Scavenger Hunt Rules

Scavenger Hunt Rules

" Scavenger Hunt Rules will help to ensure your young scavenger hunters have a ton of fun and stay safe during their hunt".

It's important to lay down a few ground rules before the children set out on their scavenger hunt party adventure, particularly if you've organized and outdoor scavenger hunt game.

Setting clear boundaries and rules will ensure they stay safe and have the most fun.

It's also important to make sure they respect the environment where they are playing, so as not to upset anyone, damage anything along their route or spoil the experience for others.

Here are some sample scavenger hunt rules to help you create your own set of rules...

Sample Scavenger Hunt Rules

  • Group Leader - If an adult 'group leader' is to accompany each group of kids on the scavenger hunt, the kids must stay with the adult at all times or within sight and calling distance if the group leader is happy to give them a little more space.
  • Time - Set a clear start and end time for the hunt and 'penalties' for teams that arrive back after the deadline.
  • Special needs - Be aware of any special needs that the kids may have and ensure that the group leader is aware and has taken precautions...e.g. if any of the children are diabetic, asthmatic, allergic etc.
  • Communication - make sure each group or group leader has a mobile phone in case of an emergency and to make communication between groups and home (base) easier.
  • Awareness of the surroundings - make sure that the kids are aware of their surroundings at the start of the scavenger hunt - where they are, what they can and can't do and what to do in case of an emergency (tell the group leader!).
  • Respect the environment - Make sure the kids respect the area they are playing in so that they are courteous to each other and any people they meet along the way.
  • No littering! - ensure that each group leaves no litter or damage and that they clear up any mess they may have made.
  • Watch the noise level! - The kids will no doubt get very excited searching for their clues and list items, just make sure they don't upset anyone along the way by being too noisy - No pushing, running around shouting, yelling etc....particularly if they are in a church or library!
  • Be respectful - Be respectful to the group leader and whatever the group leader says is final...'the law!' ;-)
  • Bathroom breaks - If any child needs to visit the bathroom, they must tell the group leader and get permission before going. It's a good idea that they go in pairs rather than on their own too.
  • NO cheating! - Whilst the scavenger hunt is 'competitive', the main purpose is to have fun! Cheating may only lead to the whole team being disqualified and will spoil the hunt for everyone involved. 
  • Pictures and Video - If the kids are on a photo or video scavenger hunt and taking close-up pictures of other people, it can be a good idea to ask their permission first. Most strangers will enter into the spirit of the scavenger hunt game and will be happy for the kids to photograph or film them, especially if the kids have been polite and asked first. 
  • Cars and Bikes - If the scavenger hunt involves driving the kids around in a car or riding bikes around in search of items on their list, make sure they wear seat belts or bike helmets at all times and that they respect the rules of the road. Scavenger Hunts

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