Princess Party

Princess Party

"The finest Princess Party ideas and FREE Princess Birthday Printables for the prettiest birthday princess in all the kingdom!..."

Once upon a time in a land far, far away, a beautiful young princess made a special princess birthday have the most enchanting princess birthday party in all the Kingdom...

To help make your princess's birthday wish come true, we've created this magical princess birthday party page together with lots of precious FREE princess 'gems' for you to use.

Young girls just love everything about princesses and princess parties...the glitz and glamour, the flowing dresses and sparkling jewelry, the fabulous palaces and fairytale endings.

The princess birthday party is without doubt one of the all-time favorite girl's parties and with so many real and fictional princesses and princess stories to get inspiration and ideas from, the sky's the limit when it comes to creating an amazing princess party of your own.

No matter whether you decide to hold your party at home or at a local venue there's tons of fun to be had and you'll find lots of exciting princess party games, activities and ideas right here to help you.

FREE Princess Party 'Gems'

"Precious princess party gems for the most precious of all princess"

To help make sure that your little Princess has a 'fairytale' princess birthday party, our palace entertainers, Royal artists and craft folks have been working hard to create some very special princess birthday 'gems' for you...

These include lots of FREE printable princess party cards and decorations all of which are free for your own personal use and have been created especially by us to help make your party planning easier, fun and a little less expensive ;-). Please feel free to print as many of our free Princess printables as you need...

Princess Birthday Party

Princess Birthday Party Invitations

"Hear ye, hear ye, the princess requests the honor of your attendance at her fairytale party"

If the royal carriage has turned back into a pumpkin or a hideous troll is blocking the bridge to the shopping mall and preventing you from buying your princess party invitations, then don't panic! ;-)... here are some free princess party invitations we've designed that you can you use - just click on the pictures below, save and print out as many sets of princess invites as you need...

Free Princess Party Invitations

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Making Your Own Princess Birthday Party Invitations

Making your own unique party invitations can be rewarding and great fun, so if you're feeling a little creative and in the mood for cutting, gluing and coloring, you'll find some great princess invitation ideas below, that you might want to 'try on for size'.

Princess Party Invitation Ideas

Here are some simple party invitation ideas that will add a touch of 'royalty' to the proceedings and create a 'buzz' even before the party has started:

Princess Invitation Paper

For a authentic "fairytale" look and feel use cream or beige parchment paper (or premium writing paper over 100 gram weight) which has been carefully torn at the edges and lightly colored by soaking for a short while in coffee or strong tea (or by dragging a wet tea bag over it) to give it a really good 'aged' look. 

The Princess's Royal Scroll

Paper invitations look really amazing if they are rolled up like a 'royal' scroll and tied around the middle with a pretty red, pink or purple ribbon and sealed with red candle wax, red play putty or a princess sticker.

Crown Invitation

Fold a piece of gold or silver colored card in half then draw the outline of a fancy crown or pretty tiara onto the card, making sure that the pattern overlaps at the fold so that when the card is cut, it will fold out as a single card and not in two seperate pieces.

Cut  around the outline with scissors to produce a lovely crown or tiara shape then write your princess party invitation wording  inside the card in colored pen.

The Princess Tower Invitation

Collect empty toilet paper or kitchen paper cardboard rolls. Seal the bottom of the roll by gluing some card or paper on the bottom then make a construction paper cone from a circle of card or paper, as a pointed roof for the top of the roll (tower).

Paint each of the the towers and roofs in gold, silver or princess pink (spray-paint is easier). Place a scroll invitation and a "princess ring" inside the "tower" and hand deliver to each princess guest! 

The Royal Palace Invitation

Fold a piece of gold or silver card in half then cut out the shape of a fairytale castle or palace. You can then open up the card and write (in pretty pink or lilac colored ink) or print and glue your invitation wording on the inside of the card.

Royal Sealed Letter

Print or handwrite your invitation on princess invitation paper (see the instructions above for how to make it) and put each invitation inside a royal invitation envelope (age the envelope as you did with the paper).

Seal the envelope with red wax, red play putty or a princess sticker and decorate with pink, silver and gold glitter.

Treasure Map-of-the-Kingdom Invitation

Create an old-looking map of your Kingdom (garden, house or backyard on a large sheet of paper). Divide (tear) the map into the same number of pieces as the number of invitations you want to send out, roughen up and stain the edges then put a X on each of the pieces of the map to highlight the location of some royal treasure or a treasure hunt clue.

Make a copy of the map (in case somebody forgets to bring their piece!), then place a piece of the torn royal treasure map in each invitation that you send out. When the kids arrive for the party, they can put the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle and start the treasure hunt by looking for each of the clues on the treasure map.

As well as creating a great-looking party invitation, this treasure hunt game can be a great icebreaker at the beginning of the party.

