NASA Space Party

Space Party

Welcome young "Star Lords" to our Space Party where you'll discover a galaxy of out-of-this-world space birthday party ideas and free space printables to help make your young astronaut´s birthday "mission" a stellar success!

Space, the final frontier...

This might seem like an intimidating theme to start with, but in fact it’s really fun and pretty easy to find materials for decorations and prizes. Our Space party theme is aimed at children aged 4 and older but can be adapted for any age. At age 4 and upwards, children become fascinated with outerspace, planets, stars, the solar system...the Universe; It´s a subject that fires their young imaginations and sense of exploration and adventure. Who knows, they may even want to be an astronaut or join one of the space agencies like NASA or the several Space Programs when they grow up!

Dad´s rarely grow (up) out of their fascination with all things "Space" - spaceships, martians, space missions or even Sci-fi movies, so get dad involved in this one. He may even be a closet "Trekie" (Star Trek), Star Wars or even Guardians of the Galaxy fan and may even want to dress up as an astronaut for the party and entertain the kids.

Your birthday space cadet will want to help with organizing their party too, as he or she will probably be as excited about the planning and decorating as the party itself.

Space Party Ideas

Free NASA Space Party Invitation Ideas

If you´ve discovered that a "Black Hole" is swallowing up all your party preparation time and you´re on a tight countdown schedule to launching your astronaut party invites, don´t panic! - Here´s one of our free NASA Space Shuttle themed party invitation sets you can print and ´beam- up´ or 'teleport' to your young astronaut party ´crew´ - the set includes a folding space party invite, party invitation wording inside the fold, a matching Space themed envelope and Space stickers for sealing the envelope so that no air escapes!...

Free NASA Party Invitations

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Kids Space Birthday Party Decoration Ideas

When it comes to space party is the limit!...really, just about ´anything goes´ when it comes to creating an out of this world experience. Perhaps your child has a particularly preference or favorite theme and if so great! - but think along the lines of creating a setting for your party area so the kids can really get into character and have fun.

Here´s a few ideas for space settings...

  • The surface of a strange martian planet
  • Inside the cockpit or payload bay of the Space Shuttle
  • On a Space Station orbiting the Earth
  • "Mission Control" at NASA or another Space Agency

When it comes to decorations, you´ll find lots of things around the house, garage and local budget or charity stores you can use. Here´s some simple space theme deoration ideas...

  • To recreate the blackness of space set the scene cover the walls (and floor) with black sheets or material. Cover the sheeting with small ´glow in the dark´ stars, or star stickers.
  • Scatter silver and white balloons around your space party area. Spray or paint foam balls with glow in the dark spray and hang from the ceiling as planets.
  • Check out toys stores selling inflatable birthday decorations as there´s usually a ton to choose from - inflatable stars, moons, globes, rockets and astronauts.
  • Make a cardboard rocket or Spaceship from several cardboard boxes and cardstock and stand it in the room again the black sky and stars backdrop. Cut out a porthole window in the rocket or spaceship so that you can take a photo of each child through the porthole. Why not take the photos as they arrive at the party. The photos would also make great going home gifts or space party favors to pop into your party bags.
  • Give fun space names to areas throughout the house, such as: Astronaut briefing room, Mission Control, Science Lab, The Launch Site, Astronaut training (maybe the garden if you’re playing games outside), Transporter Room, and so on.

Free Printable Astronaut Birthday Decorations

Here are some of our outer space party flags you can use to launch your party decorations into orbit! - these will look great hung up around the party area or taped to the end of dowel sticks to wave at the young astronauts as they take off into space!...

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Space Birthday Party Games & Activities

