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"These fuzzy-buzzy Bee Party Theme ideas and Free-Bee Party Printables will have your little party bees 'buzzing' with excitement!"

Aren't these little bees cute...with their big shiny eyes, delightfully delicate little wings and broad friendly smiles...its no wonder so many young kids adore little bees :-)...and the Bee party theme is just as adorable.

Having a happy group of young boys and girls dressed in little yellow and black bee costumes with baby-sized wings, bouncy 'antenae' on their heads and all "buzzing" around the party having fun, is just so sweet.

If you're thinking of throwing a Bee birthday party, you'll find a swarm of lovely bee party theme ideas, games and free bumble and honey bee party treats on this page to help bring your little bee's birthday party together.

Childrens Bee Party Theme Ideas & FREE-Bee Printables...

You´ll also find lots of FREE printable Bee party theme cards and decorations all of which are free for your own personal use and have been created especially by us to help make your party planning easier, fun and a little less expensive ;-). Please feel free to print as many of our free Bee printables as you need...

Bee Party Ideas and Free Birthday Printables

To collect all the free-bee nectar treats and bizzy bee birthday ideas here, you can either buzz on down the page, or make a selection from the bee party menu below...

Bee Party Theme Invitation Ideas

If you're looking for some cute bee party invitations to send to your bizzy little party guests, here are some free bee birthday invitation cards we've created especially for our Bee party theme page - just click on the images below and print as many invites as you need...

Free-Bee Party Invitations

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Making Your Own Bee Party Theme Invitations

If you've got creative "bizzy-bee" fingers and would love to make your own bee party theme invitations, here's a few simple homemade invitation craft ideas to help get you started...

Bee 'Mobile' Invitation

  1. Start by making 2 identical copies of your bee's body - cutting out the body shape from a 2 pieces of yellow or white card (it´s easier if you place the card 'back to back' then cut out your shape.
  2. Next, make a cute pair of bee´s wings by cutting wing shapes from a piece of vellum, then add a couple of drops of glue to one end of each of the wings and sandwich them between the two body pieces together with a loop of pretty yellow ribbon (to create a mobile).
  3. Make sure the baby bee's body is stuck together well, then leave it for a little while to dry. Once the glue has dried, paint or color some little black or brown stripes on both sides of its body (or leave one side blank for the space to write your invitation message if you like). Remember to draw a happy, smiling face on the bee so you don't scare the other baby bees (and mom's) when they receive the invite ;-).
  4. Once the baby bee invite is ready, you can then either write your invitation wording directly on the blank side of the card, in the yellow spaces between the black stripes, or print your message on a separate piece of paper and glue it to one side of the bee..and voila!

Bumble Bee Costume Invite

Have the birthday boy or girl dress up in their special bee party costume and take some fun photos of them ´buzzing around´. Print copies of your favorite photo and glue each one to the front of a plain foldable card - you can pick up inexpensive plain card packs and envelopes from most book stores or card shops.

Alternatively, if you're pretty good with a computer you can use your photos to create your invitations directly in a desktop publishing program and include your invitation wording on the card before printing it out.

Bumble Bee Gift Invite

Cut out a "luggage-tag" shape or a small foldable gift tag card  from yellow card (or use one of our free bee gift tags) and decorate the front of it with a bee sticker, black or brown stripes or stick on a photo of the birthday child in their bee costume!

Write your invitation words on the other side of the luggage tag or inside the gift tag card and tie it to a small inexpensive toy bee, with black, brown or yellow ribbon. Each of the party guests will be delighted with their little buzzy bee gift toy and will definitely want to bring them to your bee party so they can all play together!

Personalized ´Baby-Face´ Bee Party Invitation

Cut out the shape of a cute little bee from yellow card then color and decorate the body with black stripes, yellow or black ribbon, glitter and so on.

Using a cute photograph of the birthday girl or boy, cut out and glue a picture of their face in place of the bees face and write your birthday party invitation on the back of the bee or on its wings in black ink.