Royal 'Coat of Arms' Invitation

Fold your invitation paper in half down the center then draw and cut it the shape of a knight's shield with one side of the shield along the fold, so that it can be opened up like a card. Draw a simple 'family crest' on the front of the shield together with the guest's name (give them a fun princess name like "HRH Princess Alexa" ), a crown and decorate the card with glitter, etc. You can put the letters HRH in front of her name for ´Her Royal Highness´. 

If you really want to go to town with your Princess birthday party invitations, why not have a family member or a friend dress up as a royal messenger and have them hand-deliver each invitation on a red pillow? (just a thought ;-).

'Locked in the Tower' Invitation

Cut out the outline shape of a 'Castle Tower' from pink, silver or gold colored card and  decorate it with glitter so that it sparkles - you'll find pictures of Castles' and a 'Tower'  on our free princess printables page, that you can useif you get stuck for a design.

Once you've cut out and decorated your tower, print or write your party invitation message onto some pretty pale pink or white paper and glue it to  the back of your tower card.

Using Special Princess Fonts For Your Cards And Invitations

There are lots of printable fonts and handwritten styles that can be used to make your Princess party invitations look like they were written by Princess Aurora herself...

  • If you're going to print your invitation out from the computer you can download and use lots of free 'Princess or Royal Fonts' from font libraries on the internet. Downloading and installing them on your computer is simple and most sites offer easy instructions how to do it. Go ahead and type "free princess fonts" into Google to take a look.
  • Alternatively, if you have lovely handwriting or can do calligraphy, try writing your inviations in silver, gold or glittery pink-colored ink. You´ll able to find inexpensive pens with colored inks in from your local stationary or craft store...and they make fun princess party gifts too.
  • Write your invitations using 'royal language'...You'll find some examples of this in the invitation wording examples below and throughout the page.

Princess Parties Invitation Wording

So you've got your princess party invitations but you're not sure what to write inside? - if you're like me and often get stuck for ideas here's a few tips to help get you started:

Here's an example of some Royal invitation wording for your princess party invites:

"Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Princess's, Prince's, Knight's, Lord's, Ladies and Gentlemen, Her Majesty Princess ...... (name of birthday princess) of The Royal House of ...... (your family name), would be honored by your presence at the fairytale celebration of the 7th (?th) year of her birth.

The royal birthday party will be held at her fairytale castle .......... (house name and address) on ......(party date) and commence at ....... (time).

Horse and carriage should arrive to collect the young princesses from the party at ....... (party finish time). R.S.V.P to Her Royal Highness Queen ......... (your name) on ......... (your phone #).

Dress code : .......... (fill in with "princess casual" or "princess or royal attire" etc.)".

Remember to include on each of your princess party invites:

  • A fairytale Princess name - for each of the party guests. You can use each child's own name for inspiration, like "Princess Sophie" or even grander, like "Her Royal Highness Princess Sophie of ......... (town, school or state name).
  • The Princess party address.
  • The Queen's (you) contact telephone number.
  • The date, start time and finish time of your party.
  • A map or directions of how to get to your party (mark the location with a symbol of a fairytale castle)
  • Any Costume requirements

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FREE Princess Birthday Cards

"Wishing the young princess the happiest of birthday's"

If you've been locked in a tower by an evil stepmother and can't get to the shops to pick up a pretty birthday card to send to the birthday princess, then here are some free princess birthday cards 'to the rescue'  ;-) ...

Free Princess Birthday Greeting Cards

Homemade Princess Birthday Cards

If you're thinking of making your own special princess birthday card, then make sure you take a look at the 'Princess Party Invitations' section above - You'll find lots of fun and creative card making ideas that can be adapted to make your own very special princess birthday greeting card.

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FREE Princess Birthday Gift Tags

If you're looking for some magical princess gift tags to turn your princess birthday gifts from ´ugly frogs´ into 'handsome princes', then here are some free princess birthday gift tags we've created specially for you to use - simply save and print as many as you nee, then secure them to your Princess birthday gifts with a pretty colored ribbon...

Princess Birthday Gift Tag Ideas

Make Your Own Princess Gift Tags

Making your own princess gift tags is very simple if you have some premium paper or card handy and you can have a lot of fun creating 'shaped' gift tags to match the princess birthday theme. Here's just a few ideas for some great princess shapes you can use for your gift tags:

  • Princess Tiara or crown.
  • 'Glass' Slipper.
  • Princess Carriage.
  • The Princess's Dress.
  • A Magic wand with a star on the top.
  • Castle or Palace.
  • Throne.
  • Jewels.
  • Hearts.

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Princess Party Decorations

Chosing Colors For Your Fairytale Princess Party Decorations

A great way to start thinking about your princess party decorations is to decide on the colors or color scheme that you want for your party. This may depend on whether your daughter has a favorite princess and favorite colors that she wants, otherwise pink, lavender and gold are favorite colors for princess parties, although silver, yellow, purple and pale blue also feature often.

