Airplane kid Party Ideas

Airplane Kid Party

"These 'supersonic' Airplane Kid Party Ideas and FREE Airplane Birthday Printables will have your young party crew flying high with excitement!"

Buckle up, make sure your seats are in the 'upright' position, armrests are down, your party bags securely stowed under your seats and prepare for take-off!

To help get your Airplane Party off the ground you'll find a hanger-full of fun airplane birthday party ideas and free airplane kid party printables below.

Airplane Birthday Party Ideas & Free Printables...

Airplane Kids Party

Take off on your flying kid party adventure now - use our 'navigators map' below to save you flying around the page and using up all your fuel trying to find what you're looking for... just take-off from one of the links below to touch down safely again in the airplane party section you want...

Airplane Party Invitations

How to 'Build Your Own' Airplane Party Invitations...

If you're feeling creative and want to start your own airplane invitation production-line, here are a few simple invitation ideas to help get you off the ground...

'Flight Crew' Luggage Tag Party Invitation

Fold a piece of card down the center and cut out a 'luggage tag' shape, with the folded end of the card at the left hand side and the "pointed triangular end" on the right hand side, so that the tag opens from the 'pointed' end. You can either use plain white card or choose a color to match your  child's favorite color or your  party color scheme.

Write your invitation wording inside the luggage tag, cut a small round hole in the pointed end of the luggage tag and pass a matching colored ribbon or piece of string through to secure it closed. Write "Party Crew" on the front of the Invitation to finish it off.

Airplane Toy Invitation

Cut out a small luggage tag or gift tag from card, write your invite on the inside of the tag and tie it with a colorful ribbon or piece of string to a small (inexpensive) toy airplane. Each  party guest will be delighted to receive their little toy airplane  and will definitely want to come to the party!

Airplane Ticket Party Invite

Why not design your own invite to resemble an airline ticket?

Airplane Birthday Invitation

Cut out the shape of an airplane from either white  card or colored card to match your party color scheme and decorate the front of it with a few airplane, engine, pilots face at the front windscreen!

Write your kid party invitation message on the back of the  card in colored pen or print out your invitation message onto white paper and glue it on the back,  pop it inside an envelope and send!  You can always use one of out free printable cards or airplane party coloring sheets as a template for your airplane.

Airplane Coloring Sheet Party Invite

Print out one of our free airplane coloring pages. Turn it over and write or print your  party invitation wording  on the back. Fold the coloring page invitation and place it inside an envelope together with 3 small coloring crayons. Secure the envelope with an fun airplane sticker or "number" sticker to match your child's age.

In case you´re running late or your shopping trip for party invitations has been stuck in fog, here are some of our free airplane party invitations you can use - just go ahead and print as many as you need and fly them over to your party guests ahead of the party take-off date...

Free Printable Airplane Party Invitations

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What Should I Include In My Airplane Party Invitations?

To make sure that each of your party guests land at the right airport and at the right time on the right day, make sure you include the following information in your airplane kid party invitations...

  • A Pilot, Steward/Stewardess, Hero, famous character name for each of the party guests. Names like Captain (childs name), Flight Lieutenant (childs name), Stewardess First Class (childs name) are also fun.
  • The party address - the 'airbase' or 'airport'.
  • Your contact telephone number - "mission control".
  • The party date, start time and finish time (time for parents to collect their kids from "arrivals") - "departure date", "take-off" and "landing" times.
  • A map with directions to the party "airbase" or "airport".
  • Any party costume requirements (stewardess, Airforce pilot and so on).

What Aeroplane Party Invitation Wording Should I Use

If you're like me and often get stuck for what to write inside your birthday invitation cards, here's a couple of airplane invitation wording ideas to help get you started...

  • "Come fly with Captain (Jack) on his (5th) birthday! The airplane party will be clear for take off at (14:00hrs) and we'll be landing safely again at (16:30hrs)".

  • "The Airforce needs YOU! (Billy) to 'take off' with Captain (Jack) on his supersonic (5th) Airplane Birthday Party adventure".

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Airplane Party Decoration Ideas

Setting up great party decorations will create just the right atmosphere and make for a really fun and exciting airplane kid party.

What Airplane Party Theme should I choose?

The sky's the limit when it comes to finding creative ways to customize the airplane party theme. Here's a few things you might want to consider:

  • BOYS - are usually pretty nuts about aircraft. Just about anything that looks 'cool', travels fast and has lots of 'gadgets' usually tops the list of favorites. Air Force jets, spy planes and fighter aircraft are boys' favorites.