Bumble Bee Coloring Sheet Invitation

Print out one of our free bee coloring sheets . Flip it over then print out or write your party invitation wording on the back. Fold the coloring sheet invitation and place inside an envelope together with 2 small (yellow and black)  coloring crayons. Secure the envelope with a bee sticker.

Invitation Wording Ideas for the Bee Party Theme

If you need a little help with the wording for your bee birthday invitations, here are a few invitation wording ideas that may help...

  • "Please come play and be a "bizzy bee" at Jessie's (your child's name) special Bumble Bee 4th Birthday Party on ....... (time and date) at ........... (address). Bring your best buzzy bee wings and your biggest smile. We look forward to you "bee-ing" there...R.S.V.P ´The Queen Bee´ (mom!) at ........... (your contact details)".

  • "Dear Jemma (guest´s name) , ´buzz´ on over and help celebrate my special "2nd Bee-Day with me on......... (time/date) at the birthday 'beehive' ......... (address). We'll have lots of bumble fun with bizzy-bee games, honey bee snacks and tasty treats. 'Bee' there!".

Remember to provide the party date, time, location and your contact details together with any costume or dress code requirements (like: 'none', honey bee 'smart' or bumble bee 'casual' ;-) and don't forget to include a map or directions to help your guests find the party venue!

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Buzzy Bee Party Theme Decoration Ideas

Setting up sweet little bee party theme decorations throughtout the party area will create a really fun and exciting party venue for the children and parents and will make the party that much more special and memorable.

You'll also have a ton of fun together as a family creating and setting up your bee party theme decorations.

Bee Party Decoration 'Checklist'

Here's a quick 'checklist' of bee party theme decorations to help you think about what 'props' and bee decorations you may want or need to get together for your party.  A lot of these are simple and fun to make yourself and some you may already have lying around your house or yard just waiting to be used ;-)

Bee Party Theme Music

Fun birthday party songs that the kids can sing along to are always great fun and popular with the younger kids and will create a fun party atmosphere, particularly when the kids are playing party games and tucking into their party food.

If you don't have any birthday party music at home, try your local library. They are usually a good source of kid's party music and you can rent the CD's you need for your party for little or no cost.

Pictures of Bees, Honey Jars, Flowers, etc.

Make sure you've got lots of pictures of bees, honey jars, beehives, flowers and even honey bears to decorate and hang up around the party area.

You can always create your own pictures and collages from colored paper and card or by printing out and using some of our free printable bee party decoration ideas and designs...

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Toy Bees

Soft, cuddly toy bees, plastic bees, pots with 'honey' marked on them (with a sticker or using a marker pen) and plastic flowers all make great party props. Setting them out around the bee party area and the party table will look great.

Bee Party Flags

Colored bee 'bunting flags' stapled, glued or taped to long lengths of string look great hanging from the ceiling above and around the beehive party area, the party table and the birthday bee's flower garden in the backyard (hung between trees or posts).

Here is one of our free printable bee party theme flags you can use to create your own bee party bunting - just go ahead and print as many as you need...

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Birthday party flags are also fun to waive around  - you can make your own or get the kids to make their own (as an organized party activity) by drawing and coloring their flag on a sheet of paper then taping or gluing them to short lengths of dowel.

Alternatively the kids could print off some of our free bee coloring sheets to use as flags or print and use our free bee party flag designs.

Here's where you can find lots of free-bee coloring page party decoration ideas and designs for you to use.

Bee Party Costumes

Get the parents to dress up for the party too! - a simple yellow, black or brown color scheme will all look great and you can always hand out homemade bee wings or bee antennae as your guests arrive.

You can make your own 'bee antennae' from a plain hair band with two pipe cleaners stuck on for the left and right antenna and each finished off with a yellow pom-pom, yellow ping pong ball or sponge ball.

Buzzy Bee Balloons and Party Streamers

Make sure you have lots of yellow and black or brown party streamers and colored balloons which you can hang up in bunches and scatter around the party area for the bees to have fun with.

The kids can also have lots of fun drawing happy bee faces and painting black stripes on the yellow balloons to make their own special buzzy bees - this makes a great organized kids party activity.

