Rainbow Kids Party Ideas

Rainbow Kids Party Ideas

"This Rainbow Kids Party is packed with colorful rainbow birthday party ideas and dazzling FREE Rainbow Birthday Printables"

The Rainbow Birthday Party is a great party theme for all ages but is especially fun for toddlers and younger kids.

It's also one of the easiest kid party themes to plan for as you can use just about any colors, designs or images for your party decorations, invitations, activities and so on.

...Just about anything goes, so long as its fun and colorful!

You'll find a dazzling array of rainbow party ideas, games and FREE rainbow kids party 'treats' below to help get you started and to make things a little easier for you ;-)

The sky's the limit when it comes to looking for kid's rainbow party supplies too - we've included links to our favourite Rainbow party ware supplies on this page to give you an idea of whats available and to help get you started.

FREE Rainbow Kids Party 'Treats'

Rainbow Kids Party

You can search for all the fun Rainbow party ideas and free rainbow birthday treats we've put together for you by ´chasing the rainbow´ down the page or by chosing from the drop down list below:

Rainbow Kids Party Invitations

If you're looking for some colorful kids rainbow birthday theme invitations to send to your young party guests, then here are some free printable rainbow party invitations we've made specially for the rainbow kids party theme - just click on the image or link to see all the free rainbow inviations available...

FREE Rainbow Party Invitations

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Making Your Own Rainbow Kids Party Invitations

If you're feeling creative and thinking about making your own unique rainbow party invitations here are some simple rainbow birthday invitation ideas that you might find helpful:

Rainbow Arch Shape Invitation

Fold some white card or premium white paper in half and cut out the semi-circle arch shape of a rainbow. Draw the semi-circular stripes of the different rainbow colors inside the rainbow arch and color the stripes in - the rainbow colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (Roy.G.Biv), but you can choose whatever happy colors you like :-).

Write your party invitation words on the inside of the card using different colored pens, or print out your invitation wording on a seperate sheet of colored paper and stick it to the inside of the card.

Here's one of our favorite creative Rainbow party invitation designs, which has been created by the wonderful www.MrPrintables.com website - why not try making these for your party?

Rainbow Coloring Page Invite

Print out one of our free Rainbow coloring pages onto white paper. Turn the coloring sheet over and either write or print your kids party invitation wording  on the back using rainbow colored pens or colored printer ink.

Fold the coloring page invite and pop it inside a colored envelope together with a couple of small coloring crayons then close and secure the envelope with a fun rainbow-colored sticker or 'number' sticker matching your child's birthday age.

Rainbow Photo Invitation

Get the birthday girl or boy to dress up in some fun rainbow-colored clothes or in their rainbow party costume - wearing bright colored hats, sunglasses, boots and so on - and take some great photos of her/him posing in front of a rainbow colored background - you can use lots of rainbow colored household props such as cushions, rugs, furniture, lamps etc.

Hang a large rainbow picture from the ceiling in the backgound too, together with some colored streamers and balloons - You can make a large rainbow mobile by cutting a simple rainbow-shape from card and decorating it with colored paint, glitter, tinsel and so on. Alternatively, you could hang a large rainbow pinata or mylar balloon instead, as these will look great too.

Once you've taken your photo's, print or glue them onto the front of the plain white or light-colored paper or card that you want to use for your invitations and write or print your kids party invitation wording on the inside of the cards.

Rainbow Party Invitation Wording

If you're a little stuck for what to include in your invitations, then here's some rainbow birthday invitation wording ideas to help get you started...

  • "Somewhere over the rainbow where the skies are blue, Charlie (child's name) is having a magical birthday party and you're invited too! Follow the rainbow to ........ (party address) and help celebrate with us on .......... (party date), from ....... (start time) to ....... (end time). RSVP etc."
  • "Catch a ride on a fluffy white cloud and follow the rainbow to Emma's (child's name) birthday party..."

Whatever fun message you come up with, make sure to include the following information on each of your kids party invites:

  • The address where you're holding your Rainbow birthday.
  • The date, start time and finish time of your Rainbow party.
  • Your contact telephone number for R.S V.P's and any questions from parents.
  • Ask for R.S.V.P to confirm who's coming to your party.
  • A map/directions of how your guests can get to the party.
  • Any Rainbow Party costume requirements - bright & colorful!

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Free Printable Rainbow Birthday Cards

Rainbow Greeting Cards

Here's some free printable rainbow theme birthday cards you can use to send your 'Happy Birthday' message to your birthday girl or birthday boy...