  • GIRLS - usually prefer the larger commercial airlines like Virgin, American Airlines, Continental, British Airways, etc. which offer a 'lifestyle' involving exotic travel (in style!) and the opportunity to fly all over the world.

Here's a few airplane party theme ideas to help insire you:

  • First Class Passengers, Commercial Pilots or Cabin Crew - Flying on Jumbo Jets, Concorde, or luxury private jets that offer a cool 'lifestyle' and exotic worldwide travel in style.

  • Airforce, Navy or Army Pilots - Flying fighter jets, military helicopters, spy planes, rescue missions etc. 'Secret Airplane Party Missions', which could be incoporated into your organized party games and activities. Scavenger hunts and Treasure hunts style games are excellent for this.

  • Famous Aviators (from History, Movies & Comic Books) - Amelia Erhart, The Red Baron, Howard Hughes, Luke Skywalker, Buck Rogers, Captain James Kirk and so on. Your costume and party theme could simply be 'famous pilots'.

  • Model Aircraft - Often older kids are really into building and flying model airplanes, so this can be a great party with model building and even a trip out to fly them in a nearby airfield, field or park.

    Local model airplane clubs gather regularly to fly their model airplanes from a local park or airfield and it can be fun for the kids to go along and watch. If you contact the club directly, they may even offer each of the kids a free flying lesson!

    If you have an airfield for light (small private) aircraft close by, see if you can arrange to hold the party in their members clubhouse, in one of their facilities rooms or even in one of their hangers if possible!

What Decorations Do I need for an Airplane Party?

Here's a pre-flight airplane party 'checklist' to make sure you don't take off on your birthday party adventure without the essential airplane party decorations...

  • "Arrivals" sign - Create a great first impression and get your party guests into the airplane party mood as they begin "landing" at your front door, by putting up an "Arrivals" or "Welcome to (Tom's) Air Force Base" sign. You can make a sign using cardstock and colored craft paints and decorating it with ballooons, streamers and even fairy lights.

    Create an runway along the path to your front door using white or yellow chalk or water based craft paint. Adding lights or flags along the side will also look great. Put up "Departures" signs on the reverse side of doors that exit the party area.

  • Security Check - Have one of the adults dress as a security guard (or Pilot, Stewardess etc.) to 'check' (or welcome) guests at the front door - it's a great way to hand out party packs to each of the guests as they pass through security (or "Arrivals").

    They could also greet the guests with a special party name or phrase like: "Welcome Lieutenant (Tom) to (Paul's) Air Force Base, please proceed to the Secret Mission briefing room, where you'll receive your party mission instructions".

  • Costume accessories - For the kids to use during the party - Captains hats, toy aviator sunglasses, crew name badges, spy glasses, "Top Secret" party packs, airplane stickers, toy ray-gun's, etc.

  • Airplane Theme Party Music - Music adds a special atmosphere to any children's party, particularly when the kids are playing organized party games and activities or are sitting down to eat their party food.

    There's lots of movie music to choose from - movies like 'Top Gun', 'The Aviator', the 'Damn Busters' and even 'Star Trek' and 'Star Wars' are all good sources or airplane kid party music.

    There's also lots of popular songs involving 'flying' which could also be fun to play..."Fly me to the moon" (Frank Sinatra), "Learn to Fly" (Foo Fighters), "Fly" (Rihanna), "Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz), "I Believe I Can Fly" (R.Kelly) and so on.

  • Model Aircraft, Helicopters or Spacecraft - Model airplanes, helicopters, rockets and spacescraft make great theme party decorations to have placed around the airplane party area or to have hanging from the ceiling (like they're flying).

    In addition to making great aircraft theme party decorations the kids can have fun playing with during the party.

  • Airplane Party Flags - Colored party flags like balloons are really festive. Bunting flags look great hung up around the party or strung along paths in the yard (like runway markers). You can also tape individual flags to a short length of dowel so they can be waved as each of the party guests start 'landing' at the party.

  • Uniformed Officials - Try to get some of the parents to dress up as uniformed officials (ticket officer, airport security, baggage check, steward or stewardess (serving the kids) and so on. The kids will love it.

  • Jet 'Streamers' and Weather Balloons - Hang up lots of colorful party streamers and balloons to hang up and 'stream' around the party area.

    Blue and white balloons can represent the colors of the sky and clouds and will look great when they're floating around the party area. You can also choose colors to match your theme party decorations color scheme - green or camouflage for a military theme; Light grey or blue for an Air Force theme; Grey, white and black for a spacecraft theme etc.