If you can get someone along to the party who can create balloon animal shapes then the kids will love it. You can always get them to create lots of individual bee balloons for the party guests and they'll also make great party favor gifts for the little bees to take home after the party.

Giant Beehive or Queen Bee Pinata

The kids will love having a giant beehive or giant queen bee pinata in the back yard to buzz around during the party. It will create a good focal point in the kids to play area and makes a good place to gather for organized games and activities.

If you have a bee party pinata (like a bee, beehive or honey pot pinata) the kids will get more and more excited at the prospect of breaking it open and getting to all the goodies inside.

Beehive Map

Create a fun map of your party location (the Beehive) with lots of funny names for all the areas the kids can go and explore of play in. It can also be used to direct the kids to where the next game or activity is going to happen or can also be used as a 'treasure or scavenger hunt clues map'.

Bee Party Theme Decoration Ideas

Welcoming Your Birthday Guests to "The Beehive"

Here's some fun homemade bee party decoration ideas that'll help set the scene and create a great first impression with your party guests as they arrive...

  • Cut out the shape of a giant "queen bee" from card or cardstock and decorate it with yellow and black tissue paper, ribbons, glitter, yellow pom-pom antennae and just about anything you can think of to create a really special (and unique Queen Bee ;-) .
  • Attach it to your front door with tape or string (just make sure the bee has a happy, welcoming face as you don't want to scare your young guests!) and tie bunches of yellow and black or brown balloons around the door with cute bee faces drawn on them.
  • Create a 'Welcome Sign' above your front door and/or front gate and write a welcoming message on the sign saying something like... "Welcome little buzzy bees to (Jenny's) Birthday Beehive", to let your party guests know that they've arrived at the right beehive!
  • Cut-out lots of shapes from card and colored paper - bees, honey jars, beehives, flowers, honey bears and so on - color, decorate and stick them up around your front door and along the walls inside your front door for your guests to see as the enter.
  • If you have a yard with fencing, stick or tie your shapes and pictures to the fence around your yard. You could also stick or tape your shapes to small dowel or bamboo sticks and poke the sticks into the ground along the side of your front path and around your garden or yard too.

Decorating 'The Beehive' Party Area

When it comes to creating a really special birthday party area, here are a few party decoration ideas to help get you started...

  • Create several simple but cute bee mobiles with funny faces by cutting out small bee shapes from yellow card, coloring black stripes and drawing smiley faces. Add 'antenna' to each of your cut-out bees using two drinking straws with a small pompom or piece of round sponge attached to the end of each straw, then hang your mobiles with yellow ribbon or clear fishing line.
  • Hang lots of yellow and black balloons, yellow and black streamers, pictures of bees, beehives, honey jars, posters and so on all around the party area too.
  • Draw funny faces on your yellow balloons (if you have the time ;-) or get the kids to draw the faces with black felt pens as one of your organized party activities - the kids will love doing this, then hang the balloons up from the ceiling so the kids can enjoy looking up at them during the party.
  • If you're throwing a bee party for Infants of toddlers, you can create a wonderful safe and snug play area by laying a large yellow blanket or rug on the floor below the bee mobiles and party balloons and scattering yellow floor cushions, cuddly bee toys, balloons, etc. around the edge of the blanket. This also makes a fun 'picnic area' and a great place for organized activities if the bees are very young (ages 1-3 years old).
  • You could also hang a large bee pinata or mylar bumble bee in the center of the "beehive" party area as a focal point and for the young bees to 'buzz' around.

