Nemo Birthday Party

Nemo Birthday Party

"Welcome to our Nemo Birthday Party which is swimming with Nemo party ideas and FREE Under the Sea birthday cards and grab your swim fins and come on in..."

This is an ideal party for little ones aged 3+ to splash around and have lots of fun with.

For toddlers, a 2 hour party should be long enough before they get too tired - Choose maybe 1-2 activities and 2 nemo party games from our birthday ideas below.

Each nemo birthday game and activity should take around 30 minutes, with the party food and cake 'munching' making up a total of around 2 hours. If you want to stretch your Nemo party out for older kids, just add one or more of our Under the Sea party games or activities below to make up the time.

Please Note: These printables are free for your own personal use. Please go ahead and print as many copies as you need for your child's birthday party.

Free Nemo & Under the Sea Adventure Birthday Party Goodies...

Under the sea birthday party ideas

Use the list below to swim straight to the page section you want or simply drift with the current down the page and take a look at all the free printable Nemo birthday cards and decorations available:

Nemo Under the Sea Birthday Party Invitations

Here are some of our free printable under the sea birthday invitations for you to print and "swim over" to your shoal of young birthday guests...

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Finding Nemo Party Decoration Ideas

  • Check out the toybox! There are probably lots of fish or ocean toys to use for decorating the table.
  • Colouring books have great designs, just photocopy the fish theme pages you like best.
  • Some blue cellophane paper stuck to the windows will give an underwater feel to the room. See the activities to turn this into an aquarium.
  • Blue and green streamers can be hung from a doorway for the children to walk through to the main play area.
  • Some long, thin pink baloons tied together will look like anemones. You’ll need around 16 in each group. Just stick some card or paper clownfish among them for a great effect.
  • Use Nemo themed cups and plates to tie in the the theme (these will be available in most supermarkets) and a simple blue tablecloth could be sprinkled with shells
  • .

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Nemo Birthday Party Food Ideas

  • Fish fingers obviously!
  • Pasta shells.
  • Fishy burgers – fish fingers in a bun with ketchup.
  • Octopus hotdog sausages – cut the hotdog sausages lengthwise up to just over half, then cut each half into 4 strips. You now have 8 legs. When the hotdogs are put into hot water the legs curl!
  • A fish shaped cookie cutter can be used to shape sandwiches, or even make some cookies too.
  • Blue/green jelly in a big glass bowl with gummy fish set inside would look spectacular as a centerpiece on the table!

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Nemo & Under the Sea Party Craft Activities

  • Ocean In a Jar – Materials: Empty jam jars, or baby food jars, with lids; water, blue food colouring, baby oil, beads or pearls and glitter.

    First put some glitter and pearls in the jar, add water to just over halfway up. Put a few drops of blue colour in then add the baby oil to fill. Put the lid on tightly and shake. These are fun to make and really pretty to take home. Little ones will need a bit of help.
  • Aquarium – Materials: Cut out fish and marine shapes, coloured pens or crayons, blue cellophane or blue card.

    Make sure there are enough shapes for at least 2 each. Children can colour in their fish then stick them to the card or cellophane in the window to make an aquarium. A colouring book is a good resource for the shapes, photocopy the designs and cut out ready.
  • Sea Shell Picture Frame - Materials: Small simple wood or strong card picture frames, small sea shells, sand, craft glue, pearlesent craft paint , glitter, dried seaweed.

    Have the children brush or spray craft glue around the edge of the picture frame then sprinkle sand to cover the glue to cover the frame. When the glue has dried, let the children loose glueing their small shells, seaweed etc. on top of the sandy picture frame using the craft glue. The shells can be painted with a pearlesent paint and sprinkeled with glitter before glueing them to the picture frame.

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Nemo & Under the Sea Adventure Party Coloring Sheets

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Nemo Birthday Party Games

  • Dig in the sand – This is great if you’ve got a sandpit but if not, you can use a washing bowl or small paddling pool filled with sand. Bury little fishy toys and treats for the children to take in turn to dig out.
  • Musical fish – based on musical statues. The children move like fish (eg swimming motions) to the music, and when the music stops must keep still holding their pose.
  • Going Fishing - Hang a sheet halfway up a doorway. Make a fishing rod from a cane and some string with a paperclip for the hook. Children take it in turns to fish for a prize, while someone on the other side of the sheet attaches a toy to the clip. When they tug twice the child can pull in their catch.

Nemo Under the Sea Party Prizes & Favors

With the new Finding Dory film being released soon there will be no end of merchandise to choose from along with Nemo toys. Buy bulk sets from discount stores.
  • Magnets, colouring books, crayons and stickers all in a fishy theme.
  • Bubbles – these will be really popular with the little ones, either bubble guns or bottles with wands.
  • Miniature bucket and spade sets - these can be used with the digging in the sand activity. Smaill plastic sieves are great for 'fishing out' treasures hidden in the sand.
  • Inflatable safety arm-bands, swim fins, rubber rings or swimming goggles.
  • Child's fishing set or fishing net for catching those little 'tiddlers' in the local pond, lake or stream.
  • Nemo or ocean-related coloring pages or coloring book ans small crayon or coloring pen/pencil set.

Free Printable Nemo Party Favor Bags

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Thanks for Coming to My Party

Don’t forget the thank you cards! Here's a few fishy ideas for thank you's you could use...

  • Take a digital photo of the children with their “aquariums” which they created as a nemo craft activity. They’ll be so proud of seeing their work on a photo together with their best friends.

    If you have a home printer, print the photos and pop them into a small picture frame decorated with sea or mussel shells, dried sea weed etc. - making their picture frame could be another sea adventure party activity).
  • Fish-shaped thank you cards - Make your own Finding Nemo-inspired thank you's by cutting out fish-shaped cards from premium paper and get your birthday boy or girl to write their thank you message on.

Free Printable Nemo Party Thank You Cards

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