Kids Birthday Parties for Ages 5 to 9 years old

Kids Birthday Parties for Ages 5 to 9

Ages 5 to 9 are truly magical times for kids birthday parties.

At this age the 'little people' understand the significance of birthdays. They've  probably been to lots of their friends birthday parties already and know just how special and how much fun they can be!

Each of the kid's birthday party themes below popular with five, six and seven year-old's and are packed with great birthday party ideas, fun party games & activities and free party theme designs and printables, so go ahead, take a peek and have fun :-)...

Throwing a Party for 5 to 9 Year Old's

At this age you're kids will probably already have a good idea about the type of parties they want to have and will usually want to choose the theme for themselves (with maybe just a little help from mom or dad ;-).

If you're kids love drawing, designing, cooking, making or building 'stuff' out of paper, card, boxes or just about anything they can get their hands on, then they'll almost certainly want to get creative with their party, and want to be involved in making the party invitations and decorations together with you.

Spending time having fun together as a family, making the invitations, decorations, and all the other fun stuff, is a big part of the 'magic' of parties at this age for both parents and their children. It's often why they are such special and memorable birthdays.

5th Birthday Parties

  • Party length: 2 1/2 hours or less
  • Number of children: group of 8-12

Five-year-olds usually have bundles of energy and a growing imagination. They particularly enjoy make-believe games and dramatic settings, like castles, spaceships, wizards, princess palaces, treasure islands, farms and so on, so it's good to have lots of props around to fit the party theme.

A good selection of props to match the party theme, many of which can be home-made, will keep them happily playing make-believe for hours. Getting them to make their own props, by setting up a craft area, together with card, paper, color pencils and so on, is also a great party activity to involve the kids in... making their own props for their make-believe adventure games.

Five-year-olds are generally good at playing organized games with fairly simple rules, although they have short attention spans and are not always good at taking turns!, so it's best to stick to quick games with simple rules.

It's also a good idea to have games where everyone wins, as they're still a little too young to understand the concept of 'winner takes all'. One-winner games usually end in one or more children getting upset.

6th and 7th Kids Birthday Parties

  • Party length: 2 to 3 hours
  • Number of children: group of 8-12

Six and seven-year-olds usually have a good understanding of fairness, a little more patience and a better attention span than the under fives, especially when it comes to playing games. This makes it possible to play a larger variety of organized and rules-based games at kids birthday parties for this age group.

One-winner games also become possible, so board-type games, cards, puzzles, mysteries and secret-based games can be played and enjoyed without (too much) trouble.

Scavenger and treasure hunts, 'hide and seek', tag and clue-related games, are great fun and great for burning off all that energy (especially if they're a little 'hyper' after eating candy). These kinds of games will often turn the adults back into kids too and have them running around like lunatics, having fun and competing with the kids ;-)

Organizing craft-based activities for this age group is also a great, as they've usually developed good creative imaginations and love the challenge of making ´stuff'. There are lots of fun activities like stringing beads, making collages from magazines, painting and coloring, building out of card, making decorations and so on.

8th and 9th Kids Birthday Parties

  • Party length: 2 to 3 hours
  • Number of children: group of 8-12

An 8 and 9 year old's party is often 'cooler' and they generally like to stick to birthday party themes that are suitable for 'all girls' or 'all boys' parties.

Groups of special friends with shared interests or cliques with secret languages and group passwords are particularly important to them.

Dramatic plays, dancing and games that involve fantasy or adventure are extremely popular, particularly for the 8-10 year old's, so a party theme that involves performing 'shows' or 'plays', magic games or tricks, wizards, space, cowboys and Indians, cops and robbers, dressing up and so on, can be fantastic fun as they combine group-play with creativity and imagination.

Group sports, softball, soccer, baseball, basketball, races and so on, are also extremely popular, especially with the boys. These types of birthday parties are great focus and outlet for all their energy and excitement during the party and appeal to the growing competitive nature of many kids at this age.

Fun design and craft-based activities that produce finished items are particularly popular with the girls, so activities like making jewelry, designing simple board, card games, picture frames, scrap books, decorations and so on, are always winners.

Most Popular Kids Birthday Parties for Ages 5 to 9

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