Party Theme Decoration Ideas for the Birthday Table 

  • Kids picnic tables with benches either side of the table make for good bee party tables. Cover the party table with a yellow, green (grass) or bee-pattern paper table cloth and decorate with yellow and black plates, napkins, cups and utensils. If you have a yellow tablecloth, you can decorate it with black stripes using black tape, black crepe paper or black craft paint.
  • Place a large bee or beehive birthday cake in the center of the table as its centerpiece, or create a your own by painting a terracotta/flower pot yellow, writing 'Honey' on it and decorating it with pretty silk flowers and large felt or card cut-out bees on dowel or bamboo sticks. You could always fill the pot with candies (you can pad out the bottom of the pot with a cushion if it's too big to fill ;-)
  • Serve your party drinks in yellow cups with black stripes painted on (or use black tape) and pop a yellow or black straw into each cup with a little cut-out bee stuck or taped to each straw.
  • Scatter little bee toys, toy watering cans and pails around the table and fill the little pails or cans with silk or plastic flowers or flower shaped candies ;-)

Party Theme Decoration Ideas for the Honey Bee's Garden

Here are some party decoration ideas that are fun to set up if you're having the party out in your back yard and already have some suitable garden props to hand - such as watering cans, pails, flower pots, flowers (real or plastic) and so on.

  • Set out a picnic table at the center of the 'bee garden' for the kids to sit at and hang a giant pinata bee, balloons and colored streamers above it.
  • Set out lots of flowers and flower pots, watering cans and other garden props (filled with flowers) around the area and the picnic table, to create a pretty flower garden for your little bees to enjoy.
  • Make a few bee hives (to set out amongst your bee flower garden) by painting and decorating a couple of cardboard boxes white, to look like beekeeper beehives then set them around the flower garden. Add some finishing touches by sticking pictures or cut-out shapes of bees on each of your beehives and place a few amongst the flowers.

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Bumble Bee Party Theme Thank You Cards

After all the fun of the party is over, it's time to say a big "Thank You" to your little toddler bee party guests for coming and making the party such a "buzzing" success.

Here are a few free kids bee party theme thank you cards and notes you can print and pop inside each of your guest's party favor bags or use to send them a thank you after the party is over...

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Little Bees Party Games and Activities

Here's some 'sweet-as-can-bee' birthday party games and activities that'll create a real 'buzz' with the kids...

Bumble Bee Coloring Sheets

Coloring Pages are always great to have at a toddler party and make for a simple and fun organized party activity. Here are some free bee coloring sheets that we've created especially for the bumble bee kids birthday theme....

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Get the baby bees to have a go coloring these cute coloring pages in (with mummy or daddy's help!).  Once colored in, they make great party decorations, table place mats or free party favors for the children to take home.

Pass the Bumble Bee

Get all the little "bees" to sit in a circle (on mum or dad's lap if necessary) and pass a soft toy bee from one child to the next (while music is playing). Call "Buzzy Bee" and stop the music. The child left holding the toy bee is out of the game. Start the music again and continue passing the toy bee until you call "Buzzy Bee" again and the next child is out. Continue until there is only one child left - and they are the winner!

For kids who are knocked out of the game it can be a good idea to give them a prize to open while the game continues. This keeps them happy and ensures that all the kids get something for playing the game :-)

Bumble Bee Bubble Time

This is always a popular  birthday party activity - give each of the kids a bottle of bubble solution and let them loose blowing bubbles outside! See if you can get them to create a swarm of bumble bee bubbles and get them to chase and pop them.

Bumble Bee Pinata

The kids always love a pinata and the bumble bee pinata is no exception - Hang it from a tree or post in the garden (or in the party play area in you don't mind the mess!), make a giant "fly swatter" from some dowel, strong card or plastic sheeting and tape and let the kids lose on it (without blindfolds).

Baby Bee Hand Prints

Get each of the baby bees to make a cute set of hand prints using paint and card. Cover each child's hand with a generous layer of craft paint then carefully press their hand onto a piece of yellow card. If you want to go a step further you could make plaster imprints of each child's hand using a plaster kit which you can buy inexpensively from a local craft store.

These make great party favors and keepsakes for when the kids are older.

Baby Bee "Action Photos"

Take "action" photos ;-) of the party guests in the "Beehive" or the "Picnic Garden". If you have a printer you can print out the pictures before the end of the party and create cute free party favor gifts.

