Duckie Toddler Birthday Party

Toddler Birthday Party

"With these Duckie Toddler Birthday Party Ideas and FREE Ducky Party Printables the little duckling's are in for a 'quacking' good time!"

"Quack-quack, waddle-waddle, splish-splash!"...The Rubber Ducky birthday party is another fun-tastic toddler party theme and makes for a great outdoor party, especially if you're fortunate enough to live somewhere warm or you're throwing your ducky party in the summer ;-)

You'll find lots of quacking good ducky party ideas, birthday games and free toddler birthday party treats below, to help get your toddler's party started and for your little party ducklings to 'splash around with' during the party.

You won't need to paddle your way around the 'internet pond' trying to find the best Rubber Ducky party supplies either. We've included links to some of the best kids duck party supplies and designs to give you a good place to start your searching.

Rubber Duckie Toddler Birthday Party 'Treats'

Childrens Rubber Duckie Birthday Party Ideas and Free Birthday Printables

To take a peek at all the fun Rubber Ducky toddler birthday party ideas and treats we've put together, you can either 'waddle down the page' or navigate from the birthday party treats list below...

Rubber Ducky Toddler Birthday Party Invitations & Ideas

Free Kids Duck Party Invitations

If you're looking for some quacking-good Ducky birthday invitations to give out to your party guests, then here's a free printable toddler birthday party invitation set you can use - complete with a two-sided Duckie invitation card and matching Duckie invitation envelope and Duckie Party stickers...

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Making Your Own Ducky Toddler Birthday Party Invitations

If you'd like to make your own unique ducky birthday invitations, here's a few toddler birthday party ideas that might help get you started...

Rubber Duckie Toy Invitation Idea

Cut out a duck-shaped luggage tag shape from yellow construction card or thick paper, write your invite on the tag and tie it to a small plastic Rubber Duckie toy with a colored ribbon. Your toddler birthday party guests will be delighted with their little Rubber Duckie gifts and will definitely want to bring them along to your ducky toddler party to swim and "splish-splash" around with the other little toddler duckies!

Little Ducky Shape Card Invite

  1. Cut out the shape of a Rubber Duckie from yellow card (you can use our free duckie party invitations template below).
  2. Color the beak and ´feet´ in orange and decorate with pink or blue ribbon round its neck (for girl or boy birthday).
  3. Cut out a "wing" from the same color card.
  4. Fold the top of the duckie´s wing to the duckie´s body to make a "flap" .
  5. Write (or print) your party invitation to the reverse side (back) of the "wing" then glue the top part of the wing to the body, so that your toddler birthday birthday invitation message can be read when the wing is lifted up.
  6. Write the name of your toddler birthday party guests on your little ducky invite cards.

Here's one of our free printable Rubber Ducky card templates you can use...

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Ducky Coloring Sheet Invite

Print out one of our free Rubber Ducky coloring sheets then write or print your birthday invitation wording onto the back. Fold the coloring sheet invitation and place it inside an envelope together with a yellow and orange coloring crayons. Secure the envelope with a Rubber Ducky sticker or a number sticker - e.g. 3 if it's your child's 3rd birthday party.

Little Duck Photo Card Invite

  1. Take a picture of your toddler dressed up in a cute duckie party costume or splish-splashing around in their bathtub with lots of bubbles and little yellow Rubber Duckies bobbing around.
  2. Print and glue your toddler´s duckie photo to the front of a plain card
  3. Write or print your ducky invitation message on white or pale yellow paper and glue it to the inside of the card (or on the back if you don't fold the card)

Duckie Toddler Birthday Party Invitation Message Ideas

Now that you've got your Rubber Ducky party invitations, it's time to think of what to write inside them... just make sure you include the most important points!:

  • A cute Rubber Ducky name for each of the party guests. You can use the child's own name for inspiration, like ""Fluffy Fioana", "Peter Paddler", "Daffy Dan", etc.
  • The Ducky party address
  • Mommy Duck's contact telephone number
  • The Ducky Party date, party start time and finish time.
  • Costume requirements.
  • You might also want to include a copy of a map or directions to the 'party pond' – you can mark the location with a small sticker of a duck or duck footprint :-)

If you need a few toddler birthday party wording ideas to help make your invites special, then here are a few duck theme invitation words to help...