  • Cabin Windows - Cut out 'cabin windows' from white card or paper, color and stick a row of them along the walls of the party area or on a blue sheet or blue background (the sky).

  • Airline Theme Party Decorations Pictures And Signs - Create some fun airport signs designating different areas around the the "Airport Lounge", "Staff Restaurant", "Pilots Briefing Room", "Cockpit" and "Baggage Reclaim" (where the party favor bags can be claimed!) and so on.

  • Flight Plans (Maps) - A map with 'flight paths' drawn with red dotted lines between important destinations will add a sense of adventure and travel. Create your own map of the party area or your back yard to be used for some of your organized party games (e.g. for finding treasure or scavenger hunt clues). You can draw 'routes' on your map leading to treasure hunt clues or hidden treasure (candy!).

Free Airplane Kid Party Decorations

Here are some free airplane kid party decorations that our specially trained party engineers have been busy building to help make your airplane party "First Class"  ;-)

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Airplane Party Activities

Airplane Mobiles

Airplane party mobiles are a simple and fun party activity. Draw and cut out different airplane shapes from pieces of colored card (you can use the designs on our airplane party pages to help), decorate and hang them from the ceiling around the party area with fishing line, sewing thread or string.

The kids could also have fun creating 'cloud' mobiles to hang between their aircraft mobiles using cotton wool or white card .

Airplane Coloring Pages

Make a great airplane party ice-breaker activity. You're young party pilots can have fun coloring in our free printable airplane coloring pages.

Party Pilot's "Action Photos" - Choose a location where you can take photos of the kids posing in their airplane party 'uniforms' - you can use your decorations and party props as a bcakdrop. Make sure to get some great 'action' photos of the kids posing individually with their 'crew' or 'squadron'.

Print the photos before the end of the party and let the kids take them home as party favors. They can also make great individual 'thank you' cards.

Designing, Building and Flying Their Own Aircraft

Kids just love building and flying paper airplanes. Set out a table with paper and card, coloring pens, craft glue etc. and let the party pilots get busy designing and making their own paper airplanes.

Building an Airbase

The kids can make their own airport or airbase from which to fly their aircraft. They can create the aircraft hanger from a large cardboard box and the runway from a roll of plain wallpaper, butchers paper or sheet of card.

The kids take it in turn landing their planes along the runway and into the hangar! This also makes for a great party game, with the kids each trying to land their planes in the hanger by moving further and further away. Prizes could be given for safely landing their aircraft on the runway and having them slide into the hanger ;-)

The Making of a Pilot

Challenge the kids to come up with cool party names for each other using their real names or personality traits as inspiration. They could create individual pilot name tags (from plain sticky labels) to stick to their party costumes.

If the kids want to be real pilots then make sure they use their special party names throughout the whole party...They'll also have to look like a real pilot to be accepted for the special flying missions you have in store!

Provide lots of fun airplane costume accessories and props that the kids can use - toy aviator sunglasses, scarves, captain's hats, pilot's gloves, etc. and let them have fun with face paint or makeup, painting on moustaches, sideburns or even battle scars, stitches and so on.

Helping the kids with the face painting is a great opportunity for the adults to get involved and to take some great party photos too.

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Free Airplane Party Coloring Pages

Here are some of our free airplane kid party coloring sheets for the kids to have fun with during the party. You can use these as a kid party ice-breaker activity, for your aircraft party decorations, to create your own unique party invitations, as favor gifts and much more...

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Aeroplane Birthday Party Games

Here a some adrenalin-pumping airplane party games that'll have your party pilots 'flying high'...

Treasure Hunt Mission: "Top Secret"

The kid's "Top Secret" mission is to fly around the party area following hidden tresure hunt clues to eventually discover the secret location of a top secret box of treasure (candies and treats). Once all the treasure has been recovered and returned to the 'President' (mum or dad), the President will share out the reward! (and medals of course! ;-)

Pin The Wings On The Airplane - This is one of the 'classic' birthday party games and is played in the same way as 'Pin the tail on the donkey'. It can be hilarious to watch...unless of course you're a nervous flyer and always expect the wings to fall off! ;-)

You'll need a large cut-out picture or drawing of an airplane (get the kids to make one from card as one of your airplane party activities). Cut one or both wings carefully from the airplane and attach the remainder of the plane (the body) to a wall or pin board. Place a drawing pin into the end of the detached airplane wings and let each of the kids take a turn being blindfolded, spun around in a 'loop the loop' to disorientate them and try and place the wings back on the airplane. The one closest to placing the wings back correctly is the winner.

