coloring sheets on the other side of the invitation. Carefully fold the coloring sheet invitation and place it inside an envelope, together with 3 small coloring crayons and secure the envelope with an animal sticker of some tape.

Big Barn Invite

As an alternative to the animal shape invite why not create a barn-shaped kid birthday invitation - Cut out the barn shape from red or brown card, cut a little way up the  center of the bottom of the card and then a little way across to make a 'T' shaped cut, then fold  back to make 'barn doors'. Glue a plain piece of white paper or card behind the doors and write your invitation wording on it  so that when the kids open the barn doors, they can read the invitation!

Alternatively, you could print and use our barn pictures below for your cards or as a template...

What To Include In Your Invitations

You want to make sure that your party guests arrive at the right barnyard and on the right day, so make sure you include the following information in your barnyard kid birthday invitations...

  • A barnyard or farmer's name for each of the party guests. Names like "Pig Farmer ´Pete´(child's name)" , "Sheep Farmer ´Shirley´" (child's name)" , "Barnyard ´Bill´ (child's name)" and so on, are fun.
  • The barnyard party address
  • Your telephone number and contact details
  • Your barnyard party date, start and end time (time for parents to collect their little famers)
  • A map and/or directions to the party (from a well known location is usually helpful).
  • Any barnyard party costume requirements (like 'dungaree's and bandana', 'best farmer's duds', 'farmer casual' etc.)

Children´s Barnyard Party Invitation Wording

If you want to give your barnyard kid birthday invitations that 'down on the farm' feel but aren't quite sure what to write inside them, here's some barnyard birthday invitation wording ideas to help get you started:

  • "Down at the Barnyard is where ....... (child's name) will be, celebrating with friends and family,there'll be chickens, pigs and moo-cows too, the only thing the Party needs is you! so hitch a ride mommy/daddy's tractor to: .......... (party address)"

  • "Farmer ........... (child's name) is turning "three", come celebrate his/her Birthday Party...

  • "Old MacDonald had a Farm E-I-E-I-O, and on that farm we're going to celebrate ............ (child's name) ........... (Age) Birthday!...

  • "Old Farmer ........... (first name)" is inviting you to his Barnyard 5th Birthday Bash! We'll have a rootin', tootin' good time. They'll be tons of 'horsin' around, piggin' out on tasty party food and the party won't end 'til the cows come home, at ......... (party end time).

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Free Child´s Barnyard Birthday Greeting Card Set

Here´s a special Barnyard kid birthday card set set we've harvested to help you sow some special Happy Birthday wishes on your little farmer´s ´BIG day´...

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FREE Barnyard Birthday Gift Tags

Here's a bushel of home-grown Barnyard kid birthday gift tags you can use to transform your child´s birthday gifts into real Barnyard ´Prize-Winners´ :-)...just save and print as many as you need then secure them to your birthday gifts with a red ribbon, piece of string or a cute farm animal sticker...

Free Barnyard Theme Gift Tags

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Barnyard Party Decorations & Ideas

Decorating a Barnyard Party is a lot of fun, especially if your kids are old enough to help out and they'll love it too!

Having great Barnyard party decorations will really set the right 'mood' for your party and will really help both the kids and parents to 'get into Barnyard character' and to have the most fun.

Here are some fun ideas for barnyard birthday props to help add those special 'finishing touches' to your party...

  • Barnyard Birthday Party Music

    Party 'sing-a-long' songs and fun background music create a great party atmosphere and are especially good for when the kids are playing organized games or tucking into their party food.

    See if you can track down some fun barnyard theme music or songs - there are lots of fun farm animal songs available for the kids to along too, like "Mary had a little lamb" and "Old MacDonald had a farm", so make sure you've got some ready.

    If you don't have any suitable music or songs at home check out the local library, which will almost certainly have a children's section where you can loan children's music CD's from them for little or no money.

  • Pictures - Farm Animals, Barns, Scarecrows etc.

    Pictures, posters, cut-outs etc. are essential barnyard party decorations and make a simple job of 'barnyardizing' the party area. Make sure you've get lots of pictures of farm animals, straw bales, pales, scarecrows, crows, tractors, carts, farm tools, milk urns and so on. A simple and fun way to create your own pictures is to cut out the farmyard shapes from colored paper and card to create simple animal and farmyard scene silouettes. You could also print and use some of our free barnyard animals coloring sheets...