  • "Little Ducky Dan (birthday child's name) is having his 3rd birthday party splish-splash "bash" on.....(date and time). Please bring your favorite Rubber Duckie and join 'Ducky Dan's' 3rd birthday party paddle."
  • "Quack-quack, waddle-waddle I'm turning 2 (age), on ....... (party date and time). Please paddle over to my house for some Rubber Ducky fun, at ....... (party address). We'll be splishing and splashing with all our ducky friends, so bring ....... (e.g. 'your favorite ducky'). They'll be lots of bubbles and ducky things so the fun never ends, until ....... (party finish time). RSVP etc."
  • "Splish-Splash it´s my " Duckie 3rd Birthday Bash" on.... (date and time ) at.......(party address) etc.
  • "Our 'quacky' special duckie is turning 4, they'll be cakes and games and treats and more...

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Rubber Ducky Party Thank You Cards

When the party paddling and splish-splashing birthday adventure has come to an end, it's time to say a big "Quack You" to your toddler birthday buddies for waddling along and making your birthday such a huge "splash!

Free Little Ducklings Party Thank You´s

Here are some free toddler party thank you cards and notes you can print and pop inside each of your guest's party favor bags...

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Ducky Toddler Birthday Party Decorations

A good place to start with your ducky birthday party decorations is with your party color scheme - yellow and orange (rubber duck colors) are the most popular main colors together with blue and white (for the water/bubbles/pond etc.). You could also use green (for green duck-pond lilies or reeds and for the grass around the duck pond). 

Whatever colors you choose, try and stick to your color scheme throughout all your decorations to help coordinate everything - your balloons, streamers, table decorations, candles, food and drinks and so on.

Here's some fun ducky birthday decoration ideas and items that make good toddler birthday party props...

Rubber Ducky Badges, T-Shirts & Decorations

When it comes to Rubber Ducky decorations here are some cute little free printable Rubber Ducky designs and ideas on how you could put them to good use:

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  • Small cut-out duckie pictures are great for decorating smaller objects like the children's drinking straws, cups, cupcakes, place settings or even your birthday gifts and party favor bags - just print them onto white paper (or sheets of white sticky labels), cut out and stick them onto your birthday party item!.
  • Another fun ducky birthday decoration idea is to create duck badges for the kids and grown-ups to wear, by printing them onto white sticky labels (like address labels) or onto white paper, which you can then cut out and glue to a piece of card for extra strength to make a card badge. Finish off your badges by aping a small safety-pin to the reverse side of the badges.
  • To make your own Rubber Ducky T-shirts - print your Rubber Ducky designs onto 'iron-on transfer' paper using your home printer, then cut the designs out individually and iron them onto pale yellow or plain white T-shirts for your party guests to wear during the party. These make great Rubber Ducky party favors and kid's duck birthday keepsakes too.

Duck Party Flags

Little ducky party flags hung in a line along string or twine like bunting or streamers look very festive and fun. Why not string them up along your front fence or wall and around your party area.

You could also tape them individually to bamboo or dowel sticks and stick in the ground around the party area (or along the path leading to your front door).

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Duck-Pond Rugs

Blue (water), green (grass) or yellow (duck) colored rugs are great for creating a focal point for the kids to sit and play on and are great for protecting areas of your home that could otherwise be damaged by spilt food or drinks.

The blue colored rug can be added to the party area to create a 'duck pond' for the little duckies to 'waddle about it on'. Similarly, a green rug can be a grassy 'rest area' where your party duckling's can sit and eat their party food (duck feed).

Ducky Party Balloons & Streamers

Crepe streamers and party balloons are great birthday decoration ideas for kid ducky parties - they look streaming down from the ceiling (like waterfalls or a showers) as well as wrapped around the party chairs, railings posts and so on, to add color.

Tie bunches of colored balloons to your front gate and front door to let the guests know they've arrived at the right house - just make sure you have a mix of colored balloons to match your party color scheme.

You can also have some loose balloons bobbing around the party area - white, clear and blue for water and 'bubbles' and yellow one's for 'ducks',  for the kids to play with and use to draw funny duck-faces on.

Ducky Foot Prints

For a bit of fun cut "ducky foot prints" from yellow paper or card and lead along your paths, up the steps to your front door and around the party area. You could also use them to decorate the walls, gate, doors, party chairs and so on.

Duck Pictures

Putting up ducky pictures around the party area - Rubber Duckies, duck footprints, lily pads, bath tubs and so on - will look great.

Ducky Pinata

Duck pinata's are very popular and add another fun element to the birthday party (as well as looking great too!) 

