Photo Scavenger Hunt Parties

Scavenger Hunt Parties

"Say Cheese!"...Photo Scavenger Hunt Parties are a real blast. You'll find tons of great photo hunt party ideas and free photo scavenger hunt invitations and cards on this page, to help make throwing your photo scavenger hunt birthday party a real 'snap'!...

Free Photo Scavenger Hunt Party Invitations

First off, here are some free printable photo scavenger hunt party invitations we've created especially for our photo scavenger hunt theme that you can use - just go ahead and print as many as you need :-)...

Getting Your Kid's Scavenger Hunt Started

To get your scavenger hunts party underway, split the kids into teams and make sure you provide each team with:

1. A camera, spare camera batteries and camera memory cards to save their photos on.

2. The scavenger hunt list of things they need to take pictures of and a pen or pencil to tick off completed tasks

3. A copy of the 'Rules'! - So they know what the can and can't do, and the finish time when they need to be back at the finish line.

4.  If the kids don't have a chaperone, make sure they have a map of the area they'll be 'hunting' in, a phone, your contact numbers and your address.

Things to photograph

At least one team member must be in every picture, together with...

  • A 'No Parking' traffic sign
  • Red high heel shoes
  • A girl eating an ice cream
  • A Police officer
  • A bird bath
  • A fire hydrant
  • A white dog
  • The inside of a taxicab/bus
  • A cloud in the shape of an animal
  • A stranger with spiky hair
  • A tatooed arm
  • A fish tank
  • A video surveillance camera

To make your scavenger hunts a little more challenging, replace the items on your list with riddles or clues for those items - take a look at our scavenger hunt riddles page and scavenger hunt clues page to give you some ideas.

You can also get the teams to use their imaginations during the hunt by providing them with descriptive characteristics of the items they need to find and take pictures of - e.g. tell them to find 'something round', 'wet', 'furry', 'frozen', 'black & white', 'striped', etc.

Alphabet lists are fun too - find items that start with an A, B, C etc. or use something related to the birthday boy or girl's character or age to influence the list - find items that have a '10' in them (or ten of each item) for a 10th birthday!.

Action Shots

The teams can have a ton of fun taking 'action photos' of them performing tasks. You can also spice things up by getting them to compete for extra "bonus points" by challenging them to make their photos funny or really imaginative. Create your own point system to inspire the kids to have fun... for example, you could award 1 point for taking the picture or 2 points for making it funny; you could then award a bonus of 3 points to the team with the funniest or most imaginative photo of all the teams.

Here are some fun list ideas that work well with photo scavenger hunt parties...

  • A team 'hug' with everyone blowing kisses
  • A member of the team bagging groceries
  • A member of your group helping a stranger cross the street
  • The team squashed into a phone booth
  • A teammate dancing with a stranger
  • The team in front of a statue and copying the statue's pose.
  • A teammate doing a handstand in a public place
  • The team squashed into a changing cubicle/stall at a clothes store
  • A teammate carrying a stranger’s shopping to their car
  • The team's reflection in a shop window
  • The team posing around a Harley Davidson motorbike
  • The team hugging a tree
  • The team asleep on a park bench
  • The team wearing their jackets back to front and shoes on the wrong feet
  • The team inside an elevator/on an escalator
  • A teammate walking a stranger’s dog
  • Teammates jumping off a swing (must be in mid-air to count!)
  • The team sliding down a playground slide together
  • A teammate lying in a doghouse
  • A teammate posing next to a mannequin wearing the same clothes

If you need a little extra help planning and creating the perfect scavenger hunt party you might want to check out this amazing kids scavenger hunt software - It's simple to use and will help you create an unforgettable scavenger hunt that your kids will love... Scavenger Hunts

Free Photo Scavenger Hunt Thank You Cards

Your Photo Scavenger Hunt Parties and Ideas

If you´ve hosted your own photo scavenger hunt party and would like to share your party experience and ideas with your friends, family and other parents, please take a moment and submit your scavenger hunt or ideas here.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

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