Pirates of the Caribbean Party

Pirates of the Caribbean Party

"This Pirates of the Caribbean Party page is ´packed to the poop deck´ with Caribbean pirate party ideas, free pirates birthday invitations, birthday cards, party games and so much more..."

Avast thar me hearties!..So yer be seekin' a Caribbean Pirate´s Party adventure aboard the "Black Pearl" with Cap'n Jack Sparrow and his band of marauding sea-dogs ehh?

Are yer ready to turn yer home into the most feared Pirate party ship on the Caribbean Coast? Are yer ready to fill yer backyard with fearless young buccaneers in search of pirate booty?

Well, thar be a gang of Caribbean Pirate birthday party ideas and FREE pirates 'treasure' buried on the page below, so what are yer waitin' for?...start yer plunderin’ now!

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Ideas and Free Pirate 'Treasure'

Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Party Ideas

Be sure yer plunder the treasures on our main Pirate Party page too - it's ´full to the gunwales´ with priceless pirate birthday party ideas and unique free pirate party printables...yarr! 

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Characters

"If you think Cap'n Jack Sparrow was little bird called Jack who liked wearing a baseball cap, then this Pirates of the Caribbean "Who's Who?" is definitely for you!..."

Knowing who the main Pirates of the Caribbean characters are, can be helpful when it comes to making up fearsome pirate names for the pirate guests or roll-playing during the party - usually the grownups get press-ganged into being servants or 'slaves' to the young party pirates...or are the 'bad guys' or sea monsters who inevitably get defeated! ;-)...

  • Captain Jack Sparrow - The favorite rogue pirate and main star of the movies
  • Captain Barbarossa - Sailed with Cap'n Jack on the Black Pearl then mutinied. Left Cap'n Jack on a desert Island and took over command of the Black Pearl. Cap'n Jack's arch rival.
  • Captain/Commodore Norrington - A real 'goody-goody'. Always follows the rules and hates pirates. Tries in vain to capture Cap'n Jack.
  • Will Turner - Sails with Cap'n Jack to rescue Miss Swan from the clutches of Captain Barbarossa. Is the son of Bootstrap Bill, another well known pirate.
  • Davy Jones
  • Cutler Beckett
  • Elizabeth Swan -  The beautiful maiden who is initially kidnapped by Captain Barbarossa but who ends up embarking on lots of adventures with Will and Cap'n Jack.
  • The Black Pearl - the fastest, blackest and most feared pirate ship on the seas.

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Talk Like A Caribbean Pirate!

"Shiver me timbers! Ye be payin' a visit to olde Davey Jones' locker"

If you want your young party pirates to be able to "Arr" "Yarr"  and "Harr" like "Cap'n Jack Sparrow" and to know their "Grog" from their "Grub", then we've a whole Pirate Glossary and Essential Pirate Party sayings on our main Pirates Party page for you and the kids to have fun with - Make sure your Caribbean pirates sail on over and steal a peek, because if they can't talk like salty old sea-dog's, they'll be made to walk the plank for sure!

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Pirates of the Caribbean Party Invitation Ideas

"Cap'n Jack Sparrow invites ye aboard his Pirate party ship 'The Black Pearl', savvy?"

Making Your Own Pirates of the Caribbean Party Invitations

If you’d like to make your own unique Pirates of the Caribbean party invites, we’ve got a galleon full of great pirate party invitation ideas on our pirate invitation ideas page for you to 'raid and plunder'...here's just a few of the homemade pirate party invitation ideas you'll find:

  • How to create your own pirate writing paper and what writing fonts or style to use.
  • Pirate Message-in-a-Bottle Invite.
  • Treasure Map-style invitation.
  • Pirate Scroll Invitation.
  • Pirate Skull and Cross Bones Invitation.
  • Treasure Chest Invitation.
  • Jolly Roger Invitation.
  • Pirate's Eye-Patch Invitation.

And many more - so make sure you take a peek..

Free Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Invitations

If you've been left stranded on a deserted island and been unable to make or buy your kid's pirates of the Caribbean party invitations, here are some free printable pirate of the Caribbean birthday invitations that we’ve made especially for you to plunder and sail over to your party scallywags and cutthroats out there on the 'Seven Seas'...

Pirates of the Caribbean Invitation Message Ideas

Here's an idea for some wording to put in your pirates of the Caribbean party invitations...

“Ahoy ther ye scurvy-dogs! 'Cap'n Jack "Todd"(child's name) Sparrow'  be invitin' yer to celebrate his fearsome 6th (age) Caribbean Pirate Birthday Party on ....... (party date) at ....... (Party start time) aboard his mighty party ship "The Black Pearl".