Why not make your own Ducky pinata from yellow craft card and decorating it with yellow and orange crepe or tissue paper, streamers, pompoms and so on. You can then fill your homemade ducky pinata with your child's favorite candies!

Ducky Birthday Decoration Ideas To Welcome Your Guests...

Hang a bunch of ducky colored balloons by your front gate and lead a line of cute little Rubber Duckies or trail of duck footprints along your path and up to your front door.

Have a large cuddly duck toy or inflatable duck standee by your front door to welcome the little toddler birthday party guests and decorate the door with a fun welcome sign like... "Welcome to Emma's (name) Duck Pond" or "Welcome to Emma's 'Splish-Splash' Birthday Bash".

Hang a plastic shower curtain around the front door and create your own pretend shower faucet from kitchen roll tubes covered in silver foil and attach it to the door or next to the door. Make a 'hot' and 'cold' water handle too and finish the shower off by making a large 'shower head' from card and silver foil and attach it above the door so that the guests need to pass underneath or alongside it - hang blue and white streamers down from it to look like water!

Place a plastic bath tub with lots of Rubber Duckies in inside your front door to hand out to guests as they arrive. For guests who bring their own rubber ducks to the party, tie a yellow balloon to their ducky to make it extra special. You could also hand out plastic shower caps, slippers or Rubber Ducky bath soaps!

Scatter lots of rubber ducks around the party area and decorate the area with duck prints and pictures of rubber ducks. You could also hang lots of cut-out card ducks by string from the ceiling and scatter lots of clear or white balloons all around the party area to make it look like it's overflowing with bubbles!

If the weather is warm and dry, set up a safe water play area in the garden or yard, with buckets, bowls and a small shallow paddling pool and fill with all shapes and sizes of rubber ducks and ducky toys.

Rubber Ducky Party Paddling Pool

You could create a great safe play area for very young party guests by using a dry paddling pool filled with plastic ducks and colored light plastic play-pen balls. The kids will love playing in their very own "play tub" and having a safe, snug play area which is free from hazards will help the parents feel more relaxed. 

It'll also be a great spot for taking photos of the little ducklings have fun!

Rubber Ducky Birthday Party Table

Here are a few birthday decoration ideas to help 'duckie-fy' the toddler birthday party table...

Decorate the table with yellow, blue (a pond), orange, white or green (for the grass) table cloth and scatter small rubber ducks and duck footprints in between the food plates.

Buy or make a duck shaped sponge (use one of our duck picture to help with the shape) then dip your ducky sponge into yellow craft paint and use it to 'stamp' yellow duck shapes all over the table cloth.

Set the table with fun place mats, napkin rings, drinks coasters and name cards to match your color scheme, or use some of our printable duck party table decorations...

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Mix-and-match the color of your plates, cups and cutlery with the different colors in your color scheme and finish-off the children´s cups with little duck stickers (you can print our little duck pictures onto sticky-back label paper to create your own) and yellow, orange, green (reeds) and blue drinking straws .

If the children are very young, you may want to set out a rug or picnic blanket on the floor where they can sit and eat and move more easily.

Ducky Party Chairs

Wrap the children's dining chairs with yellow crepe paper or streamers and tie a small duck to the back of each chair with a yellow ribbon and a duck-shaped label with the child's name on. Finish off the chairs with a cushion to match your ducky color scheme.

Ducky Party Table Centerpiece Ideas

Here are a few ducky decoration ideas for your toddler birthday party centerpiece:

  • Set the ducky birthday cake in the middle of the table to tempt the little ducklings while they're eating their ducky party 'feed'.

  • Create a 'duck pond scene' using a blue dish (the pond), a dish lined with blue napkin's or cloth or a 'pond-shaped' piece of blue card or cloth. Place small ducky cupcakes on top of the pond and decorate between the cupcakes with lily pads and reeds made from either salad leaves, colored marzipan or paper decorations....or

  • Place a small aluminum pale or doll-size bath tub in the center of the table with lots of  little rubber ducks bobbing around in it. Finish the centerpiece off by tying or taping a couple of balloons or a mylar duck balloon to the pale's handle or end of the bathtub.

Musical Ducklings

While the little duckies are playing and eating, make sure you play some fun music like "Rubber Ducky, you're the one", "Do the Rubber Ducky", "Ernie and his Rubber Ducky" and so on.