It's best to try and stick to two or a maximum of three colors for your theme to keep the decorations more 'elegant' (and easier and more cost effective to produce!)

Here's some dress color schemes from some well known Disney princesses, to give you some ideas...

  • Princess Ariel (Little Mermaid) - Emerald green (mermaid fins), rust red (hair), pink, white.
  • Sleeping Beauty (Princess Aurora) - Pink, pale pink, yellow/gold (hair).
  • Princess Belle (Beauty and the Beast) - Gold/yellow (dress), dark blue, brown (hair).
  • Cinderella - Blue, pale blue, gold (hair).
  • Princess Jasmine- Blue, pale blue, black (hair), gold (jewelry).
  • Snow White - Blue (dress), white, red, black

Princess Party Decoration´s 'Checklist'

Here's a quick list of fun princess party items that you may want to include in your princess party decorations...

Princess Party Music

Music is an important part of your princess party decorations - adding a fun and playful atmosphere and creating a happy and lively mood amongst the kids. It's great for the young princes and princesses to dance around to when there just having fun together and it's an essential part of many the princess party games - like "Musical Throne's" and "Walk Like A Princess" for example.

Here are some princess party music ideas which the young party princesses will love:

  • Music from any of the Disney Princess movies - Cinderella, Snow White, Aladdin (Princess Jasmine), Under the Sea (Ariel the Mermaid), Frozen, Beauty and the Beast, etc.
  • Classical music like the 'Nutcracker Suite' (Tchaikovsky), Swan Lake and Sleeping Beauty Suite.

Princess Party Flags

Colorful flags stapled or taped to string can be hung around the party area. Flags taped to small dowel sticks (with something stuck on the end for safety), can be 'stuck' in the ground around the play area or waved about by adoring royal fans!

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Castle/Palace Drapes

Secure long party-colored streamers and sheets around windows and doors and to the ceiling around the party area to hang stylishly like elegant royal drapes. You can also weave colored streamers together to make 'tie-backs' for your drapes to give them that special 'finishing touch'.

The Red Carpet

A red or pink carpet runner is one of the absolute 'must have' princess party decorations. You'll find lots of inexpensive examples on eBay or you could try to get hold of some inexpensive off-cut carpet from a local carpet store. Other options are to use a length of red or pink material, a roll of wallpaper painted and backed with card, or to simply use card (packing or appliance boxes are good for this too) which you can cut to the shape and tape to the length you need and them paint them the color you want.

Lead your carpet up to your front door and through into to the party area inside. Your young princess party guests will love it and it'll make them feel very 'royal' and special indeed!

Table Chandelier and Lights

A crystal (or plastic) chandelier hung above the party table or over the kids play/dance area will look fantastic. Small colored or white Christmas lights hung from the ceiling like magical stars will also look great and create a 'fairytale feel'.

Princess Party Balloons

Balloons are iconic princess party decorations and will look amazing floating and bouncing around the party area! They also make for great entertainment and can be used in a number of princess party games and activities, so go ahead and pick out 2 or 3 different colors of balloons to match your princess color scheme.

Just be careful to keep burst or uninflated balloons away from babies and young toddlers (who love to put everything in their mouths!).

Pictures of Princesses, Dragons, Knights...

Hanging up pictures around the party venue will give the young princesses the feeling that they really have arrived at the Royal Princesses Birthday Ball together with Prince Charming, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Ariel, Cinderella and the rest of them!

Hearts, Kisses, Gems, Jewels and Jewelry

Gold and silver chocolate coins, starburst candies, gummy jewels, beaded necklaces and any other gem or princess-themed candy make great decorations and "princess jewelry". Marbles, plastic coins, sea shells and costume jewelry also make great princess party decorations.

Frogs and "Kisses"

Every princess wants to be able to kiss a frog and turn it into a handsome prince, so pictures and figures of frogs together with pictures or 'cut-out' shapes of red lips, make great princess party decorations.

Castle's and Palaces

Putting up pictures of castles and palaces around the party area will give the young princesses the feeling that they're in a large kingdom with lots of princes, knights and other princesses living there. Similarly, pictures and figures of horses, carriages, armor and so on, will add an element of adventure and a medieval feel to your princess party decorations.

'Royal' Cushions

Red, pink, gold, silver, purple and lavender cushions are excellent princess party items...They'll look great on the chairs at the royal banquet table (particularly on the birthday princess's 'throne', scattered around the party area and are fantastic for putting the prizes and gifts on before 'presenting' them to the young princesses!

Setting out your Princess Party Decorations

Arriving at the Castle or Palace gates

First impressions count and that is especially true for with precious young Princesses who are used to giving out orders to their servants and getting their own way ;-) it's important to get the "Wow!" from your precious party guests the moment they arrive outside the 'Party Palace'.