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  • Toy Farm Animals

    Toy barnyard animals, tractors and other farmer and barnyard items make great birthday party decoration props for setting up around the party area.

  • Party Flags

    Colored bunting flags stapled or taped to string make an excellent barnyard party decorations and look really festive hanging from the ceiling around the party area and out in the back yard.

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  • Barnyard Party Costumes

    It's not just the kids who can have fun dressing up...get the parents to dress up too! - simple dungarees or overalls, checked shirts, boots, hats, work gloves and of course a bandana, will all look great ;-)

  • Animal Balloons

    If you can get someone along to the party who can create balloon animal-shapes the kids will love it. You can also get different colored balloons to match the color of different farm animals and use them to decorate the party area - pink for pigs, brown for horses and so on and then get the kids to draw animal faces on them! - this also makes a great barnyard party activity or game.

  • Farm Equipment

    Pieces of farm equipment can make excellent birthday party decoration 'props'. You can make lots of safe (pretend) farm equipment from card, cardboard tubes (toilet and kitchen rolls) and foam (pipe insulation foam tubes are great), cut out to shape and stuck with the help of a little tape. These can be painted with craft paint (or spray painted which is easier) - spades, pitchforks, rakes and so on. Pales, gloves, burlap sacks, wheel barrows, wooden crates, straw bales, etc.make amazing barnyard birthday party decoration props too.

  • Scarecrow

    The kids will love having a scarecrow in the back yard. You can make one fairly easily by making a 'cross' from one long piece of wood for the body (around 6 feet long) and attaching a smaller piece across it for the arms (around 4 feet across). Dress it up with old clothes and tie them to the cross with string or old rope.

    You can make a head by stuffing an old pillowcase with straw, hay, or something similar and draw a happy face with a marker pen. Tie his head to the post and top it off with an old hat! If you don't have anything lying around the house that you can use, Charity shops are great for meeting all your scarecrow clothing needs!

  • Barnyard Party Map

    Create a 'map' of your barnyard with lots of funny names for all the areas the kids can go and explore or play in... "Timmy's Turnip Patch", "The Old Wishing Well", "Piggy-Poop Pen", "Farmer Bill's Barn" and so on.

    It can also be used to direct your little party farmer's to where the next organized party game or activity is going to happen and as a 'buried barnyard treasure map' in a treasure hunt game.

Barnyard Party Decoration Ideas

Here are some fun ideas for barnyard party decorations to help get a "Wow!" from your party guests as they arrive at the party and to help 'set the scene' ...

"Welcome to Farmer (Bill's) Barnyard Bash"

  • Decorate your front door to look like the entrance to a big red barn by taping card around it to look like the front of the barn, with a pitched roof and by cutting out big card 'barn doors' which have been swung open either side of your front door. Paint the 'barn' and doors with red and white craft paint.
  • Make a large rustic looking sign to hang above your barn door or front gate from colored card or brown cardboard and write the name for your barnyard on.. like "Gale's Farm" or "Billy's Barnyard" and so on, to let your party guests know that they've arrived at the right barnyard!
  • Cut out lots of shapes of your favorite barnyard animals from colored card (pink for pigs, brown for horses, black and white cows, red roosters, black crows and so on), then tie or tape them to your front gate, the fence around your yard and around your front door, together with a bunches of colored balloons that match your party color scheme (red, green and white are popular barnyard colors).
  • If you have a front path leading from your gate up to your front door, decorate it with cut-out shapes of farmyard animals, tractors, farm tools (digging forks, spades, pales (buckets) and so on, or 'bales of hay' made by painting cardboard box's yellow or cut out shapes from card, painted yellow and attached to dowel or bamboo sticks and stuck in the ground along the edge of the path.
  • If you have a farm nearby, see if you can pick up some hay bales from the farmer to use as party 'props', chairs or tables. Hay bales will look great stacked by your front door and around the party area and you can also scatter some loose hay or straw along your path and around your backyard to make the guests really feel like they're walking around a real barnyard. You may even want to see if you could throw your party at the farm!