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Rubber Ducky Toddler Birthday Party Games and Activities

Here are some exciting toddler birthday party games and duck party activities for your young toddler duckling's to get busy with and enjoy during your party:

Ducky Bubble Fun-Time

This is always a fun ducky party activity - give each of the kids a bottle of bubble solution and let them loose blowing and chasing their bubbles outside. If you feel like going the extra mile, hire a bubble-blowing machine - the kids will totally LOVE this. Watching them run around trying to catch the bubbles will be hilarious and makes for a good opportunity to take those party 'action photos'.

Catch the Rubber Ducky

This is a hilarious toddler birthday game - divide the kids into pairs and get them to wear shower caps. Have them stand facing each other and then give them a wet, duck-shaped bar of soap. Have them toss the soap to each other, taking a step back after each successful catch. The pair to toss the wet ducky soap the farthest without dropping it are the winners!

Rubber Ducky Hunt

Just like the much-loved "treasure hunt" game - have a great toddler birthday party 'ducky hunt' by hiding lots of Rubber Duckies around your party area.

You could either have a simple hide and seek game and tape candies to the hidden duckies, or you could make it a bit more challenging and put together 'ducky clues' and hints to help the kids find each duck in turn and advance from one ducky find to the next.

Why not use our free printable ducky template to make your 'clue cards'?

Ducky Fishing

Take about 10 to 20 Rubber Duckies and twist a piece of thin wire round each neck to leave a small loop sticking up at the back of the neck. Put the ducks in a paddling pool to bob around and give each child a small bucket and a fishing rod (which you can make made from a piece of dowel, a piece of string and a large mug hook) and let them see who can catch the most duckies in a given time. The one to catch the most in the time is the winner.

Musical Duckies

This is a simple variation to the classic party game "Musical Chairs" - You can make "ducky nests" from card or cloth material or simply use pillows instead, and set them apart on the floor at spaced intervals - you will need one less "nest" than the number of children (e.g. 7 "nests" for 8 kids).

All the kids are 'Rubber Duckies' and when the music starts, they have to waddle and quack around the room to the music. When the music is stopped, they must rush to a "nest" and sit on it before any of the other duckies get there.

The ducky left without a nest to sit on is out of the game. Remove one of the 'nests' and start the music again with the remaining players. Repeat until there is only one ducky left and they are the winner!

It's a good idea to give the players who are knocked out of the game a 'ducky treat' to keep them happy and busy until the game is over.

My Rubber Ducky Birthday Hat

Get the kids to make their very own Rubber Ducky hat to wear during the party.

To make these you'll need a yellow hat, cap or sun visor for each of the kids, together with some orange craft foam or sponge, coloring pens and yellow or white feathers. You could also make the hats from yellow card or use yellow party hats.

Cut the orange foam or sponge into the shape of a duck's bill and glue it onto the center of the hat or cap. Above the bill, you can draw or glue large "funny" eyes and finish the hat off with yellow or white feathers!

Pass the Duck Egg

Just like "Hot Potato" or "Pass the Parcel" - Before the party, wrap a "big prize" in lots of layers of newspaper (and in the shape of an egg) and between each layer insert a small toy or sweet.

Get the kids to sit in a circle and start the music. and when the music starts, get them to start passing the "duck egg" around the circle from child to child until the music is stopped.

The toddler holding the "Ducky Egg" when the music stops gets to remove one layer of paper and gets to keep the small toy or sweet wrapped in that layer. Start the music again and repeat until someone eventually unwraps the "big prize" at the center of the ducky egg.

"Play Dough" Ducky Fun

This is always a really popular toddler birthday party activity - Give each of the toddlers a large mound of yellow play dough (for the ducky) and a small mound of orange play dough (for its bill/beak) and let them make their own Ducky which they can take home with them after the party.

You could also let the kids have some more play dough colors (e.g. green for grass or blue for water), feathers and other craft material to make their ducks extra special.

Another idea is to let them use a rolling pin to flatten the dough and use a duck-shaped cookie cutter to cut out a line of play dough ducks with.

Pin the Beak on the Ducky/Pin The Ducky on the Pond

There are lots of different Rubber Ducky variations to the popular game of "pin the tail on the donkey" - you could set up a game of "Pin the Ducky in the Bathtub or pond", or "Pin the Bill on the Ducky", or "Pin the little Ducky in the line of Duckies" and so on.

Each of these toddler party games can be made very easily from simple card and paper...

Draw a simple Rubber Ducky picture (in profile), cut off his bill then pin the ducky to a foam or pin board then get the kids to take it in turns being blindfolded and trying to pin the bill back on in place. You can use the same idea with a picture of a bath tub or pond and a small picture of the ducky etc.