Making Bee Antenna

Give the kids (and parents) a yellow, white or clear plastic  hair band each together with two pipes cleaners (wire sticks covered in a white fuzzy material), some clear tape and two yellow or black pompoms. Tape each of the two pipe cleaners to the hair band so that they stick up like antenna then attach and tape the pompoms to the top of each antenna...and there you have it!

Bumble Bee Place Mats

Print out some of our free bumble bee coloring sheets,  get the kids to color, paint and decorate them. Once they are dry, laminate each page to make individual table place mat - simple! Alternatively you could cover each place mat with the clear contact paper (if you don't have a laminator).

Face Painting

See if you can get one or more of the 'arty' parents to help out at the party with painting the kids faces with craft face paint. The children will love having their faces painted to look like happy bees and they'll look great in your party photos and video too.

Alternatively, you could always see if you can get a local professional face painter along to create some really amazing faces.


This is played just like the game "Pin the tail on the Donkey" - Just cut out a large bumble bee shape from yellow card, decorate it and pin or tape it to a board or wall so that the kids can easily reach it.

Cut out the pointed shape of the bumble bee's 'stinger' from the same card and pop a drawing pin through the end (or use craft sticky tack instead) so that the kids can take it turns being blindfolded and trying to pin the stinger to the bumble bee in the right position. The one who comes closest sticking the stinger in the right place is the winner.

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Little Bee's Party Theme Food & Drink Ideas

To help add that 'something special' to your bumble bee party food, serve the food on yellow plates with yellow or brown/black napkins and yellow or brown/black utensils.

Drinks can be served in yellow or brown/black plastic or paper cups and you can always add brown/black stripes using a black crayon or by wrapping black or yellow tape around them (which is much easier).

Provide the kids with yellow or brown/black drinking straws (all kids seem to love straws) and decorate each drinking straw and cup by taping a small cut-out bumble bee onto them.

Childrens Bee Party Theme Food Ideas

No doubt the party bees will be working hard buzzing around the beehive and collecting honey from the honey bees garden ;-), so here's some fun party food ideas to help keep their energy levels up and their little wings buzzing!..

  • Bumble Bee and Flower Sandwiches - Make a selection of crustless sandwiches and fill with honey, peanut butter and jelly, nutella, cream cheese, ham and so on and cut the sandwiches into little bee  and flower shapes using bee and flower-shaped cookie cutters or your own skills with a knife ;-)
  • Flower Burgers - Create flower-burgers using soft sandwich bread  cut with a flower-shaped cookie cutter or knife into  fun shaped burgers.
  • Nectar Dip - For kids who love to 'dip', serve a variety of tasty dips in small yellow plastic or terra-cotta ("honey pots") and serve with  a colorful selection of dipping chips and sticks - nachos, breadsticks, celery, carrot, cucumber, pepper and so on. The parents will no doubt enjoy a few of these dips too!
  • Pizza Bees, Pizza Flowers and Honey Jars - Make or order a  plain pizza, cover with slices of mild cheese then cut into lots of small bee, flower or honey-pot shapes with a cookie cutter. If you're making homemade pizzas you can cut the dough and cheese slices into these shapes first to make it a little easier.
  • Honey Bee Fruit Salad - Slice, dice and mix lots of soft, sweet 'yellow' fruits like melon, banana, pineapple, pears and so on.
  • Melon and Pineapple Bees - Slice up several yellow melons and pineapples then cut the slices into bee shapes with a bee-shaped cookie cutter of knife. Lay the little fruit bees on a yellow serving dish then carefully 'draw' stripes and faces on each of the little bees with chocolate sauce or chocolate cake icing squeezed through a small nozzle.

Bumble Bee Party Drink Ideas

Collecting nectar from the honey bees garden and carrying it all the way back to the hive is thirsty work for young toddler bees, so here are a few bee party theme drink ideas to help quench their thirst...