Happy Birthday Messages

If you're in need of some ideas for what to write inside your rainbow birthday card, here's a couple of birthday greeting ideas to help get you started...

  • "To a very special rainbow-chaser, wishing you a Very Happy and Magical Birthday..and may you find your pot of gold at the end of the rainbow".
  • "Follow your dreams to the end of the rainbow and you're sure to find your pot of gold..."

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Free Rainbow Birthday Gift Tags.

If you'd like some colorful gift tags to brighten up your rainbow birthday gifts, then here's a few we've lovingly created for you to use.

Tip: Print off as many gift tags as you need, cut them out, fold, then punch a small hole in the corner of each gift tag (the easiest way is to use a paper hole puch) then secure them to your birthday gifts with a colorful ribbon...and your rainbow birthday gifts are ready to go!

Printable Kids Rainbow Gift Tags

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Rainbow Kids Party Decorations   

The Rainbow party theme is one of the simplest kids party themes to find decorations - just about anything around the house that's colorful (and safe) can be used to help create your rainbow decorations.

Creating your own rainbow party costumes is a cinch too ;-)

When it comes to chosing your Rainbow party color scheme, just about any number of bright colors and color combinations will do. Don't feel you need to be restricted by the common Rainbow color scheme - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Why not create your own unique color scheme by combining your child's favorite colors.

Creating a Dazzling Welcome For Your Party Guests

Making a great first impression with your party guests is going to get your Rainbow party off to a go start. What better way than to welcome your party guests with a dazzling Rainbow party entrance

  • You could start by creating a big colorful rainbow arch over the party entrance from construction card and cardboard packing boxes and writing “Welcome to Christies (name) Magical Rainbow Birthday Kingdom” across the Rainbow. Decorate it with the colored bands of the rainbow (or whatever color you have chosen for your party), glitter, sequins, cotton wool (for clouds) and so on. Once you've finished decorating your arch, secure it above the entrance to the party venue for guests to pass under and "make a special wish" - why not make several Rainbow arches to set up over tall the doors around the party venue.
  • You can make really make your arches stand-out by tying bunches of rainbow-colored ballons below the arch on either side of the door and laying a colorful Welcome mat in front of the arch by your front door.
  • If you really want to go to town, look into hiring a party bubble machine from a local hire or party store that you can set up by your front door (or out in your yard) that will automatically blow bubbles up into the air - the kids will love it! If you set it up in the yard the children will have a ton of fun chasing the rainbow-colored bubbles around the yard and trying to capture them.
  • You could also decorate the path leading up to the party entrance with a line of pretty colored lights and Rainbow party flags and by leading your guests along a trail of fluffy white cloud-shapes cut out from white card and stuck to the path.

Making The Sun Shine On The Party Area

Once you've cleared the party area of anything that could get damaged or that could hurt the children when they're playing, set to decorating it with lots of colorful balloons, streamers, cushions, rugs, drapes and so on. Don't forget to include white in your rainbow color scheme if you want to sprinkle in a few "clouds".

  • Colorful cushions and rugs make great all round props for adding lots of color to the party area...and they're useful too! - Rugs make a great focal point for younger kids to play and sit on during the party (whilst protecting your much loved carpet!) and cushions are great for the grown-ups to sit on while they are playing or helping with younger party guests.
  • Create some fun colored lighting by changing your lightbulbs to colored bulbs or by taping some small acetate sheets over the windows around the party area - try to stick to warm, happy colors like yellow, orange and red's rather than the cold blue's or sickly-feeling greens…unless that’s the atmosphere you’re looking to create! ;-)
  • To create a feature above the party area, cut out a large round circular shape from yellow or white card (to represent the Sun) and decorate it with yellow paint, sequins and glitter. Attach it to the ceiling above the party dining table or play area and tape yellow and rainbow-colored streamers to the center of the Sun (at the back) and tape the other end of the streamers back up on the ceiling so that they look like rays of sunshine and Rainbow “rays” radiating out from the Sun.
  • You could also make some fluffy white clouds from white construction card and soft, fluffy cotton wool to hang from the ceiling between the "rays" or use bunches of white balloons instead to represent the clouds.

Rainbow Party Flags

Multi-colored party flags look great hung around the party venue as bunting and always make festive birthday decorations. 

Here are some free printable Rainbow party flags you can use for your party...