Spot the Ducky

Carefully "disguise" a little Rubber Ducky and hide it in plain sight somewhere around the party area or garden then get the kid's to try and find it. The first one to spot it wins!

Toss the Rubber Ducky

This is a really simple and very funny toddler birthday party game -  The idea of the game is for each of the toddlers to take it in turns being blindfolded then get them to toss 6-8 Rubber Duckies into a 'pool' - a pale, toy bath tub or paddling pool - which has been set a certain distance away. The child who gets the most duckies into the 'pool' wins the game.

If you are outside, you can fill the pool with water so that the duckies can have 'splash landings' - the kids love this! If you are inside, you can decorate the pool with blue and white crepe or tissue paper instead to make it look like water or fill it up with rolled up white tissue paper to look like bubbles.

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Free Ducky Party Coloring Pages

We've have a growing family of free duck coloring sheets splashing around on our special ducky coloring page pond for your young party ducklings to have fun coloring in. Make sure you waddle on over and take a look...

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Duckie Party Food & Drink Ideas

Ducky Birthday Food Presentation Tips...

Here's a few fun ideas to help "ducky-fy" your toddler's duck party food and drinks...

  • Provide lots of Rubber Ducky color food and drinks by adding a few drops of yellow and orange food coloring to both your homemade party food and party drinks - you'll create some really fun and bright birthday party food! - take a look at the ideas below for details.
  • Use the Rubber Ducky party food "secret weapon" - a ducky-shaped cookie cutter - on all your party food, snacks and cakes to create lots of amazing ducky-shaped party treats!
  • Serve food and snacks on green (grass) salad leaves, on blue (pond) plastic plates, inside small plastic pales or wash tubs, or in paper "ducky feed" bags.
  • Keep the toddler's party drinks cool by placing the soda cans and bottles in plastic wash tub's and cover with ducky-shaped ice cubes.... and don't forget to 'sprinkle' the tubs with little plastic Rubber Duckies too.

Toddler Birthday Party Food Ideas

Here's some fun and simple toddler birthday party food ideas to help create a real Rubber Ducky party feast...

  • Rubber Ducky Sandwiches - Make your own ducky-colored bread and rolls by adding yellow and orange food coloring to your dough and use the ducky-shaped cutter or your skills with a small knife to cut them into shape. Make a selection of little ducky finger sandwiches with fillings of cheese, ham, peanut butter and so on.
  • Rubber Ducky Burgers - Use your yellow and orange homemade bread or bread rolls cut into duck shapes with the cookie cutter and create cute little burgers by adding some green lettuce ("lily's") and topping off with yellow cheese slices. If you want to go a step further, why not cut the beef patties into duck shapes too!
  • Ducky Pizza - Cut a plain cheese pizza into duck shapes using your ducky cookie cutter, and serve on a blue serving dish with saled leaf (pond lilies) garnish.
  • Rubber Ducky Hot Dogs - These look great if you place the red-orange hot dog 'beaks' (sausages) in yellow homemade hotdogs buns.
  • Ducky Platter - A special duck-colored mixed salad with lettuce ("grass and lilies"), tomatoes, carrots, red and orange peppers and ducky-shaped cheese etc.
  • Rubber Ducky Fruit Salad - Mixed fruit salad "a la ducky style" with yellow, orange and red fruits -  banana, strawberries, pineapple, melon, cherries, raspberries, etc.
  • Ducky Dip - Sliced lengths of celery ("reeds"), cucumber ("reeds"), carrot ("beaks") and yellow, green, orange and red peppers.

Toddler Birthday Party Drink Ideas

  • Ducky Drinking "Reeds" - Make sure you have lots of yellow, orange, red and green drinking straws (reeds) for the kids to use in their soda cans and bottles. If you're up to it, why not decorate the straws with colored ribbons or little Rubber Ducky-shaped cutouts
  • Ducky Fruit Juices - Serve different yellow, orange or red fruit juices such as apple (cider), cranberry, pineapple, orange and so on.
  • Rubber Ducky Soda - Add a few drops of yellow, orange or red food coloring to clear soda (7-Up, Sprite or Soda Water) or try fluorescent Gatorade or colored Kool Aid to make some really fun soda's.
  • Duck Pond Punch - This is huge fun :-) - Fill a large clean glass bowl or pastic toy bathtub with blue Kool-Aid or any blue colored drink to make a blue punch. Add some small (and very clean) Rubber Duckies to float on top. You can also add some small (very clean) plastic flowers and leaves to look like lily pads and some plastic fish for extra effect.
  • Rubber Ducky Ice Cubes - Add a few drops of different colored food coloring into a ducky-shaped ice tray filled with water (or use different colored fruit juices) and freeze. When the ducky ice cubes are ready, serve them in clear drinks like 7up, Sprite, Water, etc.