  • Beehive Punch - Mix a large bowl of lemonade, pineapple juice and a small amount of honey..yummy! You could even add a big scoop of vanilla ice cream (the hive) on top!
  • "Bumble Berry" Juice - Fresh and healthy fruit juices - strawberry, cranberry, pineapple, apple, orange and so on.
  • Fizzy Bee Nectar - Sparkling Sprite or 7-Up with a few drops of yellow food coloring added ;-)
  • Bee-berry Shake - Yummy fresh fruit shake made from a healthy blended mix of chilled milk, blueberries, bananas and strawberries.
  • Hive Honey - Fresh full fat milk with a splash of pineapple juice added...yummy!

Kids Bee Party Theme Snack Ideas

What kids bee party theme would be complete without some tasty bee treats and snacks?... here are children's party snack ideas to tempt your little bumble bees away from all that healthy party food... ;-)

  • Marzipan Bees - Use a bee-shaped cookie cutter (or your own skilled fingers!) to create small bee from rolled marzipan and decorate with chocolate chips.
  • Buzzy Bee Cupcakes - Decorate some small tasy yellow sponge cupcakes with chocolate stripes or little smiling bee faces using colored icing or delicious chocolate sauce.
  • Flower Shaped Sugar Cookies - If you feel like doing some home baking, why not cut and bake some sweet cookies into flower shapes then decorate with yellow 'nectar' frosting.
  • Flower and Bug-Shaped Candies - Set out some little terracotta 'honey jars' or plastic yellow pots with a selection of flower or bug-shaped candies.
  • Ice Cream Hives - Serve up vanilla ice cream scoops stacked on top of each other to look like a beekeepers hive and decorate with flower and bee candies.

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Bee Party Theme Favor Ideas

If you're planning on giving out party favor bags to your little guests at the end of the party, you're welcome to use some of our free bee party favor bags below (just click on the image of the bags you want to use and save it to your computer, print then cut and glue the flaps on the bags, to make the perfect bee kids birthday theme favor bags).

Alternatively, you could always use inexpensive yellow or white paper bags sealed with a cute bumble bee sticker. If you use yellow bags, why not draw black stripes on them to give them a yellow & black bumble bee pattern, then make a small hole in the top to thread some yellow or black ribbon through and attach one of our free printable bumble bee gift tags...

If you're wondering what to pop inside your toddler party favor bags, here are some gift ideas to match the bumble bee kids birthday theme:

  • Yellow teethers/pacifiers
  • Yellow comb or brush
  • Bee stickers
  • Bee tattoos
  • Small soft, cuddly bee toy
  • Bee coloring sheets
  • Bee-shaped biscuits
  • Bee, flower or bug shaped candies
  • Bee party "action photo" (taken during the party)
  • T-shirt with a bee printed on it
  • Yellow T-shirt
  • Yellow photo frame with photo from the party
  • Yellow and black candies
  • Bubble solution
  • Crayons, coloring pens etc.
  • Hats/Caps
  • Fun Socks with bees on (of course)

...and anything else that's bee-colored or has a bee sticker or picture on it ;-)

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Kids Bumble Bee Birthday Cards

Here are some unique 'designer bee' birthday cards we've created especially for the bee party theme - just click on a picture or link below to save, print and send your special birthday bee a "Happy Buzzy Bee Birthday" greeting...

Free-Bee Greeting Cards

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Bumble Bee Birthday Gift Tags

Here's some cute little free bumble bee gift tags for the children's bee party theme that you can print out and use to make your bee birthday gifts extra special  - just save and print as many as you need, then secure them to your gifts with a lovely bee colored ribbon or a cute little bee sticker...

FREE Printable Bumble Bee Gift Tags & Labels

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ShareYour Bee Birthday Parties & Ideas...

Sharing your bee party theme ideas is a fun way to help other parents make their Bee party's even more memorable and special. It's also a great way to encourage them to share their party ideas...which in turn, may help you with your next birthday party! ;-)

Maybe you're "buzzing" with great ideas for a delicious Bee birthday cake or cute bee party invitation? Or a fun Bee party activity or birthday game? Maybe you've created some amazing Bee party costumes or birthday decorations that'll help inspire others?

If so, we'd ALL love to hear from you...please take a moment to add your Bee party ideas here.

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