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Rainbow Party Poster

Here's a colourful Rainbow party poster decoration you can use too - go ahead and print out as many as you like and use them to create your own "Welcome" poster or Rainbow party signs. They also make great table decorations, place mats, games props and gift wrapping or as a decorative covering for 'unsightly' objects around the party area...

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Bright and Colorful Rainbow Table Decorations

To create a really fun Rainbow dining experience for the kids, make the dining tables as colorful as possible - with a bright colored tablecloths, different colored plates, cups, cutlery, drinking straws, napkins, placemats, place cards, napkin holders, candles, chairs, cushions and so on.

  • A tablecloth that's a bright color (red, yellow or orange), mulit-colored or a blue (to represent the lovely blue sky) will look fantastic, especially when all the different colored utensils, cups, plates etc. have been set against it.

    Alternatively, if you have a plain white paper tablecloth on hand, why not draw a giant rainbow on it or stick on some of the free rainbow designs from this page. You could also include a small packet of rainbow colored crayons with each child's place setting and let the children draw rainbows on the tablecloth while they eat!

  • For the table settings, why not set each place with a different color of the rainbow? The kids could have fun calling each other after the color of their place setting - like Emma 'Green', Tom 'Blue' and so on.

  • If you'd like to add a touch of 'sophistication' to the kids party table, you could also use our free rainbow party napkin holders, table mats and drink coasters ;-)

  • Colored dining chairs at the dining table will also look great. If you don't have any colorful chairs on hand why not decorate your chairs with colored crepe paper, card or throws and finish each of them off with a colored cushion, balloon and streamers that match their place setting.

  • Don't forget to add a fun or tasty Rainbow table centerpiece too! - a rainbow-shaped birthday cake with colored frosting and candles, a mylar rainbow balloon, a pretty bunch of colorful flowers, a cupcake stand with multi-colored cupcakes or a big gold 'pot' full of gold chocolate coins and colorful candies (M&M's, Skittles etc.) will all work really well.

Free Rainbow Party Table Decorations

When you need to add a splash of color to the kids party table or party play area, then here are a few free rainbow decorations you can use...

Free Rainbow Party Placemats

Free Rainbow Party Napkin Holders & Coasters

Rainbow-Colored Party Food & Drinks

If you really want to go that extra mile why not make the children's party food part of your rainbow birthday decorations by making them colorful too - colorful sandwiches, soft drinks, sauces, dips and so on... 

Go ahead and take a look at the rainbow party food and drink ideas on this page to help get you started.

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Rainbow Kids Party Party Games & Activities

Kids love party games and activites so here's a few fun rainbow kids party games and activities that you might want to consider having at your party...

Rainbow Coloring Sheets

A popluar kid birthday party activity, especially for younger kids is to give them some coloring sheets, crayons, markers, paints, etc. and 'let them loose' coloring in.

Rainbow Cupcake Decorating

Another great party activity, and especially popular with the girls. Either make your own cupcake's before the party or pick up some plain cupcakes from your local bakery, then set out some decorating stations with aprons, colored frosting and a variety of tasty toppings. Give each of the kids 2 or 3 cupcake's each to decorate and let them loose! They can always take their cupcake creations home at the end of the party in their party favor bags.

Rainbow Face Painting

Kids love to have their faces painted, so see if you can get one of the parents to help or volunteer to take it in turns painting the kids faces.

Fruit Loop Necklaces

This is a fun and simple  party activity which the younger children can do together. Give each child a length of string and a small bowl of colorful gummy fuit candies or fruit loop cereal such as "Cheerios". They can loop the string through the hole in the Cherios and tie-off for a beautifully colored and edible necklace to take home!


You will need some clear oil and clear alcohol together with some water and  different colored food dyes. Give each of the kids a small bottle with a screw or sealable top.  Get the kids to partly fill their small bottle with some oil, then alcohol, then water and repeat until the bottle is full.

Color each ot the liquids different colors before pouring them into the small bottles. Each of the liquids will float at different layers in the bottle a produce a fun and pretty toy. Hot glue the bottle tops on before letting the kids play with their bottles.

Find a Rainbow

This is a simple and sweet game for toddlers and the younger kids.

Hide some colored candies/bags of candies (or party prizes) around the play area. Get the kids to sit together in a circle and get each of the kids to take it in turns finding something in the party area with a certain color. When asked, they must go and find their colored object and bring it back to the circle to share.