Toddler Birthday Party Snack Ideas

Here's some fun and tasty toddler birthday ideas for ducky party snacks...

  • Rubber Ducky-Shaped Cookies - If you feel like doing some home baking, why not make some delicious ducky shaped cookies topped off with yellow and orange frosting (beak and feet) and a chocolate chip "eye".
  • Rubber Ducky "Feed" - Serve yellow, orange and red colored M&M's, Gumballs, Starbursts, Skittles etc. in small pales, wahtub's or paper 'feed bags'.
  • Rubber Ducky Ice Cream - Buy a block of ice cream - vanilla, banana etc. (yellow) - and cut it into slices like a loaf of bread. Use your cookie cutter to cut each 'slice' into the shape of a duck then serve the ducks up in small plastic tub's or bowls. Decorate the ice cream with chocolate chip eyes :-).If you decide to serve up scoops of ice cream instead, create little ice cream ducks by using two scoops of ice cream - one for the head and one for the body, and give each one a chocolate chip 'eye'.
  • Ducky Jell-O Cubes - Make a variety of different flavored yellow, orange, red, blue (pond) or green (grass) Jell-O. Pour the colored Jell-O mixtures into separate ducky-shaped ice-cube trays (pour the blue and green into square ice trays) so that you have several trays of different colors and freeze. Serve a mixture of colored cubes to each of the guests on a clear glass dish.

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Rubber Duck Party Favor Ideas

Why not use small plastic pales or brown paper "feed bags" for your toddler birthday party favor bags. Tie or tape a free ducky card or ducky shaped label to each favor bag or pale with a pretty ribbon so that you can pop the kids names on each one.

Alternatively you could print and use these free toddler ducky gift bags...

Free Toddler Duckie Favor Bags

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Here's some cute little ducky gift items that would make great toddler party favors and party game prizes...

  • Rubber Duckies
  • Bubbles
  • Stickers
  • Sponges
  • Teethers
  • Yellow rattles
  • Donald Duck goodies
  • Candies
  • Crayons, Coloring pens etc.
  • Hats/Caps
  • Necklaces
  • Fun Socks

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Rubber Duckie Toddler Birthday Cards

Here's a special duckie theme toddler birthday card set we've created for our little ducky toddler birthday party theme - free ducky birthday card, matching envelope and duckie stickers!..

FREE Little Duckling's Birthday Cards

Little Duck's Birthday Card Message Ideas

Here are a few simple toddler Rubber Ducky birthday card wording ideas to wish your special little duckling a very 'Happy Birthday':

  • "To our very special little duckling...wishing you a Very 'Quacky' Ducky 3rd Birthday!.."

  • "Waddle-Waddle, Quack-Quack!...our little chick has turned into a beautiful/handsome young swan/duck. Happy 'Quacky' 4th Birthday!..."

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Lil´ Ducky Birthday Gift Tags

Ducky gifts tags are a great way to finish-off your ducky birthday gifts and create your own unique theme gifts for your young birthday duckling...

Just go ahead and print as many of these free ducky birthday gift tags as you need, secure them to your gifts with a pretty yellow, pink or blue ribbon, pop a 'quacky birthday' message on them and your toddler birthday party gifts will be ready to go!...

FREE Ducky Theme Birthday Gift Tags

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Your Ducky Birthday Parties and Ideas

Sharing your ducky parties and ideas is a great way to help other parents make their child´s Ducky birthday party even more special and memorable. It's also a great way to encourage them to share their birthday party ideas, which in turn may help you with your next children´s birthday party ;-)

Maybe you've got a great idea for a tasty little Rubber Duckie birthday cake or a cute Ducky party invitation? Or a fun Duck party activity or birthday game idea? Maybe you've created some special Duckie party costumes or sweet little Ducky decorations that'll help inspire others?

If so, we'd ALL love to hear from you. Please take a moment to share your own Rubber Duckie birthday party or ideas here.

Thanks for sharing! :-)

Thanks for "splish-splashing" around in our little ducky toddler birthday party paddling pool. We hope you had lots of fun and hope the ideas and free toddler ducky printables help you to create your own quack-tastic Ducky Birthday Party! :-)

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