Take some strong card and draw, cut out and decorate a large golden arch to attach over your front gate (and one over your front door too) for each of the princess party guests to walk under on their arrival and on their way into 'palace'.

Paint the name of your Palace or Castle onto the golden arch, together with a greeting message like "Welcome to the Enchanted Castle of ........ (your house name)", "Welcome to ........ (your child's name) Fairytale Castle" and so on. Make sure to decorate around the arch with bunches of pretty balloons and streamers matching your party color scheme.

Run a red carpet from the gate to the front door (if not too far!), otherwise just run some a short distance before the door (or use some red material or cardboard painted red). Giving the young princesses and princes the 'red carpet treatment' will make them feel really special indeed and they'll know that they've arrived at a real princess palace or fairytale castle!

Hang a few bunting flags outside the palace (and around the party area) - we've put together some free printable princess party flags for you, which you can print and staple or tape along the length of a long piece of string, until you have a long line of flags that you can hang up. You could attach the flags to a wooden or plastic dowel to stick in the ground along the side of the path leading from your gate to your front door, or around your yard, or for the party servants (parents!) to wave around as the princesses arrive.

If you want to have fun creating the appearance of a 'medieval castle', stack and glue or tape large cardboard boxes either side of your front door, to make too large towers or turrets. Paint and decorate them to look like 'stone blocks' and cut out narrow 'archers' windows and attach flaming torches (kitchen or toilet rolls with red, orange and yellow colored tissue paper stuck on top!) to each 'tower'.

Add a flag to the top of each tower with a picture of the birthday princess on or the "family crest" on and if you're feeling really adventurous, you could make a small drawbridge to raise and lower between the towers!

You can create and 'open drawbridge' by taping together and laying down several sheets of flat cardboard on the floor by the front door and decorating the cardboard to look like a wooden drawbridge. Create 2 large drawbridge 'chains' from strips of card (painted grey), by cutting lots of strips of the card, folding them into linked circles and gluing them together to form a chain. Attach a length of 'chain either side of the 'drawbridge' at the front and the other end of each chain to either side of the front door.

Inside The Princess's Palace or Fairytale Castle

On arrival, each guest could be sprinkled with 'Magical princess dust' (silver glitter) or rose petals (red, pink, white heart-shaped confetti) and you could hand out tiara's or small, glittery wands for the princesses to wave around.

See if you can get one of the parents to dress up as a Footman or a Lady's maid to hand out the tiaras and give the guests an 'official' Royal welcome.

Inside the front door drape a long pair of curtains for the guests to walk through to make them feel like they're walking into the palace ballroom.

From the ceiling hang colorful streamers, stars, hearts and even white or pink Christmas fairy lights and on the wall and hang a mirror on the wall with a sign saying "Mirror mirror on the wall who's the fairest of them all?" below the mirror so that the princesses can read it.

Why not set up a 'princess beauty station' where each princess could receive a tiara, some rouge and have her nails painted on arrival?

Decorate the walls with pictures of princesses, princes, knights, stars and hearts. For a bit of extra fun, you could put pictures of a frog on the wall with the words ”kiss me" written below the frogs face!

You can also stick up lots of princess kisses and cut-out pictures of hand-held mirrors with the words "you're the prettiest" written on them.

Dress the party area with lots of balloons to match your princess color scheme and place any princess toys your child may have, around the play area. If you use helium balloons, then let them float around the area on the ceiling with little bracelets, rings, necklaces and other little princess goodies, hanging from them by ribbon.

..And make sure you have some Princess music playing all the time!

Princess Party Decorations - The Party Table 

Start by creating a magical canopy above the princess party table. Use a light fabric pinned to the ceiling above the center of the table, so that it drapes down towards the party guests - you can tie or tape the corners of the fabric back on the ceiling or to the walls either side of the table and hide the 'ties' with small bunches of pretty silk flowers or clusters of pink, lilac and white balloons.

Hang a chandelier from below the canopy and decorate it with real or fake pretty flowers, Ivy, paper butterflies etc. You can also wind pretty fairy lights (Christmas tree lights are great) around the chandelier or string them below the canopy to look like magical stars - the princesses will love looking up from the table at all the stars shining down on them!

Cover the party table with a large pretty pink, lilac, gold or silver tablecloth or with a color to match your princess party decorations color scheme - a white or pale pink tablecloth with a pretty flower print on would also look lovely :-). If it's a Disney party theme you're having, then a tablecloth with a Disney princess print on would look great. Alternatively you could create your own Disney theme by gluing Disney princess pictures and images over a plain tablecloth.

Decorate each table setting with princess placemats name cards, napkin holders, drink mats and on each of the place cards, write a fun prince or princess party name on each of the guest's name cards, together with a fun little message ("Here sits a magical Princess from a far away kingdom") or a fun birthday joke, and tape a toy finger-ring or gold chocolate coin inside each of them too - the kids will love their little surprises!