Rainbow Bubble Time

This is always a popular kid birthday party  activity - give each of the kids a bottle of bubble solution and let them loose blowing rainbow bubbles outside!

You can show them the rainbow pattern that the soap produces on the surface of each bubble and get them to chase and pop them. If you feel like going the extra mile, hire a bubble blowing machine - the kids will LOVE this!

Rainbow Guessing Game

Put lots of M&M's, skittles (make sure you count how many go into the jar in total), colored wine gums, gummy bears etc. in a jar and get the kids to take it in turns guessing how many candies there are in the jar.

The one to guess closest to the correct  number wins the candies (to share with the rest of the kids!? ;-)

Rainbow Treasure Hunt

Hide lots of bags of candies or fun prizes around your birthday party area for the kids to find. At the very end of the hunt, the kids will find a treasure chest (which can be made from a small cardboard box) full of candies and treats that everyone can share.

Rainbow Pinata

The kids always love a pinata - find any multicolored pinata and suspend it from a tree, line or post in the garden (or in the party play area in you don't mind the mess!) and let the kids take it in turns being blindfolded and have a go at hitting the pinata to get at the treats inside.

They'll love it almost as much as the candies that they'll be able to collect and take home!

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Rainbow Party Coloring Pages

Go ahead and print out as many of our free kids party coloring pages as you like - they're great not only as a fun kids party activity but also make fun party decorations and for making your own fun kids coloring page party invitations! (see the Rainbow Coloring Sheet Invitation idea above):

Free Rainbow Birthday Coloring Sheets

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 Rainbow Kids Party Food & Drink Ideas

You can have a LOT of fun creating special kids party food and drinks to match your rainbow birthday party theme. By adding a few drops of food coloring to both the party food and party drinks as well as to sauces and dips, you'll create some amazing and increadibly fun food that the kids (and parents) will love!

By baking your own cookies, bread, hamburger baps, hot dog buns, cake mix, pizza dough etc. and adding different colored food coloring to them, you'll be able to create a huge range of unique rainbow foods - you can even cut the dough into rainbow shapes before baking!

Why not present the rainbow party food on blue (sky) or yellow (sun) serving dishes, plates or napkins so that the party food has a blue sky or yellow sun background :-)

Rainbow Party Food Ideas

Hunting for that pot of gold at the end of the birthday party rainbow is hungry work for young rainbow-chaser's, so here's a few rainbow party food ideas to help keep their energy levels up...   

  • Amazing Rainbow Sauces and Dips - Kids just love tomato ketchup, mayonaise and mustard with their hamburgers, hot dogs and so on. But who says that they have to be the colors that they are? ;-) How about adding creating your own unique colors with a few drops of food coloring, for example - orange mayonaise, purple ketchup, green mustard..and so on. You'll have a blast making them and the kids will love them!
  • Rainbow Party Sandwiches - Add all sorts of colored sandwich fillings (green lettuce, red tomatoes, golden peanut butter, yellow cheese, white onions, etc.) to your homemade colored bread, rolls and baps and create amazing rainbow sandwiches!For some additional fun, why not cut the sandwiches into rainbow shapes using a small knife or rainbow-shaped cookie cutter.
  • Sunshine Burgers - Add some yellow food coloring to your home made hamburger baps so that they look like the sun! Serve them up yellow cheese filling, orange mayonaise and garnish with golden fries or a rainbow salad!
  • Rainbow Hotdogs - Serve hotdogs inside your homemade colored hotdog buns and garnish with red and purple ketchup and yellow mustard.
  • Magical Rainbow Pizza - Top the pizza's with different colored sauces, cheese and toppings and cut each one or each pizza slice into rainbow shapes. If you're making you own pizza,s, you can always color the dough and cut them to shape before you bake them in the oven.
  • Rainbow Salad - A mixed-colored salad with (green) lettuce, (red) tomatoes, (orange) carrots, (red, yellow, orange and green) peppers, and so on.
  • Rainbow Fruit Salad - A mixed fruit salad made up of lots of colors, with apple, kiwi, banana, strawberries, pineapple, melon, cherries, cranberries, blueberries and so on.
  • Rainbow 'Dipping' - Why not provide some fun nibbles and dips for the parents too by setting out a selection of tasty dips together with a range of delicious colorful dipping 'sticks' - celery, carrot, cucumber, pepper (red, green, yellow and orange) to dip into some fresh guacamole, humous, sour cream and chive dips.

