Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

"Take a look at these fun Scavenger Hunt List Ideas - from simple A to Z and itemized scavenger hunt lists, to the scavenger hunt list with codes, riddles and puzzles for the kids to decipher..."

Once you've decided on your scavenger hunt theme, it's time to look at what type of scavenger hunt list to choose and the difficulty level of the list items, clues and riddles best suited to your kids age group and the time available for the hunt...

Scavenger Hunt Lists

Scavenger Hunt Lists

Specific Items Lists

This is probably one the simplest scavenger hunt list ideas and is therefore suitable for younger scavenger hunters. The list is made up of a certain number of specific items that can be found in the designated scavenger hunt area and which the children must try to spot. Here's an example indoor scavenger hunt list to give you some ideas...

  • balloon
  • brown paper bag
  • candle
  • candy wrapper
  • empty toilet roll
  • hat
  • plastic spoon
  • paper clip
  • pen
  • paper plate
  • piece of chalk
  • shoelace
  • soap
  • straw
  • umbrella
  • and so on...

This scavenger hunt list idea can work with just about scavenger hunt theme in any location, but works particularly well as an indoor scavenger hunt or backyard scavenger hunt for groups of young kids who are too young to go hunting away from home.

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Alphabet Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

This is another scavenger hunt list idea which is suitable for young scavenger hunters but involves a small amount of simple identification and thought.  The alphabet A to Z list involves having each scavenger hunt team searching for items that begin with a specific letter of the alphabet. For example...

  • Apple
  • Band-Aid
  • Comb
  • Diary
  • and so on...

The teams can search for items in any order and once a team has identified an item beginning with a certain letter, they simply strike off that letter and move on to the remaining letters of the alphabet.  The kids can either be instructed to collect one of each item on the scavenger hunt list and pop each into a bag to bring back, or they can simply make a note of each item discovered and tick the letter A, B, C, etc. from their lists.

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Item Characteristics Lists

Slightly more challenging than the previous two scavenger hunt list ideas, is the item characteristics list idea which is better suited to slightly older children.

Instead of giving the teams lists of specific items to find, let the kids use their imaginations and provide them with descriptive characteristics of items they need to locate. An example list could read:

"Each team needs to find something"...

  • black
  • white
  • hot
  • frozen
  • wet
  • smooth
  • rough
  • sharp
  • blunt
  • round
  • triangular
  • furry
  • sticky
  • that bounces
  • that whistles
  • that rolls
  • that chimes
  • and so on...

Depending on the nature of your list and the variety of characteristics you will probably find it easier for the kids to simply make a note of the items rather than try to collect them.

Halloween scavenger hunts

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Performance, Action or Task Lists

This is one of the best scavenger hunt list ideas to use with the photo and video scavenger hunt themes and is best suited to older scavenger hunters. Here's an example of this list idea 'in action' when used with a camera or video camera:

Give each of the teams a digital camera or video camera and the scavenger hunt task or action list instructing them to capture photos or video footage of their team performing the following tasks together...

  • 'Sleeping' on a park bench
  • Posing with a statue
  • Performing a group dance in a public place
  • Asking a stranger for their autograph
  • Wearing their jackets back to front and shoes on the wrong feet
  • Taking a group picture inside an elevator
  • Singing a 'hit' song
  • Posing with a policeman
  • Acting out a brief scene from a famous movie
  • and so on...

You can adapt this type of list in lots of ways and combine it with other ideas, for example if the scavenger hunt is for a 12 year olds birthday, you could provide the teams with a list of tasks that focuses on the number "12":

Have them take a photos or video of...

  • 12 trees in a row or 12 different varieties of tree
  • 12 feet in a pattern on the sidewalk
  • 12 dogs out for a walk
  • 12 blue cars
  • 12 ice creams
  • 12 hats
  • 12 handbags
  • 12 number "12's" on any items in the area - buildings, cars plates, t-shirts etc.
  • and so on...

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Clues and Riddles Based Scavenger Hunt List Ideas

Having the kids pitting their wits against 'puzzling puzzles', 'tongue-twisting riddles' and 'baffling brain-teasers' is probably the most challenging of the scavenger hunt list ideas; After all, solving the puzzles and cracking the codes is a tough challenge in itself, even before the teams have begun their hunt for the items!

Although the difficulty levels of the clues can be made suitable for younger scavenger hunters, these types of scavenger hunt lists are best suited to kids of 10 years and above. It is also at this age that the kids find these clues the most fun to solve.

There are lots of different types of scavenger hunt clues - from word, number and picture puzzles to secret codes and ciphers - and you can find more details and examples of these on our scavenger hunt clues page and scavenger hunt riddles page. Scavenger Hunts

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