A spectacular table centerpiece is a 'must' and there are none that will get the princesses more excited than an amazing princess birthday cake with pretty princess cake decorations. There are lots of great princess birthday cake designs and decorations you could go for - for example, a two or three-tier fairytale castle shape cake in white or pink frosting and decorated with flowers, unicorns and princess figurines. Place the princess birthday cake on a pretty cake stand and decorate the base with candles, tulle, flower garlands, candy and princess figures.

As an alternative to having a birthday cake centerpiece, why not sit a large toy frog on top of a velvet cushion (or have a foil balloon frog as the centerpiece tied with a pretty ribbon and weighted with a balloon weight or small pink bag of stones) and prop a card next to the frog saying "kiss me"!

A crown or tiara on a pink cushion or a big vase of fresh flowers together with a large bunch of helium balloons surrounded by princess toys and candy will also look great.

Scatter lots of pretty rose petals, 'kisses', stars and gems confetti, Hershey's gold and silver 'Kisses', gummy jewels etc. around the table and between the place settings and provide the young princes and princesses with silver or gold colored plastic cutlery, goblets and colored straws - you can use lots of the free printable princess pictures and designs on this site to help decorate your table items.

Transform your dining chairs into 'royal thrones', by draping pretty floral fabric over each one and decorating them with fake flowers, ivy, ribbons, tulle, stars, hearts and "princess kisses" etc.  You could also use gold and silver colored card or poster board decorated with glitter and pictures of crowns, kisses, gems etc. taped or tied onto the backs of each chair and wrap the chair arms with pretty ribbons. Tie a cluster of three balloons - pink, lilac and white - or a foil helium balloon, to the back of each chair with a pink ribbon and place a pretty velvet cushion on each chair for the princes and princesses to site on.

Give the birthday princess's "throne" some extra special attention and raise it up a couple of inches so that she sits higher than everyone else at the table. These free princess party ' Royal Coat of Arms' make fantastic chair decorations too, so why not print them out, write each of the prince's and princess's special party names on (there's a blank space for their name on each shield) and attach them to the back of their 'thrones' so they'll know where they're sitting!...

Make sure you also take a look at our Free Princess Party Coloring Pages for even more free princess pictures and princess decoration ideas.

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Princess Party Icebreaker Activities

Make sure you've got some fun princess birthday music playing in the background while the kids are involved in playing party games and doing special activities - Just about any of the Disney princess movie themes will do the job, together with music from the "Nutcracker Suite" , "Sleeping Beauty Suite" or "Swan Lake".

Princess Party Coloring Pages

This is a great ice-breaker activity for parties of all ages - We've put together a whole section of free printable princess coloring pages below for you to use. Why not print these out, set them out on a  table together with some colored crayons, pencils or paints and let the young princesses get to work coloring in until all the guests have arrived.

Princess ‘Fashion and Beauty’ Photos

Using a Polaroid or digital camera, take photos of the kids posing in their princess dresses  with each other. If you have boys dressed as princes, knights, dragons etc. you can take some great 'action' photos and set up different fairytale scenes with everyone in.

Print these before the end of the party and let them take them home as princess party favor gifts.

Princess Party Crown

Draw the flat outline of a crown (or tiara) lengthways onto white, pink, gold or silver colored card. Cut out the shape of the (flattened) crown from the card then glue the two 'ends' of the crown together with a craft glue like PVA or with strong tape, making sure there's room for their head in the middle otherwise they're very difficult to wear!

The Princess Crown can then be decorated with jewels, stickers, feathers, glitter and so on.

Magic Wands

Before the party, cut dowels to about 8 inches (28cm) in length and stick Styrofoam balls on top with some craft glue (PVA glue). Paint (spray paint is easiest!) them with gold, silver or pink paint. When the children arrive at the party get the children to pick a wand and    decorate it with glitter, sequins, feathers, ribbons and so on.

You could also cut out a star shape from colored card stock and stick on top of each of the wands to add some extra magic!

Princess Beauty Salon

If it's going to be an all-girl party, set up a large mirror and makeup and nail painting station. As each princess guest arrives, they can head straight to the beauty salon for a touch of lush, shiny lip gloss, some princess hair braids and a sparkly tiara to transform her into a dazzling party princess.

She could also have her fingernails painted from a variety of colors such as gold, silver, pinks and purples and be given a special princess party badge (sticker). Make sure you  allow plenty of time to let their nails dry ;-)

Princess Bracelets

Inexpensive craft kits from the local craft store of toy store can be a real 'hit'. Make sure though that there's enough craft pieces included for each party guest to make their own bracelet.

Alternatively, you could look at putting together your own bracelet craft kit from bits and bobs around the house, or add to the craft kits that you've bought, by including glitter, sequins, feathers, painted pasta shells, small homemade charms and so on.