Kids Rainbow Party Drinks   

  • Magical Rainbow Surprise - Freeze some red, yellow, green, blue and purple colored juices into ice cube trays - grape, strawberry, apple, orange, cranberry and blackcurrent juices are all good). As an extra-special touch make the ice cubes in heart or star-shaped ice cube trays. On the day of the party, serve each little rainbow party guest a glass of 7-Up or lemonade and let them drop in a 'magical' rainbow ice-cube into the drink.... and watch how their drink becomes colorful - magically!
  • Rainbow Fruit Juices - Serve different colored fruit juices, like cranberry juice, pineapple, apple etc.
  • Rainbow Soda - Add a few drops of food coloring to clear soda (7-Up, Sprite or Soda Water) to make red, green, yellow, blue, orange colored drinks - You could also serve colored Kool Aid etc.
  • Rainbow Ice Cubes - Add a few drops of different colored food coloring into each ice tray or different colored fruit juices and freeze. When they are ready, serve them in clear drinks like 7up, Sprite, Water, etc.

Kids Party Snacks & Treats   

  • Rainbow Candies - Set out colorful serving bowls filled with mixtures of colorful candies like M&M's, Gumballs, Starburst, Skittles, and so on.
  • Rainbow Ice Cream - Serve the kids up some amazing looking 'rainbow ice cream' or create your own by serving a selection of different ice cream flavors of different colors like strawberry, mint, banana, vanilla and so on.
  • Rainbow Jell-O Cubes - Make a variety of different colors and flavors of Jell-O. Pour the colored Jell-O mixtures into seperate ice-cube trays so that you have several trays of different colors and freeze. Serve a mixture of colored cubes to each of the guests on a clear glass dish.
  • Rainbow-in-a-Glass - To create your own 'rainbow in a glass', you'll need a variety of different colors and flavors of Jell-O. Mix the first flavor according to the directions, then pour a small amount of the mixture (about 1" deep) into 8-12 clear glasses and refrigerate. When this first colored layer has set, make the next flavor and pour the mixture into the glasses on top of the first flavor (another 1" deep)and refrigerate.Repeat this with the remaining flavors until the glasses are filled to the level you want. You will now have a beautiful rainbow in each of the glasses to serve up to your guests! :-)

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Rainbow Kids Party Favor Ideas

Small colored paper bags or plain white bags decorated with a colorful sticker make great (and inexpensive) party favor bags

Alternatively, you could use our free rainbow kids party favor bags below - just print as many as you need, cut and glue the flaps and you'll have the perfect little rainbow party bags!

Free Rainbow Party Favor Bags

Why not finish off your party bags with a colored ribbon and attach one of our free rainbow birthday gift cards, which you can use to write each of your party guests names on...

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Here's some fun ideas for treats to include in your rainbow party bags or to give out as rainbow party games 'prizes' during the party:

  • Colorful hairbrush or comb
  • Rainbow colored stickers
  • Small toy
  • Rainbow party coloring sheets
  • Multi-colored biscuits
  • Rainbow party "action photo" (taken during the party)
  • Kids T-shirt with a rainbow picture printed on it
  • Colorful photo frame with photo from the party
  • Keyring
  • Costume jewelry
  • Small torch
  • Inexpensive kids watch with colored wristband
  • Colorful candies
  • Crayons, coloring pens etc.
  • Colorful hats or caps
  • Colorful fun socks
  • Cupcakes
  • Bubble bottle

and anything else you can think of that's rainbow colored and safe for the kid's :-)

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Free Rainbow Party Thank You Cards

If you want to say a big 'Thank You' to your party guests for coming and making your rainbow birthday party such a special and colorful occassion, then here are some free rainbow kids party theme thank you's we've created for you to use - Just print off as many as you need and pop one inside each of your little rainbow kids party bags...

Kids Rainbow Birthday Thank You's

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Your Rainbow Parties & Ideas

Sharing your Rainbow kids party ideas is a fun way to help other parents make their Rainbow birthday parties even more memorable and special. It's also a great way to encourage them to share their birthday ideas...which in turn, may help you with your next birthday party! ;-)

Maybe you've got a colorful good idea for a Rainbow birthday cake or party invitation? Or a fun Rainbow party activity or game idea? Maybe you've created some dazzling Rainbow party costumes or birthday decorations that'll help inspire others?

If so, we'd ALL love to hear from you...

Please take a moment to submit your own Rainbow kids party ideas

Thanks for sharing! :-)

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