We'll be sailing from our secret Caribbean Pirate cove at ....... (party address) for some swashbuckling party fun on the high seas and will be returning to port at ....... (party finish time).

Signal the captain with a "Yarr" if ye be joining the birthday party voyage, or get yer mom to call 'Captain Jack's' mom by phone on ....... (phone number) by ....... (RSVP deadline).

Make sure ye be wearing yer fiercest Caribbean Pirate costume and be talkin’ like a pirate, or ye be walking the plank at the end of me cutlass…Savvy?".

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Pirates of the Caribbean Birthday Cards

"Wishing ye the Happiest of Plunderin' Birthday's me old hearty!"

Are you looking for a fearsome Caribbean pirates birthday card to give to your young scallywag on his or her special day?...then here are some free printable pirates of the Caribbean birthday greeting card you can use:

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Pirate's Gift Tags

If you want to transform your 'Land Lubber' birthday gifts into roguish Pirates of the Caribbean birthday gifts fit for Captain Jack himself, then here are some free Caribbean pirate party ideas for gift tags and gift cards you can use...

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Pirates of the Caribbean Party Decorations

"She's the fastest pirate party ship on the high-seas Cap'n and she's ours for the taking!"

Awesome pirate decorations and cool pirate party costumes will really transform your kid's birthday party into a really fun and memorable occasion. They'll also help and help the children and parent's get 'into character' and make taking those great party photo's a snap.

You'll also have a ton of fun with your family and friends making and setting up your Caribbean pirate party decorations together.

We've put together an ocean of pirate party decoration ideas on our special pirate party decorations page together with a growing collection of free printable Pirates of the Caribbean party decorations on our free Caribbean pirates printable's page. Make sure you sail on over there and do some pirate decoration's treasure hunting - we're sure you'll find some golden decoration ideas to make it worth your while! ;-)

If you´re short on time to go shopping for your pirate party decorations, here are some of our free Caribbean Pirate decorations you can use...

Free Printable Pirates of the Caribbean Decorations

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Pirates of the Caribbean Party Activities

"Yarr...getting to know yer old shipmates before we toss 'em overboard!"

Pirate Coloring Pages

Pirates coloring pages make a great ice-breaker activity for parties of all ages. We've put all our pirate coloring sheets together on their own free printable pirate coloring pages island for you to print and use - Why not print a selection of these, set them out on a suitable table together with some colored crayons, pencils or paints and let the young Caribbean pirates get to work coloring in until all the birthday guests have arrived.

The Making of a Caribbean Pirate

Challenge your birthday pirate guests by telling them that they must first look like a real "Pirates of the Caribbean" Pirate to be worthy of sailing aboard the "Black Pearl" party ship and go hunting for missing "The Gold of Cortez". Get them to paint on beards, moustaches, scars, stitches and sideburns with face paint or draw on with eyeliner.

Dress the pirates up with bandanas, clip on gold hoop earrings, black eye-patches, temporary tattoos, and foam swords. You can also make sashes from black and red cloth or pick up or make Pirate hats for them to wear.

Pirates of the Caribbean Party Names

Come up with pirate names based on the Pirates of the Caribbean characters and use the guest's real names or personality traits as inspiration to create new ones. Use these party pirate names on your party name tags, table name cards etc. and make sure the pirates use their Caribbean pirate's names throughout the whole party!

Pirates of the Caribbean ‘Action’ Photos

Take 'action photos' of the kids posing in their Pirates of the Caribbean costumes with each other and individually. Get them to 'act out' scenes with each other for some additional fun photos. With the help of a friend or family member, print these before the end of the party, pop them inside a small pirate photo frame and let each pirate take one home as a party favor.

You'll find lots more fun and creative Caribbean Pirate party activities on our main Pirate Party Ideas page, including..

  • Pirate ‘Spyglass’
  • Pirate party Hats
  • Ocean in a Bottle
  • Party Favor Treasure Chests
  • Pirate party Flags

and many, many more.

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Pirates of the Caribbean Party Games

"Does ye be knowing how to play 'Dead Men Tell No Tales?' "

What Pirates of the Caribbean party would be complete without some mutinous and scurrilous pirate party games like ‘Walk the plank’, ‘Cannonballs Away!’ or a Treasure Hunt (for the gold of Cortez)?

There's an ocean of exciting pirate birthday games to be sailed...

  • Attack on deck!
  • Cannon Ball Toss
  • Cannonballs Away!
  • Find the Crocodile
  • Hook the Treasure
  • Musical Treasure Islands
  • Pass the Captain’s Parrot!
  • Treasure Island Treasure Hunt
  • X Marks the Spot!
  • and many more...