Princess Treasure Chests

Before the party, buy or collect small cardboard boxes (one for each party guest) and paint them (spray-paint is easiest and quickest) gold, silver or pink to create small 'treasure box's'. Give a treasure box to each of the party guests and let them decorate their own treasure box with glitter, sequins, 'jewels', feathers, sea shells, and so on.

At the end of the party the princess treasure chests can be used as special party favor boxes to put all their party favors in and for each little princess party guest to take home as a special memento.

Sugar-Cube Palace

This is fantastic and fun party activity which takes a bit of time and concentration, but one that kids of all ages just love!...just make sure you have plenty of wipes or tissues on-hand to clean messy fingers and faces! You will need some white cake icing, some colored gumdrops and lots and lots of sugar cubes.

Get the princesses to sit at a large table where each has a silver foil-covered cardboard tray in front of them (with their princess name on it). When all the children are ready, spread out some white cake icing on the tray in front of each of them to make a sticky base. Get them to add the first layer of sugar cubes as the foundation of their palace or castle and then for each remaining layer to dip the cubes in the icing before placing them on top of the low sugar cubes, so that they stick in place. Decorate with colored gumdrops and other tasty treats.

Make sure you take lots of photos of the finished Princess palaces. These photos can be added to the party favor bags at the end of the party as fun mementos.

Building Cookie Castles

This is another fun and creative party activity that the kids will love!

You'll need some white cake icing, some assorted candies and lots and lots of wafer cookies (you can buy these inexpensively from an import store like Cost Plus). Get the party guests to sit at a large table where each has a silver foil-covered cardboard tray (with their princess name on it), a bowl of cookies with assorted candies mixed in and a bowl of white cake icing in front of them.

When all the kids are ready, spread out some white cake icing on the tray in front of each of  them to make a sticky base the get them to add the first layer of wafer cookies as the foundation of their castle and then for each remaining layer, to dip the wafer cookies in the icing before placing them on top of the lower wafer cookies. For the top of the palace, you can get the kids to stick down a layout of assorted colored candies.

Make sure you have plenty of wipes on hand to clean messy fingers and faces!

Princess Snow Globes

For this activity you will need to a small, clear baby food jar or water bottle for each of the party guests together with some clear baby oil, blue food coloring, glitter and star heart-shaped sequins.

Get the party princess to sit at a table and give each of them their small jar or water bottle and get them to add the sequins,  glitter, some water, just a couple of drops of blue food coloring and then fill the rest of the bottle with baby oil. After they've poured the baby oil into their bottle, make sure there is adult on hand to glue the bottle top on, so that you don't end up with a beautiful Princess Snow Globe setting all over your carpet floor!

Princess Party Flags

Lay out felt tip pens, fabric paint, crayons, pencils, etc. on a table and give each Princess a rectangular or triangular piece of material or    paper as a flag. Let them design and color their own Royal crests and patterns.

You can also lay out Princess stickers, cut-outs pictures, drawings and anything else that the young Princesses can glue on their flags. These flags can then be hung up around the party  area for added decoration.

You could also use these free printable princess flags.

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FREE Princess Coloring Sheets

Setting out a selection of princess coloring sheets around the party area, together with coloring pens and crayons or paints, is a great way to get the young party princesses engaged in the party activities. All young Princess's love to color-in and compare pictures with their friends.

You could also print, color and use them as party decorations or use the pictures as templates for making princess craft items and cards...make sure you head on over and check out our special Princess Coloring Sheets

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Princess Party Games

What princess party is complete without some adventurous and magical princess party games like "Cinderella's Lost Slipper", "Pin the Kiss on Sleeping Beauty" and "The Princess and the Pea"?

We've got so many exciting princess party ideas for games...

  • The Princess and the Dragon Eggs!
  • The Princess Walk
  • The Royal Dress-Up Relay Race
  • Pass the Frog
  • Pin the Wand on the Princess
  • The Queen's Missing Treasure
  • and many, many more...

that we've had to move them to their very own dedicated Princess Games page - so make sure to pay them a royal visit and have some fun!

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Princess Party Food & Drink Ideas

It’s important to get the servants busy in the palace kitchen's and to serve up a right royal banquet for all your royal guests (particularly if you also want to avoid being locked in the tower or turned into a frog!).

It is also customary to have the royal musicians (the "CD players" ;-) play music to entertain the royal guests while they eat. Favorite princess tunes include:

  • The theme to 'Sleeping Beauty'
  • The music from 'Swan Lake'
  • The 'Nutcracker Suite'
  • Music from the Disney movies - Aladdin, Snow White, Cinderella, Arial the Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and so on.

Princess Party Food Ideas

"I must congratulate you on a most scrumptious royal banquet your highness"

A 'five-course' feast is always welcome at a royal banquet, as are 'fine wines' (red Kool-Aid), servants (the parents!) and a beautifully decorated party table. Exceptional table manners and dazzling stories about dragons, treasure and daring deeds in far-off lands all make for an extra special party feast.

