Cupcake Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Cupcake Kids Birthday Party Ideas

"This Cupcake kids birthday party ideas page is a delicious mix of yummy cupcake birthday ideas, sweet cupcake birthday activities and utterly divine FREE Cupcake Birthday Printables..."

This is a wonderful birthday theme for children of all ages...and one that's always popular with the moms too! ;-)

There's tons of fun things you can do to create a really special cupcake birthday party and to help get you started, we've dished up a big plate of fun cupcake party ideas and FREE cupcake party printables for you below... 

Cupcake Kids Birthday Party

Cupcake Kids Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Free Cupcake Party Invitations

Here's one of our free cupcake party invitation sets - complete with cupcake invitation, invitation message, matching envelope and cupcake stickers - that you can print and use to send out to your little cupcake birthday guests :-)...

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Making Your Own Little Cupcake Party Invitations

If you feel like getting a little creative and want to make your own cupcake invitations, then here's a couple of tasty cupcake invitation ideas to help get you started...

  • 'Little Cupcake' Gift Invitation

    Cut out a 'luggage tag' shape from plain white or lightly colored card (pale pinks, purples, blues and yellows work well but any pale color to match your color scheme will be good). Write your invitation wording on the tag and tie it with a matching colored ribbon to a small, inexpensive toy or bag of mini cupcakes.

    Each little party guest will be delighted to receive their cupcake gift invitation and invite and will definitely want to come to the party!

  • Cupcake-Shaped Invite

    Fold a sheet of brown, colored, striped or plain white card in half . Cut out the shape of a cupcake, making sure that you leave the side where the card is folded uncut so your cupcake shape card opens at the fold. Write your cupcake birthday invitation message inside the card in colored pen, decorate the front of the card with glitter, coloring etc. and pop it inside an envelope to send.

    You can always use one of out free printable card designs or cupcake coloring sheets as a template for your cupcake shape card.

  • Simple Cupcake "Coloring Page" Invitation

    Print out one of our free cupcake coloring sheets. Turn over and write or print your party invitation wording on the back of the coloring page then fold and place it inside an envelope together with 3 small coloring crayons. Seal the envelope with a cupcake sticker.

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Cupcake Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Decorations

  • Using card, cut out the shapes of large cupcakes. Color them in with candy colors to look like a yummy giant cupcake and decorate with sprinkles, confetti, streamers and sparkles (you can make great sprinkles by using a hole punch and clipping lots of colored sheets of paper to make multi colored sprinkles).
  • Attach some of your giant cupcakes to your front door and/or to your front gate, together with lots of candy colored balloons, to let your party guests know that they've arrived at the right house!

  • Cut out and decorate (or print out from the designs on this page) lots of smaller cupcakes from card and lead a trail of them up your front path towards your front door and inside your house to the party area.
  • Set out the kids birthday party table (see below) together with a separate food table on which to have your cupcakes (and perhaps other party food).
  • If your throwing an cupcake party for infants and young toddlers, you may also want to set out a 'cupcake picnic area' on the floor for the children to sit and eat at (this may be easier to manage and easier for the kids, rather than at high chairs around the table).
  • Print out lots of cute pictures of your little girl or boy and stick them up around the party area, together with lots of colorful pictures of cupcakes and the number "1 or 2 or 3 etc. (birthday age)" .
  • Hang up a big cupcake birthday banner with the birthday girl or boy's name on, above the party table and decorate the area with lots of colored balloons and streamers to match your cupcake color scheme.
  • A large cupcake mylar balloon or cupcake/number ' 2, 3 etc. (age)' pinata hung above the party table always looks great and is a fun prop for the party photos. Why not make a simple ´cupcake mobile´ from colorful cupcake shapes made from card and hang it from the ceiling above the party table.
  • Decorate the party table with a pretty white or candy-colored tablecloth and set out matching colored plastic or paper plates and cups (with pretty colored straws), together with napkins, place mats, coasters and name cards. Use some of our free cupcake coloring sheets as placemats for the kids to draw on and color in while their munching on their party food.
  • Set out your cupcake birthday cake as the table centerpiece or a use a tiered cupcake stand with lots of little cup cakes on it as your centerpiece.
  • Tie a pretty balloon to each of the childrens chairs and decorate each chair with candy-colored ribbon or streamers.

FREE Cupcake Party Flag Decorations

To help make the party play area look very festive we've created these free cupcake birthday flags which you can use to make your own cupcake bunting flags and wall decorations...just print as many cupcake party flags as you need then tape the top of each flag along a length of string to create a long line of bunting flags - they will look great strung up from the ceiling and along the walls around the party area...

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Cupcake Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Games and Activities

Here's a few sweet and simple birthday party activities for the little cupcake girls & boys to have fun with...