So raise the Jolly Roger, weigh anchor and set sail now for our amazing Pirate Games Page...if you dare! ;-)

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Pirates of the Caribbean Party Food & Drink

"Pirate belly-fillers fit for Cap'n Barbarossa's table"

It’s important to get busy in the ship's galley and rustle-up some hearty Caribbean pirate grub and grog for your band of marauding party cutthroats (particularly if you want to avoid a mutiny on your hands!). You'll find a huge collection of pirate party food & drink ideas on our main pirate party page food and drinks section - here's just a taste of what's on there...

Caribbean Pirates Party Food Ideas...

  • Dead Man's Chest – Chunky sliced brown bread or Hamburger bun filled with diced hamburger meat or ham, diced green salad, yellow chunks of cheese, chunks of red tomatoes.
  • Kebab Cutlass - Thread fruit or meat on kebab skewers or plastic sword shaped picks.
  • Parrots Legs  - Chicken drumsticks.
  • Scurvy Dogs - Hot dogs flying a Jolly Roger flag!
  • and many more...

Caribbean Pirates Party Drinks...

  • Pirate Grog - Fruit shake made by blending a healthy mix of colorful fruits like kiwis, oranges, blueberries, bananas, strawberries, etc.
  • Sharks Blood Punch – Make a punch bowl filled with red Kool-Aid and add small pieces of fruit to ‘float’ about the punch like body-parts!
  • Shark bite! – Fill several ice cube trays with red Kool-Aid or a red fruit juice and freeze them.  Give the young buccaneers a glass of Sprite and get them to drop a red ice cube into their Sprite - the kids will love watching the Sprite slowly turn pink and then red, just like the sea after a shark-bite!
  • A 'Watery Grave' - Ice water (with crushed ice)
  • and many more...

Free Pirates of the Caribbean Table Decorations

If you're in need of some mischievous Caribbean pirates table decorations that are fit for Captain Barbarossa himself, take a look at these free decorations we've created especially for you to use...

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Caribbean Pirates Party Favor Ideas

"Yarr!...treasured party 'swag' to be taking home and buried for safe-keeping.

Once the pirate party ship has returned to port, it's time to say a big pirate "Thank You" to all your best Caribbean pirate buddies for sailing over and making your birthday party such a treasured one.

Why not use some small, inexpensive white, black or red paper bags for your favors - sealed with a fearsome Pirates of the Caribbean sticker or decorated with one of our free printable Caribbean pirate designs.

Alternatively, you could use our free Pirates of the Caribbean party favor bags to hold all that pirate party 'booty' - just save the bag design you like best, print, cut and glue the flaps to make the perfect pirate favor gifts. Pop one of our free Caribbean Pirate thank you cards or notes inside your pirate bags too together with a thank you message like..."Thank ye fer comin' and makin' me birthday so priceless".

Free Pirates of the Caribbean Party Bags

If you're wondering what pirate 'booty' to pop inside each of your Caribbean pirates party bags (or what to give out as 'prizes' for the pirate party games), here are a few fun pirate ideas for items you could include:

  • Ring and gem shape candies
  • Skull  and pirate shape candies
  • Eye-patch
  • Pirate hat or cap
  • Gold and Silver chocolate coins
  • Pirate toy figures
  • Pirate 'tattoos'
  • Toy compass
  • Pirates of the Caribbean stickers
  • Toy telescope
  • Skull key chain
  • Pirate of the Caribbean Coloring sheets
  • Coloring pens and pencils
  • Fish-shaped candies
  • Goldfish crackers
  • Framed party 'action' photo of each guest dressed in their pirate costume
  • Inflatable parrot
  • Bandannas
  • Anything else that's suitable for the age group, fun and has a Pirates of the Caribbean picture or sticker on!

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Pirates Thank You Cards

Here are some of our free Pirates of the Caribbean party thank you cards you can print and  use to send a big "thank you" to your best pirate shipmates after the birthday party is over...

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Your Caribbean Pirates Parties & Ideas

Sharing your Pirates of the Caribbean birthday ideas is a fun way to help other parents make their Pirate birthday parties even more memorable and special. It's also a great way to encourage them to share their own ideas...which in turn, may help you with your next birthday party ;-)

Maybe you've got a great idea for a Pirate birthday cake or party invitation? Or a fun Pirate party activity or game idea? Maybe you've created some special Pirate party costumes or decorations that'll help inspire others?

If so, we'd all love to hear from you. Please take a moment to share your own Caribbean Pirate birthday party ideas here.

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Thanks for sailing over to our Pirates of the Caribbean Party Ideas page. We hope you had fun-tastic time and hope our party ideas and free Caribbean pirate printables help you to create your own treasured pirates of the Caribbean birthday party :-)

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