It is always 'correct' at royal banquets for the servants to announce each new dish before it's presented to the royal guests at the table and it can be a fun idea to place name tags labelling each of the dishes served, such as "dragon-heart sandwiches", "Cinderella's Pumpkin Dip" and so on (see below). This way the guests will know that the food is fit for fairytale royalty!

Here are some fun princess party food ideas which should help get you the royal 'seal of approval' from your young princess:

  • Dainty Princess Finger Sandwiches - Sandwiches cut in the shape of flowers, stars, hearts and butterflies. Fillings could include kid's favorites like ham, cheese, peanut butter and jelly, spreads, salad and so on.
  • Dragonheart Sandwiches - Cream cheese or peanut butter with strawberry jelly filling and cut into heart shapes with a heart-shaped cookie cutter or small knife.
  • Royal 'Cannon' Salute - Tasty hotdogs lined up in a row on the plate and ready to 'fire' a royal salute for the princesses.
  • Princess Pizza - Place slices cheese or pepperoni on top of your party pizza's and arrange the cheese or pepperoni in the shape of a crown or princess's tiara, then pop the pizza in the oven to cook or heat up. Alternatively, if you are making your own pizza's, why not cut the dough into princess shapes to create mini princess pizza's - crowns, tiara's, pumpkins, stars, diamonds, wands and so on, before adding the toppings and cooking them.
  • Dragon Fingers in Ruby Sauce - Party-sized sausages served with tomato ketchup for dipping.
  • The Kings Legs - Barbequed chicken legs.
  • Ogre Money Purse's - Mini hamburger served with slices of 'golden' cheese, 'ruby' red tomatoes, 'bones' (white onions) and 'blood sauce' (ketsup).
  • Cinderella Pumpkin Dip - This is great for a Cinderella princess birthday party - Hollow out a couple of small pumpkins, decorate them with 'magic Fairy Godmother dust' (glitter) and fill each one with a different flavored dips. Serve the dips with chips (dragon's scales) or sliced vegetables like peppers, celery and carrots (dragon claws).
  • Belle's Garden (Princess Aurora from Beauty and the Beast) - Delicious fresh mixed green salad  - lettuce, red peppers, cucumber, cauliflower, and salad onions, served with a choice of salad dressings.
  • Ruby Salad - A healthy mixed salad with dried cranberries, red peppers, golden raisins and cherry tomatoes.
  • Witch's Hair - Spaghetti
  • Dragon Claws - Carrots, red, yellow and orange peppers cut into long thin slices and served with a variety of delicious dips.
  • The Queen's Jewels - Pineapple, melon and banana slices cut into the shape of stars, diamonds and hearts (with a cookie cutter).
  • Golden Dragon Scales - Thinly sliced pineapple and melon. 
  • Chrystal Towers - (Serve in clear plastic glasses) - Put a layer of yogurt in the bottom of the glass followed by a layer of granola then a layer of fresh fruit slices. Repeat the layers once or twice in each cup and top it off with crushed cookies and fresh-cut strawberries.
  • Dragon Hearts - Delicious strawberries served with whipped cream or vanilla ice cream and sprinkled with fine sugar.

Princess Party Ideas - Party Drinks

"May we all be upstanding, raise our jewel-encrusted goblets and propose a royal toast to the beautiful birthday princess"

How about giving each princess guest a disposable plastic wine glass or goblet to decorate with 'jewels', sequins and glitter at the start of the party (and put their princess name on it with a princess sticker). They can then use these for the rest of the party and each of their drinks can be served in their own special Princess Goblet!

Here's some enchanting gobblet-filling ideas that'll put some charm and elegance back into even the most unlady-like of princesses ;-)...

  • Princess Punch - Fill a glass bowl with Sprite and mix in strawberry or raspberry sherbert.
  • Sparkling Diamonds - Sprite or 7-Up served 'on ice' (with crushed ice or ice cubes). 
  • Beauty Drops - "Princess Punch" (above) served in tiny (shot-sized) glasses.
  • Pink Lemonade - Add strawberry sherbert or a couple of drops of red food coloring to lemonade. Pop an ice cube with a maraschino cherry frozen inside into each princess's goblet and pour the lemonade over the ice cube. The kids will love watching the cherry bob about in their drinks.
  • Love Potion - Blended fresh strawberries, banana, valinna ice cream and chilled milk.
  • Ruby Tea - Iced Tea made from strawberry or raspberry flavor tea-bags.
  • Ogre 'Swill' - Float a scoop of ice cream (any flavor) in a glass of coke...eww! (but tastes great and the kids will love it ;-)
  • Magic Pumpkin Juice - A Cinderella princess favorite! - Blend melon and banana with oranges or fresh orange juice..yummy!
  • King Arthur's Legend - Banana and strawberry milkshake with crushed cookies on top... a true milkshake legend!
  • Sleeping Potion - A delicious blend of strawberries, blueberries, banana, kiwi fruit and fresh milk.