When their not busy checking for breaches in the hull, zooming along at warp speed or trying to communicate with new alien species, it´s important to make sure the birthday mission crew are kept active whilst in space. Here are a
  • Giant Galaxy Mural - Place a large clean sheet of black card or board (painted black) in the activities area and provide the kids with a small bowl of white dots for stars (you can make your own white dots with a hole punch and some sheets of plain white paper). Cut out some paper circles of different sizesfrom plain paper to use as planets and provide plenty of colouring pens, crayons and some craft glue or Bluetac. The children can have fun colouring in the planets then sticking them onto the black card together with the star dots, to create their own solar system. Older children can do an accurate solar system.
  • Flying Saucers – Get the kids to make their own flying saucers using 2 paper picnic plates (or frisbees) facing each other and stapled or taped together and decorate with jewel stickers, glitter and pens. Their new flying saucers can be used in the "Black Hole" game (see below).
  • Make an Alien – Provide pots of PlayDoh or plasticine, beads and pipe-cleaners. The children can have a giggle making their own little alien, martian or space monstor to display and take home.
  • Outer-Space Globes – Give each child a small jar witha sealable lid (e.g an empty baby food jar). They fill these with blue water (you can colour the water with a few drops of food colouring) and baby oil, adding star shapes and glitter or sequins. Make sure they’re screwed tightly before they shake them.
  • Lava Lamp - You’ll need an empty bottle, water, vegetable oil, food colouring and Alka Seltzer tablets. Fill the bottle to a quarter full with water then fill up with the oil. When the two have separated add some drops of food colouring. The colour will pass through the oil to the water below. Break the Alka Seltzer tablet into pieces and add one to the bottle. The coloured water will rise in blobs through the oil and then sink like in a real lava lamp. Add more pieces of tablet when it slows down.
  • Space, Astronaut or Sci-fi themed colouring sheets - Provide the astronaut crew with a selection of colouring pages of martians, planets, rockets, spaceships and so on, together with crayons and coloring pens. These are of course "TOP SECRET" scientific research documents ;-)
  • Black Hole - Use the flying saucers from the craft activity. Position a large piece of black card with a hole cut in the middle 5-6- paces away from the children then have them take turns to throw the saucers through the "Black Hole". Make this a competitive space game if you like (e.g. split the astronauts into teams) and award space candies as prizes.
  • Moon Rock Hunt – Cover pebbles with tin foil (or spray paint them silver) and hide around the house or garden. Send them off on a space mission to hunt for rare ´moon rocks´and when they find one, they can exchange it for a prize (which you could set out on a tray). Make sure there are enough pebbles and prizes for each of them.
  • Pin the Earth on the solar system – on a cork board or black card put the sun and the planets in line and each takes turn to be blindfolded and pin the Earth in its position.

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Sci-Fi & Space Themed Party Coloring Pages

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Outer-Space Kid Party Food Ideas

  • Flying Saucer sandwiches – fill round pitta breads with variety of favourite fillings.

  • Moon and star sandwiches – use a knife or cookie cutters to create round and star shaped sandwiches.

  • Pizza Planets – provide a selection of small individual pizzas for both the children and adults to nibble on.

  • Moon crumpets – Crumpets or ´English muffins´. These have a holey texture on top and are delicious with butter and jam (jello)...yummy!

Free Space Party Decorations

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Space Theme Birthday Cake Ideas

  • Moon Cake – a round sponge covered with pale grey and white frosting. Make some craters with the back of a spoon and put a toy rocket ship or astronaut figure with a flag on top.
  • Rocket cake – either a flat sponge cut into a rocket shape or a sponge roll on end covered in fondant icing and decorated. Add some sparklers to make it look like it’s taking off.
  • Alien cupcakes – cover cupcakes in green fondant icing and add 3 alien eyes to look like the aliens from Toy Story.
  • Solar System cupcakes – Cover cupcakes in blue frosting and add small edible stars and round sweest or Maltesers for planets.

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Childrens Space Birthday Party Favors

There are so many space party favors to choose from, check out multi packs in dollar or pound stores. You should be able to find: Space (ray) guns, planet puzzles, inflatable globes or rockets, glow sticks or bracelets, glow in the dark stars and planet stickers, toy aliens, rockets filled with sweets, etc.

For Space themed candy and sweets, make sure to include...Mars Bars, Milky Ways, Flying Saucers (sherbet filled rice paper saucers), Moon Dust popping candy and gummy aliens.

Free Printable Space Party "Astronaut Survival Bags"

Why not get your NASA scientists back at Mission Control (home ;-) to build some of these special inter-galactic space party gift packs so your party astronauts have somewhere to keep all their emergency space candies and treats as they zoom across space...

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´Big Bang´ Send-Off!

What better way to end the party than firing off some rockets! Set off some fireworks in the garden as a grand finale. Keep little ones well away or even indoors looking through the window.

Free Space Birthday Party Thank You Cards

Our Space Shuttle design thank you cards are great for thanking your party 'crew' for joining you on your birthday voyage into the 'unknown'.

Make sure you write the name of each of your party astronauts at the top of each card (on the dotted line after the "To:") and your NASA thank you cards will be ready to launch! 

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