Airplane Pinata

Airplane Pinata's are great fun. The kids will have a blast taking it in turns trying to 'shoot it down' and get to all the 'cargo' treats inside ;-)

Pass The Captain's Hat

Based on the very popular 'hot potato' kid party game, you'll need a 'Captain's hat' (or any hat if you don't have one!) in place of the hot potato and some fun airplane birthday music that you are able to 'pause' and restart again. You could also use a toy airplane in place of the Captain's hat and have the kids fly the plane from one to another until the music stops.

Musical Clouds

Based on the popular 'Musical Chairs' birthday game this airplane party game is fun for even the oungest party pilots.

Using cushions (clouds) or pieces of white cardboard or cloth cut into the shape of clouds get the kids to 'fly' around the clouds with their arms outstretched like airplane wings. As soon as you stop the music, each pilot must fly to the nearest island and land on it. The pilot who's left without a cloud to sit on gets a small prize but is out of the game. Remove one of the clouds then restart the music and repeat until there is only one pilot left who is the winner.

Pilot Dress Up Relay

Make sure you fly over to our main Kids Party Games page for more ideas and inspiration.

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Airplane Kid Party Food, Drink and Snack Ideas

What airplane birthday party would be complete without an "In-flight" meal, refreshing drink and snack packet? ;-)

Airplane Party Food Ideas...

  • Everyone looks forward to receiving that small tray of goodies whenever they fly and the kids will be no different. Why not make the kids their own 'in-flight' meal pack - you can use small plastic trays ( you can find them at budget household goods stores or kids toy stores).

  • Line the trays with one of our free printable place mats or free airplane coloring sheets and prepare a meal for each of them inside a small plastic lunch box which will fit neatly on the tray. Don't forget to include a small plastic drinking glass, napkin and plastic cutlery to match the party color scheme.

  • Decorate each of the kid party lunch box's and glasses with an airplane sticker and wrap the napkins in a napkin holder.

  • Inside each lunch box place a couple of sandwiches (wrapped in either plastic or butchers paper and sealed with an airplane sticker), a piece of fruit, a small desert (Jello, chocolate mouse etc.) and some candy.

    Remember to place a cartoon of drink next to the glass on the tray (fruit juice or drinking yogurt etc.) or a small plastic bottle of soda. When that's all done your airline party in-flight meals should be 'ready for take-off'.

There's lots you can do to dress up the party table too to create a ' First Class' in-flight dinner service - Why not get a couple of willing helpers (the parents!) to dress up as cabin crew to serve the children their airline party meals, just like onboard a real airplane? - They'll love it for sure and will feel really special being waited on.

Airline Birthday Drink Ideas

  • Serve the kids party drinks on a trolley just like they do on airplanes - a selection of sodas and fruit juices in small clear plastic glasses together. Add the finishing touch with a small bag of peanuts or chips and provide a drinks coaster and napkin too.

  • When you are serving the drinks give them an aeronautical name for a bit of fun (just as adults do with cocktails) "Rocket Fuel", "Warp Speed", "Concorde" etc. :-)

Airplane Party Snack Ideas

Here's a few airplane kid party snack ideas for your young passengers and pilots to indulge in during their party flight...

  • Airplane shaped candies
  • Peanuts - small bags of salted and dry roasted
  • Mixed nuts
  • Pretzels
  • Cheese squares
  • Chips
  • "Travel size" chocolate bars and candy.

Decorating Your Airplane Birthday Party Tables

The in-flight meal service is not for everyone of course...or suitable for every airplane party theme, so here are a few different airplane birthday ideas for creating a fun dining experience for the kids...

  • Decorate each dining table to look like a 'runway' using a white or light grey paper table cloth or butcher paper and drawing a large yellow runway line down the middle (you could also use yellow painters tape).

    If you already have some small white Christmas tree lights, run a line of lights down either side of the 'runway' and have little model aircraft taxing to take off between the plates and cups! The kids will have lots of fun drawing airplanes, baggage cars, people and so on onto the table cloth while they're eating their party food.

  • Decorate the table with a light blue tablecloth to represent the sky. Stick fluffy white cotton wool clouds onto the tablecloth or the shapes of clouds cut from white paper of card. The kids could then draw their favorite airplanes on.

  • Cover the table with maps of the world and draw 'Secret Mission' routes, holiday routes and destinations or other things of interest. The kids can have fun moving their toy airplanes across the maps to the various destinations while they're eating their in-flight party food ;-)

  • Decorate the table with a camouflage-patterned tablecloth (army), grey or blue (Airforce) or a plain white or black paper tablecloth (outer space) depending on the party theme. The kids could decorate with pictures of aircraft, space ships, planets etc.