Your Barnyard Party Scene

  • There's lots of fun barnyard birthday party decoration 'scenes' you can create for your party such as the "picnic on the farm", "the farmer's market", "down on the dairy milking the cows", "Working in the hay barn" or the popular "barn dance" party scene. Why not create your own scene to provide a focus for your decorations and help you decide on what decorations you'll need.
  • If you have an outside shed or garage that would be safe for the kids to play in, why not 'convert it' into a barn. You can decorate the front with card and red and white paint to look like the front of a barn (as described above) and place hay bales inside for the kids to sit or play on.
  • Hang up strings of lights (plain white Christmas lights are good and safe too) and decorate the inside with straw (you can always make your own by shredding yellow and sand-colored paper in a paper shredder), animal balloons, pictures of animals and barnyard items. This makes a fun place for the kids to enjoy themselves and play games... and it keeps the mess out of the house! ;-)
  • Create a picnic area out in your yard using wooden picnic tables and benches or by using straw bales for tables and chairs. If there are any very young kids coming along, throw a checkered picnic blanket on the grass for them to sit and eat their party food on. They can also use it as a safe play area where they can sit and play together with thier farm animal toys.
  • If you're setting up indoors for babies or toddlers you can create a cute baby barnyard "picnic scene" by laying a large checkered, yellow (hay colored) or green (grass colored) blanket or rug on the floor and scattering yellow floor cushions (hay bales) around the edge.
  • Decorate the baby barnyard picnic area with cuddly farmyard toy animals, plastic toy pales, mobiles and streamers and decorate the walls with pictures of cute little farm animals, hay bales, barn doors and so on

Table Decorations

  • Picnic benches make great barnyard party tables but if you're going to use a normal table, see if you can get hold of some bales of hay for the kids to use as seats. If you can't get your hands on some hay bales, why not use some wooden crates, large milk urns or decorate your chairs with yellow card and shredded yellow paper ties round with string to look like hay bales.
  • Use a red and white checked or gingham table cloth matching your color scheme, with lots of matching napkins, colored plastic or farm animal designed plates, matching colored plastic cutlery and glasses (with a colored drinking straw).
  • Serve the party food in small pales and straw/wicker baskets lined with a checked or colored napkin or cloth and set up a fun table centerpiece - you could use the barnyard birthday cake with candles and surrounded by toy farm animals or a large pale or basket full of candy and fun treats, or a barnyard animal pinata or large farm animal mylar balloon, or a large cuddly farm animal toy...there's lots of fun options!
  • To finish off your table decorations, scatter little toy farm animals around the table, hang farm animal mobiles from the ceiling (made by cutting out their shapes from colored card and suspending them from string), together with streamers and balloons and decorate the walls with pictures of scarecrows, farm animals, hay bales, milk urns, barn doors, cart wheels and so on.

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Barnyard Kid Birthday Activities

Here's some great Barnyard kid birthday party games and activities for the kids to have fun with during the party...

Animal Face Painting

Kids love having their faces painted! - see if you can hire a professional face painter to come along at the beginning of the party to paint farm-animal faces on all the kids, or get one of the parents to volunteer to do it...the kids will all look great and it'll make for some great party photos -  (see Farmers Photos below).

Barnyard Coloring Pages

These make a great Barnyard kid birthday ice-breaker activity - You'll find acres of free Barnyard coloring pages to harvest on our special Barnyard Party Coloring Page, so make sure you jump in your tractor and head over there...Print out as many coloring sheets as you need then set them out on a table together with some colored crayons and pencils and let the little barnyard boys and girls get busy coloring in!

You could also use our free coloring pages to help with your Barnyard kid birthday decorations, your party invites or for your Barnyard birthday games (e.g. "Pin the Tail on The Cow") - all that's needed is a little of your own creativity ;-)

Farmer's Photos

Take photos of the kids posing with each other in their farmer's outfits and painted faces (if they've been doing face-painting) outside the front of the 'barn' and amongst the party decorations. You can also get some great 'action' photos of the kids playing games and having fun throughout the party and these will make great mementos and party favors. 

If you've arranged for a visit to a petting zoo or have created a small one at home (see the Petting Zoo activity below), make sure take lots of pictures of the kids with the little animals.

If you don't have time to print them and pop a picture inside the kids favor bags at the end of the party, you can always pop it inside their Thank You card and give it to them (or their mum) later.

Building the Barn

This is a fun Barnyard party craft activity and you can always make it competitive!