Hand Prints

Have the children to make a cute set of special 'hand prints' using white card and colored craft paint - cover each child's hand with a generous layer of craft paint, then carefully press their hand onto a piece of white card. When the paint has dried write their name and date on the card as a keepsake. These also make great take-home party favors to give out at the end of the party.

If you want to go a step further, you could make plaster imprints of each child´s hand using a craft shop plaster kit which you can buy inexpensively online or from a local craft store. These also make great cupcake party favors and keepsakes.

Cupcake Decorating

Get the kids to decorate their own yummy cupcakes!

Make a selection of plain cupcakes (or with different flavors if you like) and place them in the middle of a kids play table which has been covered with a paper tablecloth or baking paper. (If you don't have time to make the cupcake's, check out your local bakery who'll probably supply you with the plain cupcakes at a reasonable cost, together with the icing to put on top.)

Place several plastic bowls of different sprinkles and colored frosting on the table and let each of children have small plastic tea-set knife or spatula, which they can use to spread the frosting with.

Before you start, make sure the children are wearing an apron so they don't get their nice party clothes messy! - as an alternative to using aprons, you could always pick up some inexpensive (multipack) matching T-shirts for them to wear. The boys are more likely to want to wear a new T-shirt too than and apron! - If you have a computer and color printer at home, you could print some iron-on cupcke T-shirt transfers and iron them onto some plain white T-shirts. The children could take their cupcake design T-shirts home after the party as a keepsake :-)

Playtime 'Action Photos'

Take 'action photos' of the kids having fun at the party - while playing, making cupcakes and posing together individually and as a group together with the birthday boy or girl. If you have a cupcake decorating ´competition´ or cupcake party game ´winners´, take photos of the winners too. Use your color printer at home to print out the pictures before the end of the party (if you have time) to pop inside each of your cupcake favor bags as take home party gifts .

Cupcake Coloring Sheets

Set up a a little kiddie table or use a blanket or mat on the floor in the play area for the girls to sit on with markers, crayons, or anything else the children can draw and color with and let them all have fun coloring in their cupcake party pictures

Here's some free cupcake party coloring sheets for your party guests to use and have fun with - why not use them for your party decorations or invitations too...

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Cupcake Kids Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • Cupcake Finger Sandwiches - Serve finger-sandwiches cut into cupcake shapes with a cupcake-shaped cookie cutter or with a knife - All the kids favorites - Peanut butter and jello, ham, cheese, Nutella and so on.
  • 'Cupcake Burgers' - Create mini cupcake hamburgers using soft buns or sandwich bread with the crusts removed and cut into mini cupcake-shaped burgers.
  • Cupcake Pizza - Make or order simple tomato and cheese pizzas then cut each one into several smaller cupcake-shaped pizzas with a cookie cutter or knife. If you're making homemade pizzas you can cut the dough and cheese topping slices into cupcake shapes first to make it a little easier.
  • Serve the cupcake party drinks in colorful plastic or paper cups (or baby beakers for infants) and decorate each cup with small cupcake stickers (or cut out and stick one of our free printable cupcake pictures or designs onto each cup).
  • Remember that kids love drinking straws too, so make sure you also provide some pretty straws to match your party color scheme and why not decorate the straws by sticking a small cupcake picture onto each straw too.
  • Cupcakes (LOTS of course!) - Provide a large selection of mini and regular sized frosted cupcakes, with different flavors and topped with a variety of frostings and sweet decorations.

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Cupcake Kids Birthday Party Ideas for Favors

If you plan to give out party bags at the end of your cupcake birthday party, why not use one of our free printable cupcake party bags below - just print as many as you need onto premium paper, then cut out and glue the flaps on each bag to make the perfect little cupcake birthday favor bag.

Alternatively, you could use small inexpensive paper bags decorated with one of the designs from this page or a cupcake sticker, then sealed with a cute cupcake sticker or tied with a matching colored ribbon...

Here's a few fun cupcake gift ideas to include in your party favor bags...

  • Mini cupcakes
  • Hairbrush
  • Teethers or pacifiers (for infants!)
  • Cupcake or '1, 2, 3, etc. (age)' stickers
  • Small, soft, cuddly toy
  • Cupcake coloring sheets
  • Cookies
  • Cupcake party "action photo" from the party
  • Baby T-shirt with a cupcake printed (or ironed) on it
  • Cupcake themed bib (for infamts)
  • Crayons, coloring pens etc.
  • Colorful Hats/Caps
  • Fun socks

and anything else that's child-friendly and has a cupcake design or sticker on it.

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Cupcake Birthday Gift Tags

Finish off your cupcake gift bags by attaching one of our free cupcake birthday gift tags with a colored ribbon...

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Your Cupcake Parties and Ideas

If you´d like to share your own cupcake party ideas, cupcake party experiences, delicious cupcake decoration tips or tasty cupcake recipes with other parents on this website, we´d love to hear from you. You can share your cupcake ideas here.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

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Kids celebrating a Cupcake Birthday Party