Princess Party Snack Ideas

"Tasty birthday treats for the young royal nibblers".

  • The Magic Chocolate Fountain - The prince's and princesses with just love this!...Set out a chocolate fountain in the center of a buffet table (either white or brown chocolate) and seperate crystal dishes with pink and multi-colored sprinkles in - the kids can make Fairy Godmother wands or chocolate swords using large pretzel rods dipped into the chocolate and then dipped into the bowls of pink and multi-colored sprinkles.
  • Princess Dowry - Precious Gems - Set out a large bowl of mixed-color jelly beans, gummy gems, gummy rings, candy neclaces, wine gums and gold and silver chocolate coins....a randsom that no one could resist ;-)
  • Unicorn's Kisses - Fluffy white and pink marshmallows.
  • Princess Kisses - Hershey's gold and silver kisses
  • Dragon's Breath - Cotton candy!
  • Princess Tears - Pink M&M's
  • Golden Nuggets - Bowls of popcorn or butterscotch candies. For a heathier treat, why not set out a bowl of melon and pineapple cut into small square nugget-sized chunks.
  • Shields - Corn and tortilla chips served with a variety of tasty dips.
  • Magic Wands - Pretzel sticks dipped in white chocolate and sprinkled with star-shaped decorations, or just plain sprinkles.
  • A Knight's Sword - Breadsticks or pretzel sticks.
  • Royal Strawberries - Fresh strawberries dipped in melted chocolate or chocolate sauce/sprinkles and topped off with strawberry cool whip or fresh whipped cream.
  • Ruby chest - Decorate a small serving bowl to look like a royal 'treasure chest' and fill with fresh redfruits - strawberries, raspberries and cherries.
  • Snow White's Poisened Apple - Rosy red apples cut into delicious, princess bite-sized slices and sprinkled with chocolate powder and sprinkles.
  • Royal Lollipops - Strawberry, raspberry and cherry lollipops (red).
  • Ogre Knee-caps - Chocolate chip cookies.
  • Ogre Eye-balls - Green and black grapes.
  • Witch's Hair - String liquorice.
  • Fairytale Ice Cream - Princess-Pink strawberry ice cream to serve with the birthday cake...yummy.

Free Princess Birthday Table Decorations

Here are some of our free princess party decorations to help 'set the scene' at the banqueting table - princess drinks coasters and princess table mats - Go ahead and print as many as you need...

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Party Favors & Gift Ideas

"Beautiful princess 'treasures' for the young princesses to return home with..."

Party favors are a great way to thank your best friends for coming to your princess birthday party and making it such a magical occassion.

Why not use our free princess party favor bags below for your princess party treats - just save and print out as many as you need then cut out and glue the flaps to make the perfect princess favor bag.

Alternatively, you could use small paper bags that match your party colors or that have a pretty floral pattern on and seal them with a cute princess sticker or pretty colored ribbon. You can always print and use our free princess designs and pictures from any of our Princess pages to decorate your party bags.

FREE Princess Party Favor Bags

Finish your princess favor bags by tying one of our free princess birthday gift tags to them with a pretty ribbon and writing each of the party princess's names inside, together with a little message. You could write something like..."Thank you for being such a magical friend".

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Princess Party Favor Gift Ideas

Here's some fun treats you could include in your party favor bags or give out during the party as princess party 'prizes' :

  • Ring candies
  • Butterfly rings
  • Hair accessories
  • Candy necklaces
  • Gold and silver chocolate coins
  • Small Princess figures
  • Princess stickers
  • A mirror
  • Princess key chain
  • Pink, gold or silver pencils
  • Bags of gummy gems
  • Photo of each princess taken during the party and placed in a small pink picture frame
  • Inflatable crown
  • Bracelets and trinkets
  • Tiara's
  • Princess comb
  • Heart-shaped sunglasses
  • Pink, gold or silver nail polish

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Princess Thank You Cards

When the fairytale Princess party adventure has come to 'The End', it's time to say a Royal thank you to your Princess Pals for coming and making your party such a magical occasion...

FREE Princess Party Thank You Cards

Here are some free Princess birthday party thank you notes and cards you can use - just save, print and pop inside each of your guest's party favor bags...

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Your Princess Party Ideas

If you´ve hosted a Princess Party for one or more of your children and would love to share your experience with your friends, family and other parents, we'd love to hear from you! We´ll even create your very own Princess party page on our website, which your friends and family can visit at any time and share in your child´s birthday party experience!

Please take a moment to share your own Princess birthday party here.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Thanks for paying a royal visit to our fairytale princess party page :-). We hope had lots of fun and hope that our birthday ideas and free printable's help you to create your own truly amazing Princess Birthday Party :-)

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