Set out an area where the kids can do lots of gluing, taping, drawing and coloring, then give each of the kids a cardboard box, some card, tape, scissors, colored pens, pencils etc. and get them to build their own Barn! You can always make it more fun by timing them a time and having lots of prize categories (so each of them wins a prize), the first to finish building, the nicest looking barn, the most colorful, the best design etc.

Name that Farmer

Get the kids to come up with fun 'farmer' names for each other using their real names or some personality traits as inspiration. Use these names on your table name cards and make sure the kids call each other by their farmer names throughout the party.

Animal Petting Zoo

Kids love petting zoo's so organizing a trip with the kids to a local petting zoo is always popular . If there are none locally, perhaps there's a local company that specializes in bringing farm animals (or smaller pets) to birthday parties or special occasions in your area. You can always to create a little petting zoo in your own or a friend´s backyard, if you have friends with chickens, horses, ducks, geese, rabbits etc.. The kids will have lots of fun feeding and stroking the animals.

Baby Farmer Hand Prints

Have each of the little farmer party guests make a cute set of 'hand prints' using paint and card. Cover each child's hand with a generous layer of colored craft paint, then carefully press their hand onto a piece of card.

If you want to go a step further you could make plaster imprints of their hands using a plaster kit, which you can buy inexpensively from a local craft store. These make great barnyard party favors and keepsakes for when the kids are older.

Barnyard Bubble-Harvest

This is always a popular party activity with infants and toddlers - give each of the children a bottle of bubble solution and a small pale, bag or net, then let them loose blowing bubbles outside and having them run around trying to ´harvest´or gather them into their pales, bags or nets. Make sure you have a video camera ready to capture all the fun ;-)

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Barnyard Kid Birthday Games

What Barnyard birthday party would be complete without having some exciting barnyard party games to play down on the farm? Games like 'Pin The Tail On The Cow', 'Bobbing For Apples' or an exciting 'Golden Egg Teasure Hunt'?

Pass The Farm Animal ("Hot Potato")

Get the kids to sit in a circle and pass a toy farm animal from one child to the next (while music is playing). Call "Barnyard" and stop the music. The child left holding the toy animal when the music stops, is out of the game (just make sure they get a little 'conciliation prize' to keep them happy while the game carries on ;-). Start the music again and continue passing the toy animal until you call "Barnyard" again and the next child is out. Continue until there is only one child left - and they're the winner!

Bobbing For Apples

This is one of those barnyard birthday games that can be a real hoot to watch ;-)

Core out the center of a bag of apples then tie a piece of string through the centre of each one and hang them from the ceiling (or tree or line in the back yard) so that each apple swings around at the same height as the mouths and noses of the young farmers - make sure you have a 'hanging apple' for each of the kids, then get them to stand in front of their hanging apple with their hands behind their backs and try to bite into their apple! The first farmer to eat his entire apple (without cheating ;-) is the winner!

Magical Egg Hunt

This is a simple treasure hunt barnyard birthday game which is suitable for the very youngest of 'farmers'.

Hard boil about a dozen eggs then paint them a variety of fun colors and number them 1-12. Hide them around the house and yard then send the kids off to run around and 'track them all down'. You can always make this more fun by adding clues about where the eggs are hidden and getting the kids to walk like a chicken or make chicken sounds (calling for their missing eggs!) while they're out looking for them.

Pin the Tail on the Cow (Horse, Pig, etc.)

This is one of the classic barnyard birthday games...

You'll need to attach a large picture of a cow (or any other favorite farm animal that has a tail, like a horse, sheep, pig, goat etc.) to a pin board or large piece of card.

Each kid takes it in turns to stand in front of the picture and be blindfolded. Once their blindfold is on, they are gently spun around in a circle a couple of times then given the 'tail' (with a small pin in the end to attach it to the picture).

They then have to try and pin the tail in the right place on the picture. The one who comes closest to pinning the tail correctly is the winner.

Musical Haystacks

This is another of the classic barnyard birthday games and is played just like the game ‘Musical Chairs’, only instead of chairs you can use straw bales, large yellow colored cushions, pieces of yellow or straw-colored cloth or card cut into the shape of a haystack or hay bale.

Start out with one less 'haystack' than the number of kids taking part - so if you had eight kids you would need to start with seven 'haystacks'. You'll also need some fun barnyard party music to play during the game and a way of stopping and starting the music easily again.