  • Pilots, Passenger or Crew Seats - Decorate the backs and sides of the dining chairs using card or old cardboard boxes, craft paint and cushions to make them look like a pilot or passenger seats. You can create seat-belts for each of the seats from strips of spare material, duct tape or colored packing tape and cutting out the shapes of seat buckles from card.

  • Party Table Centerpiece - There are lots of fun things you can use as an airplane birthday centerpiece - everything from a mylar air balloon, large model aircraft or spaceship to a Control Tower which you can make from cardboard boxes and card.

    The airplane birthday cake also makes a great table centerpiece particularly if it's in the shape of an airplane, airport control tower, airport runway scene etc.

  • Airplane Party Plates, Cutlery, Placemats etc. - There's a big choice of airplane party theme plates and cups available at online party supply stores, but you can also have a lot of fun creating your own 'in-flight meal trays' using low cost plastic trays and plastic cutlery to match your color scheme.
  • You'll be able to pick up a lot of these things at a discount store or kids toy store and you can always use our free printable airplane theme party decorations - placemats, drink coasters, napkin holders and so on, which you'll find on this page.

Free Airplane Party Napkin Holders...

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Airplane Party Favor Ideas

If you're planning on handing out 'First Class' party favor bags at the end of your airplane kid party, why not print-off and use some of our free airplane favor bags - just print as many as you need then cut and glue the flaps to make the perfect little in flight gift bag.

Alternatively, you could use some small inexpensive colored paper bags, sealed with an airplane sticker.

Finish-off your party favor bags with a colored ribbon and attach one of our airplane birthday gift tags which you can use to write each child´s name and a small message on.

Place your airplane party bags on a separate table at the back of the party area and place a "Baggage Reclaim" sign on or above the table so the children know where to go to 'claim' their party favor bags ;-)

Children´s Airplane Party Gift Ideas

Here are some fun ideas for airplane party prizes and gifts to include in each party favor bag:

  • Pilot hat or cap
  • Toy Aviator sunglasses
  • Fun airplane motif socks
  • Small toy airplane
  • Aircraft 'tattoos'
  • A compass
  • Airplane stickers
  • Airplane coloring pages
  • Small binoculars or telescope
  • Key chain (for airplane keys!)
  • Airplane pencils
  • Bags of peanuts or chips
  • Airplane shape candies
  • "Action photo" from the party
  • Inflatable toy airplane

and anything else with an airplane (or airplane sticker) on it!

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Airplane Theme Birthday Card Ideas

Making your own airplane-themed birthday card for your child's special day can be both fun and rewarding. If you're wondering about possible designs for your card, why not adapt some of the homemade airplane party invitation ideas above.

  • Luggage Tag Birthday Card - Why not adapt the Crew luggage tag invitation idea to create an exciting "travel" card and have it match your crew luggage tag party invitations?

  • Boarding Pass Birthday Card - Create a truly unique boarding pass birthday card from the Airline Ticket invitation idea...

  • Airplane-Shape Birthday Card - If your son or daughter has a favorite hero(ine), aircraft or theme such as 'The Red Baron', Concorde, Thunderbirds etc. why not use it as inspiration for your birthday card.

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Airplane Kid Party Thank You Cards & Notes

When it's time to say a big "Thank You" and "Bon Voyage" to your friends for coming and making your airplane birthday party such a flying success, you're going to need some airplane party thank you cards to do it - here are a few free thank you cards and notes to print and pop inside each of your guest's party favor bags before 'Departure Time' or post in time for their ´Arrivals´ back home...

Free Airplane Kid Party Thank You Cards

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Your Airplane Parties Stories and Ideas

Sharing your Airplane party ideas is a great way to help other parents make their Airplane birthday party's even more special and memorable. It's also a great way to encourage them to share their birthday party ideas...which in turn, may help you with your next birthday party! ;-)

Maybe you've got a great idea for an Airplane birthday cake or party invitation or a fun Airplane birthday game or party activity idea? Maybe you've created some amazing Airplane party costumes or decorations that'll help inspire others? If so, we'd love to hear from you :-)

Please take a moment to share your Airplane birthday party ideas here

Thanks for flying around with us on our Airplane kid party page:-). We hope you had lots of fun and we hope our ideas and free Airplane Birthday printables help you to create you own 'supersonic' Airplane Birthday Party.

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