When the kids are ready, start the music and get them to move like farm animals and make animal noises around the haystacks - You can choose which animal they have to impersonate each round!

As soon as you stop the music, each of the kids must dash to the nearest haystack and sit on it. The kid who his left without a haystack to sit on is out of the game (if they are very young it might be a good idea to give prizes to each child who is out to avoid tantrums or upsets!)

Remove one of the haystacks, start the music again and get the kids to imitate another barnyard animal. Repeat until there is a one kid remaining and they are the winner!

The Carrot And Spoon Relay Race

Divide the kids into two or more 'farmers' teams and give each team one small spoon and a container with 20 carrots in. Get the farmer's teams to line up next to each other (2 or 3 teams lines) and set an empty pale in front of each team about 20 yards away.

Get the first farmer in line on each team to balance a carrot on their spoon and when the teams are ready, start the race (ready, set, GO!) and get them to run to their pale at the end of the course and drop their carrot inside.

After they've dropped the carrot into the pale they run back to their team and give the spoon to the next team member in line. They're not allowed to use a finger to hold the carrot on the spoon and if they drop the carrot while running, they must run back to the start line again!

The first team to put all of their carrots into the pail at the other end of the track wins the game!

Barnyard Animal Pinata

Hard working farmers love barnyard animal pinata's and they'll have lots of fun taking it in turns being blindfolded and trying to get to all the candy and treats inside. The donkey or mule pinata is great for the barnyard party but there are also lots of other animal pinatas available to choose from..chickens, sheep, pigs and so on.

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Barnyard Kid Birthday Food & Drink Ideas

Barnyard Party Food Ideas

A barbecue is perfect for the Barnyard party... if the weather allows it! - lots of chicken drumsticks, chicken wings, steaks, burgers, BBQ corn, grilled hot dogs and so on will all go down a treat with the young farmers and farm hands, not to mention with the 'old timers' ;-)

You can also make up some tasty side orders - baked potatoes, coleslaw, potato salad, mixed green salads, beans and lots of fun vegetables to dip into your delicious guacamole, sour cream and chive dips - carrot sticks, cucumber sticks, celery sticks, pepper sticks and so on.

Tip: Why not serve up the party food in wicker or straw baskets lined with a checked cloth or napkin. You could also use Barnyard theme party plates or colored plastic toy pales. Throw checked or gingham table cloths over the tables and have the guests sit on straw bales or wooden benches to eat their party food ;-)

For a bit more food fun, use a farm animal shaped cookie cutter (or a small sharp knife) on the sandwiches, meat patties, cheese slices and so on to create fun Barnyard theme food and snacks. Here are some simple barnyard party food ideas if you have toddlers...

  • Farm Animal Sandwiches - Serve teeny finger sandwiches (cut into animal shapes with an animal-shape cookie cutter) - Peanut butter and jelly, honey, ham, cheese and so on.
  • Baby Barnyard Burgers - Create simple mini hamburgers using soft sandwich bread (no crusts) and cut with an animal-shape cookie cutter or a knife into mini animal shape burgers.
  • Pigs in Blankets - Roll a slice of bacon around your mini hot-dog sausages before grilling, then cover with a slice of cheese and pop them into a hot dog bun! 
  • Farmers Pizza - Make or order a simple plain pizza, cover it with slices of mild cheese then cut into lots of small farm animal shapes with a cookie cutter of knife. If you're making homemade pizzas then it's probably easier if you cut the dough and cheese slices into farm animal shapes first.
  • Farmyard Dip - For those kids who just love to 'dip', serve a variety of tasty dips in small plastic pales or colored bowls and serve with a colorful selection of dipping 'sticks' - celery, carrot, cucumber, pepper and so on. The mom's and dad's will no doubt enjoy a few of these dips too!

Barnyard Kid Birthday Drink Ideas

Playing down on the farm is thirsty work so here are some refreshingly fun kid´s birthday drinks to help quench the thirst of your little farmers...

  • Cow-ca Cow-la - Coke!...Have fun renaming your party drinks! What can you come up with for Sprite, 7-Up, Kool Aid, Pepsi and so on? The kids will love it!
  • 'Moo' Juice - Cool, creamy milk served 'as is' or flavored with delicious fruit juices.
  • Farmer's Cider - Chilled apple juice.
  • Barnyard Party Punch - Mix a big bowl of lemonade, pineapple juice and a few spoonfuls of honey and serve  in a large farmer's pale (new and sterilized of course!) for the young farmers to dip a ladle in and serve themselves.. yummy!
  • "Farm-Berry" Juices - Serve a selection of fruit juices - apple (cider), strawberry, cranberry, pineapple, blueberry etc.
  • Barnyard Berry Shake - If your kids are into milkshakes then you can really go to town mixing up a variety of fruit shake from healthy blend of blueberries, bananas, strawberries  and raspberries etc.

Barnyard Kid Birthday Snack Ideas

What kids birthday would be complete without some yummy party snacks and treats for the kids to plow into ;-)...

  • "Farmers Finest" Ice Cream - Scoops of delicious Ice cream topped off with whipped cream and a wafer or biscuit.
  • 'Cow Patties' - Large triple chocolate cookies served on green ...yummy!.
  • Barnyard Cupcakes - Cupcakes decorated with a small farm animal shapes made from colored frosting.
  •  'Seeds' - M&M's, Skittles and other small candies served in small brown paper 'seed bags' with "Seeds" written on the bags.
  • Cowpoke Cupcakes - Delicious cupcakes covered with a whipped dairy cream topping or white frosting.
  • "Farmers Harvest" - Yummy fresh and ripe strawberries, sliced and served between slices of banana with a good blob of ice-cream or whipped cream to finish it off!
  • 'Beehives' - Lovely fluffy white marshmallows sprinkled with yellow frosting (nectar!).
  • Horse "Salt Licks" - Horses grazing in the farmer's field need a 'salt lick' to keep themselves healthy and why not serve the kids their own 'salt licks by filling a colored pale or straw basket with a selection of fruit flavored lollipops!

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Barnyard Kids Birthday Party Favors

If you're giving out party gift bags at the end of your party, why not use one of our free Barnyard party bags - just print, cut and glue the flaps to make the perfect little favor bag.

Alternatively, why not use small inexpensive plastic 'farmers' pales or plain brown paper 'animal feed' bags, sealed with a farm animal sticker?

Finish off your farm hands´ party favor bags with a free Barnyard theme gift tag (which you can use to write each of the party guest's names on) and attach them with some garden twine or packing string.

If you're thinking about what to include in your Barnyard birthday gift bags, here are a few birthday gift ideas that might help:

  • Small plastic barnyard animal figures
  • Cuddly farm animal toy
  • Animal stickers
  • Butterfly rings
  • Bags of animal shaped candies
  • A photo of each guest dressed in their barnyard party costume
  • Fun socks with animal prints
  • Barnyard coloring sheets & crayons
  • ´Stick-on´ animal tatoos
  • Animal-print hat or baseball cap
  • Animal-print T-shirt

...and just about anything else that's child-friendly and with a farm animal print or sticker on it - Hair accessories, bracelets and trinkets, colored crayons or pencils, comb or hairbrush, chocolate coins, candy necklaces, key chain, etc.

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Free Barnyard Birthday Thank You Cards

When it's time to thank your barnyard buddies for coming and making your Barnyard kid birthday such a "mooo"-tastic one, why not ´sow and scatter´ some of our free Barnyard thank you cards, or plant one inside each of their barnyard party favor bags at the end of your party...

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Your Barnyard Parties and Ideas

Sharing your Barnyard kid birthday party ideas is a fun way to help other parents make their Barnyard birthday parties even more memorable and special. It's also a great way to encourage them to share their birthday ideas...which in turn, may help you with your next birthday party! ;-)

Maybe you've got a "quacking" good idea for a Barnyard birthday cake or party invitation? Or a fun Barnyard party activity or game idea? Maybe you've created some amazing Barnyard bash party costumes or birthday decorations that'll help inspire others? If so, we'd ALL love to hear from you...

Please take a moment to share your own Barnyard birthday party story, photos or ideas here.

Thanks for visiting our Barnyard Party page. We hope you had lots of fun and hope that our kids Barnyard birthday party ideas and printables, help you to throw your very own 'moo-tastic' Barnyard birthday party :-)

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Barnyard Kids Birthday Party Celebration